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au·thor (ôthr) Noun: Writer of a book, white paper, article, user manual or other text, Someone who practices writing as a profession, One who writes or constructs an electronic document or system, such as a website or help system. From Middle English auctour, Old French autor, Latin auctor; creator, from auctus, past participle of augre, to create; increase, originate, promote.

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Audio Metering
VariTime SPG

White papers and technical articles published on a wide range of subjects

Key Benefits

  • White papers and articles help maintain industry presence
  • Required research keeps industry knowledge up-to-date
  • Ghost writing service saves internal staff's valuable time


Carefully placed technical articles in trade magazines or on a web site can be a useful way of introducing new technology and a means of maintaining presence in the market place.

Conducting technical and market research takes time. Why not use AirdServices to research specific areas of technology and produce white papers or thorough reports for use by your design and marketing teams?

White papers and articles

Working with Audio Metering
Making sense of audio metering
The VariTime SPG
The original launch of the VariTime SPG by Philips
The tapeless makeover at Boulogne-Billancourt
The original digital terrestrial service in the UK


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