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Here you will meet some of the loveliest people ever. Since coming to Bristol in 1998 to begin a course in Computing and Information Systems at the University of the West of England, I have made many friends and aquaintences. Here are some of the friends I treasure and some of the times we have had since our friendships began.

Right, is Lisa. Lisa was my closest friends in the 1st year.
We hated each other for a long time and then towards the end of the year, we realised it was because our personalities were similar. I love her to bits now and wish i could be with her more often.
Incidently, she lives in Gravesend round the corner from my Nan and Grandad and her Mum used to have ballet classes with my Mum! SPOOKY!

My 1st year flatmate - Baker!

My 1st year flatmate - Lisa!

1st year Flatmates

My 1st Year Flatmates.

This is a picture of all my 1st year flate mates in Bristol. We lived at Ashley Down Road.

From left to right is Matt, Lisa and Dave.

Right, is a picture of myself with my friend Lara Clisby (right - who skipped the placement year and got her 2:2 last year) and Katie (left) on my 21st Birthday in the Bristol Bierkeller nightclub - 1998 during my 1st semester at UWE.

I had only been in Bristol for 3 months here and I found a good friend in Lara.

Don't I look a pillock!

Katie, Myself and Lara - 1998

Look at that awful pose!

Danny McCormack and myself - 1999.

The picture on the left is of when I went to see one of my favourite bands in Summer, 1999; The Yoyos, who were a spin-off band from the Wildhearts whos music is amazing.

The guy with me was the bassist in the Wildhearts and the lead singer in The Yoyos. He was so sweet to me and Iwas so chuffed that I got a photo!

Shame about my pose!

This picture is of me with my now fiance, Richard. We got together in November 1999 whilst he was in his final year at University, which means that we have been together for nearly two and a half years now! I'm also still so in love with him, which is great!

Richard did a degree in Geography and Environmental Management here at UWE and got his 2.2 so he was chuffed to bits!
To see more about Richard, Click your left mouse button on his name.
You can also see what happened at our Engagement celebrations here.

Us eating our first Paella, in a Belgium bar of all places!

Rich and Myself - Majorca, 2001.

My mate Neill!

Neill! - Summer 2001

On the left, is my mate Neill, whom I've known since the 1st year of Uni', but only became better friends with him from the 2nd year.

Neil is very much a Heavy Metal fan and particularly fond of Spanish rock bands like Sosziebad Acoholika whoever they are!

On the right, is Stuart in battle with me at the Assylum rock night at Inferno (formerly Powerhouse) in Bristol.

I met Stuart through friends at University and he is a very sweet guy who will do you any favours.

Me and Stuart in battle!

Stuart and myself - Winter 2001.

The Gang!

On the left is a picture of loads of my friends whom I go out with regularly. This photo was taken in the Bristol Bierkeller in October 2000 and these guys are some of the nicest guys you will ever meet!

Clockwise are Mark (top-left), Me, Zac, Ian and Steve (Bottom-right).

On the right, are two of Richard and my special friends. Richard has known James most of his life and he will be at our wedding as Richard's best man one day.

I met Michelle through a friend at Univeristy again and I managed to match-make her with James.
They haven't looked back since.

Michelle and james

Michelle and James - Winter 2001.

Me and Mr. T

On the right is a picture of me with my treasured mate Mr. T (James).
This photo was taken at the Bierkeller, again on my 21st Birthday celebrations in November 1998.

I met James through The Wildhearts mailing list as Iplaced an advert as soon as I came to Bristol for new friends in the area that may be into the same music as myself - and it worked!James runs is a Software Engineer by trade, which ws also a coincidence and he also is a great organiser and has his own rock'n'roll resource website at

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