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au·thor (ôthr) Noun: Writer of a book, white paper, article, user manual or other text, Someone who practices writing as a profession, One who writes or constructs an electronic document or system, such as a website or help system. From Middle English auctour, Old French autor, Latin auctor; creator, from auctus, past participle of augre, to create; increase, originate, promote.

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Electronic Help, User Manuals and Operation Handbooks

Key Benefits

  • Task oriented structure minimizes page turns
  • Getting started guide for novice users
  • Trouble shooting guide for novice and advanced users
  • Clearly illustrated installation and configuration procedures
  • Glossary and index for advanced manuals


Brian's systems engineering and manufacturer support experience ensures short product briefing time and documentation that is clear, focused and relevant to readers needs.

Able to work to written product specifications and product photographs
Site visits
Although site visits are normally considered vital, many first draft manuals have been written with only demo product supplied.
The review process
A manual is a product like any other and will require 'testing' in the form of review by client staff. Cost estimates always include two stages of client review and author correction.

Reference Accounts

Crystal Vision
The Safire Chroma Keyer (Cut down sample manual authored in Word in pdf format)
The Predator Quad Split MultiViewer (Windows Help version)
dB Broadcast
The DVB ASI Analyzer (Full manual authored in Word in pdf format)
The Clarinet Streaming Encoder (A5 manual authored in Ventura in pdf format)


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