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Taking Battletech to the Stars The Cards that WOTC forgot!




Here at last, the new and improved Lost Tech. For anyone who never visited the old site, the whole purpose of my site is to tell the world about the Battletech projects I have been working on for the past year.

The site comes in three main sections: -

Clan Madness - A whole new Clan for Battletech. This section is for use in all aspects of Battletech and comes in the format of an on-line sourcebook. Also there are links here to the Madness cards I have created for use in the Battletech CCG.

Lost Tech - I own every Battletech card produced with the exception of about 10. However, as all you die-hard Battletech CCG fans will know there are hundreds of variants and chassis that were never made into cards. So here they are, the cards that WOTC forgot!

Galaxies - A few friends and myself had the idea of putting together a brand new expansion for the Battletech CCG. This section is dedicated to the new cards that I have created for use in this game.

The main section pages tell you a little bit more about what I've been up to, so I'll be quiet now and let you have a look for yourselves. Hope you enjoy and never forget that any comments, criticisms or compliments will be greatly appreciated.

At present only the Galaxies and Lost Tech parts of the site are up and running. Clan Madness will be coming once Lost Tech is complete so anyone who is interested please check the Site News regularly for updates on progress. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.



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