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Making Your Mind Up 2004

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James Fox holds on to the British vote!

The UK final, hosted by Terry Wogan and Gaby Roslin, was broadcast live on Saturday, 28th February 2004 and featured Turkish winner, Sertab, and former Spice Girl, Emma Bunton. The BBC should be congratulated on staging such an impressive show. Fame Academy, James Fox, easily achieved the top marks from all but one of the jury regions and equally conquered the SMS vote.

Enrap-ture - "Weekend (Gotta Work)" - 28 votes (4th)

James Fox - "Hold On To Our Love" - 80 votes (1st)

Haifa - "Me Without You" - 4 votes (6th)

Hyrise - "Leading Me On" - 58 votes (2nd)

Haydon Eshun - "With You I Believe" - 10 votes (5th)

Madison Taylor - "It Just Gets Better" - 44 votes (3rd)

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