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    PC Cheats

    Type GOURANGA as your name and then change it to any of the names below to
    use the cheat!

    BUCKFAST - Starts a city wide riot of muggers
    RSJABBER - Infinite Invulnerability
    MADEMAN - Maximum respect from all gangs at start
    CUTIE1 - Gives the player 99 lives
    ARSESTAR - Keep Weapons after Death
    DANISGOD - Gives you $200,000
    IAMDAVEJ - 9999999 points
    SEGARULZ - x10 Multiplier
    COCKTART - Skip exploding scores
    DAVEMOON - Basic Weapons and max ammo
    VOLTFEST - Electro Gun with Unlimited Ammo
    FLAMEON - Flame Thrower with Unlimited Ammo
    SCHURULZ - Unlimited 'double damage' powerup
    HUNSRUS - Infinite invisibility
    JAILBAIT - Unlimited 'Get out of Jail Free' Cards
    NEKKID - All Non-player characters are Naked
    LASVEGAS - All Non-player characters are Elvis
    FISHFLAP - All cars are 'mini cars'
    GINGERR - Access to levels 1 and 2
    UKGAMER - Access to all three levels
    TUMYFROG - Access to all levels and bonus levels
    WUGGLES - Displays Coordinates
    EATSOUP - Free upgrades at Chop Shops etc
    MUCHCASH - Start game with $50,000
    GOREFEST - Peds bleed when killed
    GODOFGTA - All weapons plus maximum ammo

    I would like to thank GTA2.net and
    Greetz Outlander for these cheats.

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