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Things to Come (1974) vinyl

Labels: Gull Records GULP 1001, Janus 7009
Produced by Keiran O'Connor and Neil Richmond

1. Sky Scraper
2. Metropolis
3. Inter City Water Rat
4. Escalator
5. Old Dog Song
6. Smog, Fog and Sunset
7. Fail to See
8. Premonition
9. Festival
10. Eversolightly
11. Communication Skyways
12 Things to Come
13. 1999
14. Dance of the Eloi

Ken Elliott: vocals, keyboards/synths, glockenspiel & chimes
Keiran O'Connor: drums, percussion, xylophone & vibraphone

Psi-Fi (1975) vinyl

Labels: Gull Records GULP 1010, Janus 7021
Produced by Neil Richmond

1. Return to Foreverland
2. Roads to Rome
3. Manifestations
4. Loved by You
5. Only the Beginning
6. Aether Anthem
7. Astral Animal
8. El Tooto
9. Camera Obscura
10. Star Palace of the Sombre Warrior

Ken Elliott: vocals, keyboards/synths, pedals & percussion
Keiran O'Connor: drums, percussion & vocals
Rob Elliott: vocals
Tony Elliott: vocals & bongos
Tony Utah: percussion
Brian Gould: organ & Crumar Stringman
Pepi Lemer: vocals
Pete Lemer: ARP synth, RMI & Crumar piano
Hugh Banton: organ, Mellotron & ARP synth
Steve Cook: electric bass & double bass
Chris Amson: sequencer

Things to Come/Psi-Fi (1999) CD

Label: See For Miles; ASIN: B00001O341, Catalogue Number: SEECD696
Track listing is identical to the vinyl versions above except for "Manifestations", which is the single version

Return to Foreverland