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Robot Challenge
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Robot Challenge

Pictures of GGHW 2001. Thanks to Gord.

This will be the 1st GGHW Light/Feather Robot Challenge.  Anyone can enter as there will be a handicap points system, but you are asked to loosely follow Rex's Robot Rules.  Safety is the ultimate priority so no spinning weapons.  If Alan Gribble considers it to be dangerous, you will not be allowed to run.

There will be Trophies for Best Engineered and Overall Winner, so go on, get building. Alan & Anne Gribble have very kindly agreed to be judges, and as Alan teaches Robot Building at Stroud College, we hope to have some exciting entries.

Types of Robots

  • Heavy Weights - Like the ones on Robotwars! No Contest. They can just play and show off.
  • Light/Feather Weights - Small motors and about 12 kgs. No spinning weapons. Prizes for Best Engineered and Overall Winner.
  • Ant Weights - Tiny vicious things that wizz around a 3ft arena. All enquiries, email David Young Rules.

List of Competitors

R01 Adam Emmett Micro Mute Feather Weight 3mm aluminium & 4mm poly carb armour. Bosch 120 watt motors @ 24 volt.  Top Speed around  22 mph.
R02 Adam Emmett Mute Heavy Weight 2mm stainless steel armour.  High pressure front and rear flippers.  Top speed around 15 mph.  Bosch 750 watt motors @ 24 volt
R03 Chris Cummins Antidote Ant Weight With scoop, maybe flipper.
R04 David Young Hades Ant Weight  
R05 David Young Gladiator Feather Weight  
R06 Mark Vine Private Pike Light Weight 2 windscreen wiper motors. Flipper from old wheelchair.
R07 Jonathan Townsend Jonslaught    
R08 Craig Dawnbe Anto Ant Weight  
R09 Fergus Smith Wild Ant Ant Weight  
R10 David Moulds Turbine Feather Weight 50 psi pneumatic flipper powered by 24v windscreen wiper motors and 2 powertech speed controllers
R11 Stephen Pearson   Ant Weight 2 or 3 ant weights
R12 Gordon Townley Reptiron Heavy Weight  
R13 Gordon Townley AAARGH Feather Weight  
R14 Gordon Townley Kinsmall Ant Weight  
R15 Ian & Scott Lockhart Lambsy Heavy Weight 100kg, flipper & spinning disc, 2 Bosch 750 motors
R16 Ian & Scott Lockhart Cutlet Light Weight 12 kg with 2 windscreen wiper motors
R17 Peter Waller Combatant Ant Weight  
R18 Peter Waller Militant Ant Weight  
R19 Peter Waller Anticyclone Ant Weight  
R20 Paul Cooper M2 Heavy Weight  
R21 Ed Storm Heavy Weight  
R22 Ed Force X Feather Weight  
R23 Joshua Pinto Anti Pus Ant Weight  
R24 Vinny Razor Heavy Weight  


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