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Hello everyone. Have been a busy bunny these last few days and have managed to get up Clan and Inner Sphere Unafilliated Cards and also Steel Viper Cards. Other than Rasalhague Cards, it will just be odd cards here and there. Never content with the workload, I'm also now planning personality cards such as Aidan Pryde, Ter Roshak etc. Well got to go, bed calls.


Well after an extremely long and much needed break from all things battletech, I'm back and ready to go. From now on I will be updating like mad as have got loads of new units to add, including a few for the factions not already up e.g. Rasalhague and Steel Viper. Well it's good to be back and please keep visiting, Also, I cant stress enough just how important feedback is especially about the Galaxies part of the site, so any thoughts, questions etc e-mail [removed] and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Cheers.


It's been a while since I last updated my site and now I've done a fair amount. The four main Clans i.e. Ghost Bear, Jade Falcon, Smoke Jaguar and Wolf are finished (for the moment) and Steel Viper is almost complete. Also you may notice that the Lost Tech navigation image has two new links for the different Clan and Inner Sphere unaffiliated cards. With a bit of luck these will also be up soon. At present there are no new cards for Rasalhague or St Ives as I'm still trying to find suitable pictures for the cards. Also many new 'Mechs have been added to existing faction pages. Two new card have been added to Galaxies Planets so check that out as well. Also I've now begun thinking about including the vehicles that were never made into cards, including the Clan ones. Anyhow back to work. Cheers.


Well after a short break in Shrewsbury I'm back and on-track. Have started the Clan pages for Lost Tech. There's only one finished at the moment, Jade Falcon Cards. Enjoy.


Major progress and another three Lost Tech pages are up and running. This time it's Comstar Cards, Marik Cards and Liao Cards. Now its time for the Clans. As always any feedback on the cards would be greatly appreciated. Hope you enjoy. Also the Can You Help page has just been finished. Hopefully you may be able to help me complete my task so please have a look. Thankyou.


Yes that's right, another Lost Tech page is up and running and this time it's Kurita Cards. Anybody who has already visited this site will also notice that many of the cards have been updated (mostly lack of italic flavour text and image changes). As always any feedback about what you see would be great.


Yet another Lost Tech page up and running. This time it's Steiner Cards. For anybody interested I'll probably be putting up the main Inner Sphere factions first and then the Clans, followed by the lesser factions i.e.. St Ives, Rasalhague, Steel Viper. Next it will be Kurita so stay tuned.


And so Lost Tech begins. I have just added the Davion Cards section to the Lost Tech section of the site. I'm quite busy at the moment and so there will probably only be one faction added every few days. Anybody interested should check back here for future updates.


After chatting with Bullfrog and some correspondence from FnF, a few flaws were found in the site. They have all been sorted now and progress on the other two main section of the site has begun. All eyes open for the Lost Tech and Clan Madness sections, coming soon to a website near you!


At last it's online. After many months and two failed attempts, the site is finally beginning to look the way I want it to. At the moment the only complete part of the site is the Galaxies section. We are moving Galaxies into open Alpha testing now and so that was my first priority. Worry not though, as 'Lost Tech' and 'Clan Madness' will be along very soon so check back here for updates. Just to point out that several of the sections of the 'Galaxies Cards' look a bit sparse on the card side of things, that will change when the game is ready for release, as we intend on releasing 'expansion packs' for all the different parts of the game at a later date. Well that's all for now. Please any feedback you may have will be greatly appreciated be it good or bad. Thanks for your time.