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Yoga literally means to attach, join or bind together. It signifies union, the coming together of mind, body and spirit and thus directing this energy towards the universal energy, the divine energy of creation, that which some of us call Paramatma or God. This energy represents the infinite pulsating vibration of existence.

Yoga teaches the way to self-realisation, bliss and enlightenment. With dedication, perseverance, patience and time, the individual soul may become united with the supreme universal spirit and eventually attain liberation.


When activities and restlessness of the mind, body and intellect are stilled through the practice of concentration, meditation, pranayama (rhythmic control of the breath) and asana (postures or poses), the individual by the grace of the spirit within himself finds fulfilment.

Yoga is a deliverance from contact with pain and sorrow. One may achieve mental and emotional balance, inner peace, greater spiritual awareness and happiness.


 Joanne Latham & Ludovic Delaloye


Through the practice of yoga restlessness of the mind is calmed the energy directed into positivity and channelled constructively, creating a sense of pure lightness and well being. When the mind intellect and senses are brought under control, an unlimited amount of energy is created along with an abundant sense of peace within the self.


 Joanne Latham & Ludovic Delaloye


An ancient text in Indian philosophy explains the difficulties in controlling the mind. Arjuna, the young warrior, who finds himself under the guiding hand of Srikrishna (who represents the supreme godhead) questions the possibility of mind control.


You have told me of the union with the universal spirit, which is everywhere; but how can this be permanent, since the mind is so restless and stubborn, strong and willfull as difficult to harness as the wind?Srikrishna replies, ” Undoubtedly the mind is restless and hard to control, but it can be trained by constant practice, by freedom from desire. A man, who cannot control his mind, will find it difficult to attain this divine communication; but the self-controlled man can attain it and directs his energy by the right means.