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Internet Modern Jewish History Sourcebook
Central and Eastern Europe

v. 3

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Note: Because of the space memory shortage and lack of resources I launched this site with  sources related  to Romania. Further, depending on the institutional opportunities I will develop it as originally I wanted, i.e. for Central and Eastern Europe.




The Internet Modern Jewish History Sourcebook for Central and Eastern Europe is a series of primary historical sources. It is intended to serve as a comprehensive resource database for professors, graduate students, and researchers interested in modern history of Jews in these regions.

My goals are:

        To make available on-line research primary material on modern history of Jews in Central and Eastern European. A special attention will be paid to the literature regarding Jewish Emancipation, anti-Semitism and anti-racist propaganda.

        To add primary sources on the history of Jews in Central and Eastern Europe to a number of other online collections on legal and political documents on the history of Jews in Europe. As such, the database tries to overcome the relatively disproportionate coverage of the history of Jews in Western Europe, as compared to the scarcity of sources available on Jews in Central and Eastern Europe.

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        To encourage comparative studies on the modern social and political history of Jews in Central and Eastern Europe, and on the intellectual and political history of anti-Semitism in these regions.

This project was specially design for my home university (Central European University) where the variety of students from all over the Central and East European countries might  be extremely beneficial for such an otherwise ambitious project. It is worth mentioning the inspiring model of The Internet Modern History Sourcebook edited by Paul Halsall with whom I emulated in designing this project. See The Internet History Sourcebook  Project.


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International Peace Treaties concerning the legal status of Jews



·         Kuciuk Kainargi Peace Treaty (1774)

·         Sistov Peace Treaty (1791)

·         Vienna Peace Conference (1815)

·         Adrianopole Peace Treaty (1829)

·         Constantinople Peace Conference (1856)

·         Vienna Peace Conference (1856)

·         Paris Peace Conference (1856)

·         Peace Congress of Paris (1858)

·         Peace Congress of Berlin (1878)

·         Bucharest Peace Treaty

·         Peace Congress of Paris – The Minority Treaty (1919)





Map. 1. Density level of the Jewish population in the administrative districts of the counties on Central and Eastern Europe.

WEB Balkanica

WEB Perry-Castańeda Library - Map Collection



WEB Hungary general map

WEB Hungarian Maps and Coats of Arms*

WEB Federation of East European Family History Societies

WEB Regional research in German speaking countries

WEB Porges' Maps of Europe





*they have a quite nationalistic background.




·      Map. 5. The distribution of the Jewish population in Romania in 1856

Map. 6. The distribution of the Jewish population in Romania in 1876

Map. 7. The distribution of the Jewish population in Romania in 1899

Map. 8. The distribution of the Jewish population in Romania in 1912






Hati-sherifs for Wallachia and Moldavia (1774)
Special act concerning the principalities of Moldavia and Wallachia (1829)
The Organic Rule of Wallachia and Moldavia (1831/2)
Polish Constitution (1831)
Islaz Proclamation (1848)
Proiect de constituţie pentru Moldova [Constitution Project for Moldavia] (Mihail Kogălniceanu, 1848)
Dorinţele partidei naţionale [The wishes of the national group of Moldavia] (Mihail Kogălniceanu, 1848)
In numele Moldovei, omenirii şi al lui Dumnezeu [In the name of Moldavia, humankind and God] (Vasile Alecsandri, 1848)
Romania - Statutul dezvoltator al convenţiei de la Paris
[The Paris convention developing act] (1864)
Romanian Constitution (1866)
The Austria-Hungary Compromise (1867)
Romanian Constitution - Amendments (1879, 1884)

Legislation concerning the status of Jews





 Law for the Protection of the Nation (1940)

Parliamentary debates on the 'Jewish question'



·    The Question of the Romanian Jews (1878)

The Israelite Question in the Romanian General Assembly (1864)

The Israelite Question. A Juridical and Political Study Published by Ştafeta newspaper from Jassy (1879)

The Speeches uttered at the meeting held at March 30, 1893, at the Pastia Theater, against the exclusion of the Jews from the public schools.

Memoire sur la revision de l'article 7 de la constitution roumaine (1879)

The non-revisionist motion on the Israelite Question and the three speeches of Nicolae Blaremberg, Vasile Conta, Rosseti Tetcanu followed by the speech of our great poet Vasile Alecsandri. (1879)

La Question juive dans les Chambres roumaines. Compte-rendu des seances de la chambres des deputes et du Senat du mois de Mars 1879, publie par l'Alliance israelite universelle (1979)

Die Judenfrage in Rumaniei und ihre losung gemass den internationalen Vertragen. (1879)

Der Staat Rumanien un das Rechtsverhaltniss der Juden in Rumaniein. Ein Rechtsgutachten von Geheimrath Dr. Bluntschli, Professor an der Universitat Heidelberg. (1879)

La question israelite en Roumanie par Jean Lahovary, docteur en droit de la faculte de Paris ancien ministre des affaires etrangeres. (1902)

Les Juifs au Congres de Berlin ou leurs pretensions a l'egalite des droits avec les Roumains par C. Nicol (de) L'Escaut, ancient etudiant a l'Universite de Berlin, ancient Prefet, ancient representant de la Nation. (1878)

La question des israelites roumains au point de vue du droit par M. Emile Picot, avocat. (1868)

STATESCU, Michail T., The Jews and their naturalization in Romania (1879)

KOGALNICEANU, Mihail. Political speeches and articles

MAIORESCU, Titu. Speeches

IORGA, Nicolae.

Problema evreiască la Cameră. O interpelare cu o introducere de A. C. Cuza şi note despre vechimea evreilor în ţară


Public debates on the 'Jewish question'



·    Sir Moses Montefiore

Diaries of sir Moses and lady Montefiore (1890)

WOLF, Lucien

Jews of Roumania” in Sir Moses Montefiore: a centennial biogr., with extr. from letters and journals. (1884)

EMINESCU, Mihai. Political articles

WEB Eminescu 2000 Mihai Eminescu - Opere Complete

MAIORESCU, Titu. Speeches

CONTA Vasile. Speeches


CARP, Petre


IORGA, Nicolae. Istoria Evreilor în ţerile noastre

CUZA, Alexandru C.

Contemporary surveys of the legal and social condition of Jews






LOEB, Isidore. La situation des israelites en Turquie, en Serbie et en Roumanie (1877)

 STURDZA, Dimitrie A.

The Area and the Population of the Romanian Kingdom. (1895)

plus 10Maps:

Map. 1. 1876: Population density of Romanian administrative districts.

Map. 2. 1886: Population density of Romania administrative districts.

Map. 3. 1891: Population density of Romania administrative districts.

Map.4. 1876: Rural population density of Romanian administrative districts.

Map. 5. 1886: Rural population density of Romania administrative districts.

Map. 6. 1891: Rural population density of Romania administrative districts.

Map. 7. 1876. The distribution of the Jewish population in Romania.

Map. 8. 1876 The distribution of the Jewish population in Romanian rural area.

Map. 9. 1876 The distribution of the Jewish population in Romanian urban area.

Map. 10. 1876 The distribution of the Jewish population in Romania in rural and urban areas.

 Schwartzfeld, Elias

The Situation of the Jews in Roumania since the Treaty of Berlin.” (1901).

 Sincerus, Edmond. Les Juifs en Roumanie depuis le traité de Berlin (1878) jusq’ŕ ce jour. Les lois et leur conséquences. (1901) .

Lazare, Bernard.

WEB Antisémitisme, son histoire et ses causes (1894)

antisemitism et révolution (1895)

Contre l'antisémitisme (histoire d'une polémique) (1896)
L‘Oppression des Juifs dans L'Europe Orientale. Les Juifs en Roumanie (1902)

ROSETTI, Rodolphe [Radu] alias VERAX. La Roumanie et les Juifs par Rodolphe Rosetti, chef des travaux speciaux au ministere royal des affaires etrangeres, ancient prefet. Avec 65 tableaux statistiques dans le text, une carte et trois planches hors-texte. (1903)

BOGDAN-DUICA, G. The Romanians and the Jews (1913)




Studies on the History of Jewish communities and Jewish Question



·    The Annals of the Historical Society Iuliu Barasch (1887-1889)

·  Schwartzfeld, Elias

 “The Jews of Roumania from the Earliest Times to the Present Day.” (1901).

·   IORGA, Nicolae.

The history of the Jews of our country (1913)

·  WOLF, Lucien

Sir Moses Montefiore. A Centennial Biography (frg.) (1884)

Notes on the Diplomatic History of the Jewish Question (1919)



Religion and Anti-Semitism


·       NEOFIT, Înfruntarea jidovilor. Iaşi: 1803

NEOFIT, Răsturnarea religiei Evreilor. Iaşi: 1818

POTECA, Eufrosin (Dimitrie)

Obiceiurile israeliţilor şi ale kreştinilor. Scriere kuleasă din Biblie şi din Istoria Bisericească a ‘părintelui Flori, tălmăcită din greceşte…de Arhimandrit Motreanul Eufrosin Poteka. Bucureşti: Tipografia Fr. Valbaun, 1845. 553p. (chirilic)
[The customs of Jews and Christians. Compilation from the Holly Bible and from The Ecclesiastical History of Father Flori, translated from Greek… by the Archimandrite Motreanul Eufrosin Poteca. Bucharest: Fr. Valbaun Typography, 1845]

Nationalism and anti-Semitism































·       BOLINTINEANU, Dimitrie

"Ovreii leşeşti către D. Manolache Costache Iepureanu"

"Ciutacii turci de la Rusciuc către d-nu Cremieux în privinţa drepturilor politice ce se cereau a se da evreilor"

"Ţiganii liberaţi către evrei"



Lipitorile satului [The village leeches]

Discurs in Camera

 GHICA, Ion.

Convorbiri economice [Economic dialogs]


"Soll" si "Haben": cestiunea ovreilor din România. Studiu Social (1878)

Barbaria Modernă [The Modern Barbary]

Cine pleacă? [Who’s leaving?]

Robia modernă [The Modern Slavery]

Jidanii militanţi [The Militant Yids]

Miserii [Miseries]

Semitismul [The Semitism] (1902)

Propaganda Semitică [Semitic Propaganda]

Semitismul [The Semitism] (1908)

HASDEU, Bogdan P.

Studies on Judaism. Three Jews: Master Shylock of Shakespeare, Mr. Golseck of Balzac and Master Moise of Alecsandri (1865)

The Talmud as a Profession of Faith of the Israelite People. (1866)

The History of the Religious Tolerance in Romania. (1868)

What Kind of Antisemites the Romanians Are? (1902)

Eliade, Mircea. "Antisemitismul lui Hasdeu" [Hasdeu’s Antisemitism]

EMINESCU, Mihai, Articole politice II

 CHENDI, Ilarie

Iarăşi evreii în literatură [Once again the Jews in literature]

Ovreii şi literatura română [The Jews and Romanian Literature]


Dezvălirea operiĭ distrugătoare a Jidanilor în România [The revealing of damaging work of the Jews in Romania]

Fromental, Jacques

WEB La Question juive et l'Esprit national en Roumanie (1903) (pp. 584-607)

XENOPOL, Alexandru D.

Istoria Ideilor mele (1901)

WEB La question israelite en Roumanie (1902) (pp. 165-192)

Politique de races (1903).

Naţionalism şi antisemitism [Nationalism and Anti-Semitism]

It might be interesting as well:

WEB La théorie de l'histoire (Principes fondamentaux de l'histoire) 22Mb

WEB Roumains et Hongrois (1902) (pp. 511-525)

CUZA, Alexandru C.

Short prezentation of Cuza's biography and bibliography (Romanian version)

NOTE: A. C. Cuza can be call the Patriarch of Romanian antisemitism. Unfortunately there is no study of his political activities except one tiny book from 1953 of Pamfil Seicaru, A.C.Cuza an antisemite Junimist. This short presentation is an incipient attempt to (re)-order the priorities in Romanian antisemitism studies.

Aşezarea jidanilor în România [The settlements of the Yids in Romania]

Asimilare, Cooperare, Eliminare [Assimilation, Cooperation, Elimination]

Comparaţia rasei arice cu rasa semită [A comparison of the Arian race with the Semitic race]

Inferioritatea semiţilor [The inferiority of the Semites]

Morala iudaică [The Judaic Moral]

GOGA, Octavian

O lacrimă cade [A tear is falling]

Poveste de jale [Sad Story]

Zile grele [Hard days]

România a românilor [Romania of Romanians]

Crainic, Nichifor

Nationalitatea in arta (1935)

Blaga, Lucian

Despre rasa ca stil

Mosaismul (1940)

Ilariu Dobridor (alias)

 Sărăcia spirituală a evreilor (1937)

Other Sources



GRIGORESCU, Nicolae (paintings)

Cap de evreu [A head of a Jew]

Doi evrei [Two Jews]

Evreu cu caftan [A Jew with a gown]

Evreu din Moldova [A Jew from Moldavia]

Evreu bătrân [An old Jew]

Evreul cu gâsca [The Jew with the goose]

Cârciuma de la Bacău [The tavern from Bacău]

Trei evrei [Three Jews]


Iuliu Barasch


Morala în Ghetto [Ghetto Morality]*

Diferend în Ghetto [Dispute in Ghetto]*

Negustorie [Business]*

O afacere mare (Un gheşeft) [A big deal]*

Emigrantul [The emigrant]

Aparul (variantă) [The man who brings water]

Consiliul [The Council]*

Peticarul [The cloth-cutter]

La sfat [A council meeting]*

Cizmarul [The shoemaker]

Zaraful (1) [The money-lender]

În rugăciune [Praying]

Croitor bătrân [An old tailor]

Talalul[The Talal]*

Rugăciune [The Pray]*

Tip de ceauş [A sort of courier]*

Zaraful (2) [The money-lender]

Haine vechi [Old clothes]

Kol-Kidre [Kol-Kidre]*

Spre şcoală [Going at school]

Moş Iţic, Cămătarul. [The Uncle Iţic, money-lender]

Zaraful (3) [The money-lender]

* not yet available

Database on Jewish associations and organizations



Census and demographic statistics on Jewish population


·     Hungarian census of 1856

Hungarian census of 187?,

Hungarian census of 1890,

Hungarian census of 1900,

Hungarian census of 1910,

Hungarian census of 1914.

Table 1. The Distribution of the Jewish population and of citizenshipless inhabitants of Romanian Kingdom.

Part one: Romanian total population

Part two: Jewish Population

Part three: Citizenshipless Population

Table 2. Rural-Urban distribution of citizenshipless inhabitants and the Jewish proportion among them.

Part one: Rural Citizenshipless Inhabitants

Part two: Urban Citizenshipless Inhabitants

Table 3. The Jewish population of the Romanian counties in the second part of the nineteenth century.

Part One: 1859, 1876

Part two: 1894/1, 1899, 1912

General bibliographies on Jewish studies



·      Jewish Question in Romania (working bibliography)

Other bibliographical resources

WEB  Select English Language Works on the History of Eastern Europe part I: to 1914

WEB  A Select, annotated Bibliography of English Language Works on the History of Central Europe and the Balkans. Part II:

WEB  A Select, annotated Bibliography of English Language Works on the History of Central Europe and the Balkans. Part III: From 1945 to the Present

WEB HATE CRIMES/HATE GROUPS and PREJUDICE: A Selective Bibliography of Materials at the UMD Library

WEB Marxists Internet Archive

WEB Stalin Library



WEB A Brief Chronology of anti-Semitism

WEB David Dickerson's web page on Antisemitism

WEB H-Antisemitism

WEB The Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism

WEB Documentary Resources on the Nazi Genocide and its Denial

WEB Des textes, des témoignages, des documents sur la Shoah

WEB Shakespeare and Anti-Semitism: The question of Shylock

WEB Yale university - Genocide Studies Program

WEB Jewish Communities in Eastern and Central Europe

WEB Jewish Virtual Library




WEB The Jews of Romania

WEB Istoria Holocaustului - Curriculum by Florin Serbu

WEB Pagina Romaniei nationaliste [The Page of Nationalist Romania]*

WEB Jonathan Petropoulos - The Culture of Fascism in 20th Century Europe - Iron Guard (student project)


WEB The Romanian Jewish Comunity

WEB Halbjahresschrift

WEB O istorie comentată a Miscării Legionare, 1927-1999 . Discutie Cu Mircea Dimitriu [O commented history of the Iorn Guard, 1927-199. A dialog with Mircea Dimitriu]

WEB Istoria Holocaustului în Romania / The history of Holocaust in Romania

WEB Cronica unor violente politice [The chronic of some political violences]*

WEB Jewish History of Romania



WEB Jewish History of Bulgaria

WEB Worderland Bulgaria. JEWS IN BULGARIA

WEB Salvation of Bulgarian Jews during WWII. Colelction of Materials.

WEB The Optimists. The Story of the Rescue of the Bulgarian Jews from the Holocaust

WEB The Peshev Memorial Home Page

WEB Tzvetan Todorov, The Fragility of Goodness: Why Bulgaria's Jews Survived the Holocaust

WEB Judaica Philatelic Resources

WEB Sephardic Jews of Bulgaria

WEB Antisemitism and Xenophobia Today: Bulgaria

WEB Emi Baruch The Myth about the Salvationof Bulgarian Jews.

WEB The Virtual Jewish History Tour Bulgaria

WEB WWII Bulgarian Orthodox Church and the Jews