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About Me!


My name is Rob "gta_player2001" Parkhouse and I am a 14 year old guy from bristol, uk. As u might have already guessed I am a massive fan of the gta series., my other interests are playing my PS2, cycling and building my websites.

I also go to Sea Cadets which is more fun than it sounds .

I have a paper round which helps me pay for games etc

My fave PC games are GTA2 and the commandos series
My fave Psone and PS2 games are WWF smackdown 2 and GTA3 
My fave TV shows are The Simpson's, Thumb bandits and most comedy shows
My fave bands are Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit and Sum41
My fave CD is Kerrang 2

I have two sisters named Jen (17) and Tracey (18) a dad Frank and a mum Julie.

My mates names are Joe Donadel, Paul "AFROMAN" Plumley, George Spiller, Tyrone Pearce, Wayne Francis and  Simon "SHORTY" Baker!

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