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Stationary Engines
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Robot Challenge

 Bernard 610C 4 Stroke Air Cooled 6hp

1910 Root & Vandervoort

1910 Stuart O/C

1911 Bristol Victoria 3 hp Vertical Engine

1912 Victoria 5 hp driving Roller Mill

1914 Amanco Hired Man 2 hp

1914 Amanco 2 hp and Water Pump H3

1915 Amanco Chore Boy 1 hp petrol

1917 Amanco Hiredman

1917 Lister M Type 4 hp 400rpm

1917 Thompson Small Open Crank

1917 Amanco 3 hp 3 Mule Team

1917 Fairbanks Morse Z Type 3hp

1919 Hurcules Open Crank 1 hp

1920 Amanco Hiredman Driving Crompton Dynamo

1920 Amanco 2 hp Red

1920 International Type H 3 hp Low Tension

1921 Amanco 1 hp Chore Boy

1922 Amanco 3hp

1926 Lister A

1926 Bradford Open Crank

1928 Fairbanks Morse Z 2 hp

1929 Ruston ZPR

1929 Petter M with 1 hp Lighting Set

1930 Wolsley WD8

1930 Petter M

1930 Stuart Turner R2 with Water Pump

1930 Lister A Junior 3 hp driving a Lister H2 Water Pump

1930 Petter Universal 2 hp Air Cooled

1930 Banford 1 1/5 hp

1931 Petter M Type 1 hp

1932 Lister D

1932 Lister D working a Lister Milk Cooler

1932 Ruston Hornsby Type PB

1935 Ruston Hornsby PB with Water Pump

1935 Lister Swan Neck

1936 Lister D with Twin Head Shearing Unit

1936 Lister A

1939 Stuart Marine

1939 Petter

1940 Wolseley Smooth Top 1 hp

1940 Wolseley WD8 Twin Flywheel

1940 Lister Sheep Shearer

1941 Jap 2A Lighting Set

1942 Lister D 1 hp, Lister Corn Kibbler, Milking Parlour

1942 Fowler PA 1 hp Driving Manus Vacuum Pump, Milking Bucket and Milk Cooler

1942 Ruston PB 4 hp

1943 Ruston Hornsby PB 1 hp with Lacock Pump

1944 Lister D Type with Christy & Norris Essex Major Mk II Mill

1944 Lister A 5 hp

1946 Wolseley & Chaff Cutter

1946 Lister D

1947 Lister D & Pump

1947 Lister A Type and Climax Pump

1947 Lister B with Pump

1947 Lister F

1948 Lister D

1948 Petter A

1949 Lister D driving Water Pump

1949 Ruston Hornsby 1 hp PT

1950 Mining Exhibit

1950 Lister D 1 1/5 hp

1953 Lister D Powering a Water Pump

1954 Villiers with mini funfair carousel and ferris wheel

1960 Lister D 1 1/5 hp

1979 Petter AA1, 12 volt Lighting Set

Thanks to late entry J K Siddorn for the photo and text.

A Petter Compressor
This exhibit is a Petter Universal Two engine (s/n F2670, 1,250 RPM). An
air-cooled flat twin, it features a cast iron crankcase and a sand cast
 aluminium cowling. The design dates to 1934, this unit being supplied in
 September 1939.
  This unusual variant was supplied new by Petters of Yeovil to a special
 order by the Air Ministry for an air compressor -(compressor s/n 58532). The
 Sole carb only feeds one cylinder, the other having a special barrel and
 head (not modified, but entirely different castings) which features separate
 automatic valving in the head for the compressor cylinder. Ignition is
 supplied by a special BTH magneto, specified for air ministry use.
  Research suggests that only seventeen were made, this one being supplied to
 an East Anglian RAF airfield where it was used to inflate the tyres of
 operational Lancasters throughout the war. Sold off at the cessation of
 hostilities, it continued in regular inflationary service and was retrieved
 in the 1970's from a quarry in where it was being used to pump up earthmover
  Little work was needed to bring the unit back to running order, freeing off
 and grinding in the valves, freeing off stuck piston rings on both power and
 compressor cylinders and cleaning the points and the carburettor sufficed
 after twenty years in storage. It fired readily and ran within a few minutes
 of first start after nearly 30 years.
  The engine was purchased from Mr John Fletcher of King's Lynn in the summer
 of 2001. The current owner is Kim Siddorn, a member of the Wessex Stationary
 Engine Club. He feels that a minimalist style of restoration does better
 justice to engines presented for display, provided that - as in this case -
 the engine is in (or close to) running order.

Copyright, J. Kim Siddorn, 8th May 2002.


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