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As you can probably imagine finding all the pictures necessary for all these cards is a very time-consuming proccess and now it has become almost impossible to find what I'm looking for. It seems that either FASA simply didn't bother funding colour pictures for almost half the chassis and variants they made rules for, or I havn't been able to find them. This page is a request to all of you gamers out there who would like to see me finish the "Lost Tech" project. Anybody who can help can e-mail me at [removed] Below is a list of all the chassis that I need pictures for. Note that to be of use I need high resolution, clear, colour images and where possible please include the name of the artists. Thankyou for any help you may be able to provide and I look forward to hearing from you soon.



Image Required
Image Required
Image Required
Anubis ABS-3L
Grendel E + H
Razorback RZK-9S
Anubis ABS-3T
Guillotine IIC
Razorback RZK-9T
Hankyu A + B + D + E
Savage Coyote (All Variants)
Arcas 2
Helios HEL-3D
Sentry SNT-04
Arctis Fox (All Variants)
Helios HEL-4A
Sha Yu SYU-2B
Arctic Wolf
Sha Yu SYU-4B
Arctic Wolf 2
Hellfire 2
Shootist ST-8A
Battle Cobra C + H
Hellion (All Variants)
Shugenja SJA-7D
Battlehawk BH-305
Ice Storm
Sirocco SRC-3C
Beowulf BEO-12
Initiate INI-02
Sirocco SRC-5C
Bishamon BSN-3K
Jenner IIC 2
Snow Fox
Bishamon BSN-3L
Jinggau JN-G8A
Black Hawk E
Kabuto KBO-7A
Starslayer STY-3D
Black Lanner E + H
Kingfisher (All Variants)
Stalking Spider
Bloodhound B1-HND
Komodo KIM-2A
Stilleto STO-4A
Bloodhound B2-HND
Koshi E
Stilleto STO-4B
Lao Hu LHU-2B
Stooping Hawk (All Variants)
Bloodkite 2
Lao Hu LHU-3C
Striker STC-2D
Brigand LDT-1
Legacy LGC-02
Tai-Sho TSH-7S
Brigand LDT-X1
Lightray LGH-4W
Talon TLN-5N
Linebacker D + E + H
Tessen TSN-1C
Cauldron Born D + H
Lineholder KW1-LH2
Cestus CTS-6Z
Thunder Stallion
Chameleon CLN-7W
Lynx LNR-9C
Thunder Stallion 2
Chameleon CLN-7Z
Lynx LNR-9Q
Ti Ts'ang TSG-9H
Commando IIC
Lnyx LNR-9R
Ti Ts'ang TSG-9J
Cossack C-SK1
Maelstrom MTR-5K
Turkina B + D + H
Crimson Langur A + B + C
Man O' War D
Uller E
Cronus CNS-5M
Marshall MHL-X1
Crossbow Prime + C + H
Masakari D
Vanquisher VQR-2B
Dasher E
Viking VKG-2F
Devastator DVS-2
Naga C
Viking VKG-2G
Dragon Fire DGR-3F
Night Gyr H
White Flame WHF-3B
Dragonfly E
Night Hawk NTK-2Q
Yeoman TMN-6Y
Eagle EGL-2M
Night Star NSR-9J

Please note that I also require any images based on the following topics:

• Futuristic Cities

• Planet Surfaces

• Battletech Naval Vessels

• Futuristic Strongholds/Fortresses

• Defense Systems e.g. turrets etc.

Once again a big thankyou to everyone who has helped me get this far and a preliminary thankyou for anyone who can help in some way, no matter how small it may seem. Without you it wouldn't be possible.

Emperor EMP-6A
Night Star NSR-9FC
Excalibur EXC-B2
Ninja-To NJT-2
Excalibur EXC-C1
Nobori-Nin B + D + H
Falcon Hawk FNHK-9K
Nova Cat B + E
Fenris E
O Bakemono OBK-M10
Fire Falcon H
Peregrine 2
Fire Scorpion
Perseus Prime + B + C + D
Fire Scorpion 2
Phantom E + H
Galahad 2
Garm GRM-01A
Pouncer E + H
Garm GRM-01B
Gladiator E
Puma E
Grand Crusader GRN-D-02
Rabid Coyote
Great Wyrm
Raijin RJN101-A

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