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Creating the cards for Galaxies has been a long and time-consuming project. At first we needed something to distinguish the new cards we had created from standard Battletech rules. Several hours of work produced an excellent background that really makes our cards stand out.

As you can imagine there was a lot of discussion about the cards. What to use, whether things would work, what abilities cards should have. Some of the cards have gone through so many changes that they are completely different to the original ideas we had. However, all of the cards featured here are the final copy (I hope :-p)

The navigation buttons at the top of the screen will take you the various sections of the cards. They are separated into 4 categories :-

Naval Cards - This section is dedicated to the 'space-travel' side of the game. In this section you will find things like Jumpships, Dropships and Warships. Also this section contains cards like Naval Unit enhancement cards, pilots and command cards not to mention subterfuge and mission cards all specific to the Naval side of the game.

Capital Building Cards - After the first 3 playtests of Galaxies we decided that there had to be some sort of objective for you to attack. After discussion Bullfrog suggested the idea of some sort of 'Palace' card that every player started with on their home planet and had to defend. After much discussion we came up with the Capital Building (after all Clans don't have palaces) This section contains not only the Capital Building but a whole host of new cards to turn a simple structure into an impenetrable fortress.

Planet Cards - A very self explanatory section. This section contains both the new planets that have been created for Galaxies as well as the original 'Box Powers' created my WOTC (note that several of these were modified when playtesting revealed incompatibilities in the Cards abilities)

Other Cards - This section covers all of the cards that have been created for Galaxies but don't fit into any of the other catagories. This section includes new command, subterfuge and all manner of other cards.

Not only are there new types of cards in Galaxies but also several new keywords used:-

UniqueP - This keyword works like the normal Unique except that each player may have a copy of that card in play.

Naval - Associates this card with the naval side of the game

Dropship - I think that this keyword explains itself.

Also featured in Galaxies is a new symbol. Several of the cards created required depleting. This caused a problem because in Classic Battletech CCG only alpha striking 'Mechs or special cards require depleting. In Galaxies though each card required depleting for different reason and so this symbol was created. This works just like the tap symbol except you must deplete in order to use the ability.

Also please note that the 'Naval cards', 'Capital Building cards' and 'Other cards' sections have very few cards on them. This is not a mistake. We have only given you the most basic of cards so that we can find out if the game works. When testing is over and Galaxies has been released we will be releasing the other cards in the form of 'expansion packs'.

So I think that's all the technical stuff to do with the cards, I'm sure that you want to see them now so I'll let you go. Please note that this site is purely to show you all the cards. Anyone interested in the game and our open Alpha Testing please click the banner at the top of the screen to link to Bullfrog's Galaxies site. There you will find all the rules and other information about Galaxies.

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