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Alby (aka Bob or Wurzel)

My personal pages here


I was born in 1951 and have lived in Warminster all my life, except for the 6 years I spent serving in the Royal Air Force. Upon leaving the Air Force I took a job in electronic engineering with the MOD at Warminster as a civilian technician. I was made redundant early in 2004 and currently work at Longleat, operating the motion simulators and other attractions.


I married Diane in 1980.


Among my interests are armchair archaeology, astronomy, painting, home computing, reading, photography, horse riding and the family tree.




Diane (aka Di)



Born in 1958, Diane spent here single life in Edmonton, north London.


On leaving school she worked for a while in local libraries before taking a job at Boots the Chemist, Edmonton Green. It was while working at Boots that she met Sue, wife of my old school friend Colin Penny. Sue arranged the blind date that brought Diane and I together.


Since our marriage in 1980 Diane has been living in Warminster, spending her time as housewife, mother - and now grandmother!




RJ (aka Rob)



“The Attack of the Giant Hairy Caterpillar” - or RJ’s latest head shave for charity.


Born in 1982, RJ went to Minster Primary and Kingdown Comprehensive Schools.


He was made redundant from ABRO Warminstert at the end of March 2006 - along with many others. He is currently in the middle of a course on web design and management and hopes to make this his career upon successful completion of the course.


His main interest is home computing.






Sarah was born in 1985. She went to the Avenue Primary and Kingdown Comprehensive Schools.


After working for a while at Longleat she spent the 2007 season as a blue coat at Pontin’s, Wall Park, Brixham. She later returned to Longleat for the 2008 season.


She married in 2008 and now lives with her husband Iain in Blandford, Dorset.





RJ’s son Tobi is the youngest member of the family. He was born in 2005.


His main interests seem to be eating, sleeping and being the centre of attention - a bit like his father, really. (Except he’s more successful at it).



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