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Welcome. I would like to introduce myself as Dakini, a spiritual name given to me after a mantra initiation ceremony during my studies as a yoga teacher.

I look forward to sharing with you a certain knowledge of yoga, a subject that brings a higher awareness, greater physical wellbeing, clarity of mind, strength and vision.

Yoga will help you to find your way to inner peace and self-realisation. Yoga is a magic formula for positive human survival. One can free oneself from negative thoughts and emotions through positive thinking and right action.

Forget the past, don't think about the future. Breath, live, laugh, love now this very moment. Live each blissful day as if it were your last, look to the beauty of nature, the purity and the divinity. Draw energy and light from existance, become one with existance.


© Joanne Latham & Ludovic Delaloye

© Joanne Latham & Ludovic Delaloye



Love is a very powerful energy source. If there is no love, compassion or bliss there can be no experience of enlightenment. Everyone seeks happiness, but it seems in this westernised society that it is object-orientated happiness.

Happiness is a state of conciousness (of mind).
We lament that something is missing, the knowledge of the 'self ' is that which is missing. Desire makes things worse, the more the desire is fulfilled, the more we will desire something else. Freedom from desire will bring inner peace and happiness.