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PoleDokhtar Citygeocities archive Near Damavand city,      Height: 5874m Damavand Mountain in the ALBORZE Mountainsgeocities archive Abarkuh City,Famoused by:          Center of Iran.          300km in north of Shiraz,200km in west of Yazd,300km in south of Isfahangeocities mirror Anfal Forest,Near the Amol city.In North of Iran (Mazandaran)geocities archive Sarabe Giyan,Between Nahavand and Hamedan.geocities archive
1.PoleDokhtar 2.Damavand 3.Abarqu 4.Anfal Forest,Mazandaran 5.Sarabehgian,Hamedan


Sarvestan city, A Great and holy city in 2000years ago.and a simple city in present.There is in80km in south of Shiraz.,There is a Great palas that made about1800years ago,Kakh Sasan(Sasani Palas)geocities mirror Kavar City,A small city in 60km west of Shiraz.That have Fruit Gardens,in Fars.geocities archive Fars,or better PARS is the cradle of all (Culture,History,Language and etc)that Iran have now.Englishs call there Persia.There is in South of Iran and countinued untill Persian Gulf.  geocities mirror Absal or Bahar are words that mean SPRINGgeocities mirror Estahban city.165km in south east of Shiraz,and 86km in east of Sarvestan.This city have a dream Climate and is the center of Saffron,Fig and pistachio(peanut)of Iran and Fars.geocities archive
6.Sarvestan,Fars 7.Kavar,Fars 8.Maimand,Fars 9.Kazeroon,Fars 10.Estahban,Fars


Kalardasht,In 100km north of Tehran,With the Cold climate and special for summers.geocities mirror Gilan is a region in notrh of iran and Coast of Mazandaran(Caspian)sea. There have the best Climate in all of Iran,Partly always is rainy and ready for farming.geocities archive Like Gilangeocities mirror Coldest region in Fars.with the excellent climate for summers and cold in winters.geocities mirror Sarvestan Shipgeocities archive
11.Kalardasht,Tehran 12.Fuman,Gilan 13.Ghaemshahr,Mazandaran 14.Sepidan,Fars 15.Ship,Persian Gulf


Eram Garden or palas in Shiraz,There was the palas of Ghavam Family that governed on Shiraz.Now this Garden is a museum of Flowers and herbages and specially SARVENAZ tree(a Shirazi cypress).geocities mirror Kashan, A beautiful city in Center of Iran,With the best RoseWater in the world.This city is in 150km south of Qome.geocities mirror The Capital city of Iran. Shahyad constraction is in Azadi(Freedom)SQ. It built in Pahlavi Period about 36years ago. geocities mirror Khorasan,Near the Bojnoord.geocities mirror Lute Desert,in South east of Iran.geocities archive
16.Shiraz 17.Kashan 18.Tehran 19.Bojnoord,Khorrasan 20.Lut Desert,Kerman


Arasbaran,The Northest region in Iran.There is ARASSE river,(the border of Iran) that cross between ARARAT mountains. Azerbaijan or Better ATROPATCKAN is total north west of Iran region.geocities archive Avihang,Sanandaj,Kurdestangeocities mirror Sar'ein,is a city in Ardebille. Sabalan mountain is near this city,that have a good kind of honey.geocities archive Gahvareh,Kermanshah The people of this region are Kurd.geocities mirror Garmsar,150km in east of Tehran.geocities mirror
21.ArasBaran,Azerbaijan 22.Avihang,Kurdestan 23.Sarein,Ardebille 24.Gahvareh,Kermanshah 25.Garmsar


Grand ImamReza,Mash'had city,Khorrasan. Imam reza is a relioginal lead of Persians and Shias.geocities archive Near the Semnan city.geocities mirror Shiraz, Quran Gate. The Gate of Shiraz, In there exist a Quran(Muslims Book) for convoy and ovation by passengers.When you go to Shiraz you can see it in start of city.geocities mirror Abianeh, A famous village in south of Kashan. The history scinctics believe this village is since4000 years ago.geocities mirror Great Koorosh Achemenidi Tomb in Pasargade. 150km north east of Shiraz. He is the greatest king of Iran history. He made Iran Empire ,He cuptured India untill Greece. Iran was about 12000000 kmsq geocities mirror
26.ImamReza,Mashhad 27.Semnan 28.Quran Gate,Shiraz 29.Abianeh,Kashan 30.Great Cyrus,Pasargade


Bam citadel,geocities archive Tabriz. The center of eastern Azerbaijan.geocities mirror Nakhlestan, Khuzestangeocities archive The Persian Carpet, Best carpet in the world. This Carpet is Naeen carpet.geocities mirror Isphahan, 33 bridges. these Bridge created 460 years ago by Shah Abbas on the Zayandehrud river that crossed in Isphahan.geocities mirror
31.Bam,Kerman 32.Tabriz 33.DatePalm,Khuzestan 34.Persian Carpet 35.Esfahan


Pars.JPG (20918 bytes)geocities mirror PersianWeapon.JPG (25007 bytes)geocities mirror Shiraz-Shahcheragh.JPG (19031 bytes)geocities mirror 33Bridges.JPG (22415 bytes)geocities mirror Bistun.JPG (24684 bytes)geocities mirror
36.Perspolis 37.Shahab3 38.Shiraz,Shahcheragh 39.Isphahan,33pol 40.Bistoon


Ganjalikhan.JPG (24766 bytes)geocities archive EramGarden.JPG (24461 bytes)geocities archive Emamzadeh.JPG (20013 bytes)geocities archive Lake.JPG (23346 bytes)geocities mirror ArgBam.JPG (23406 bytes)geocities archive
41.GanjaliKhan Bath 42.Eram Garden,Shiraz 43.Imamzadeh,Tehran 44.Ilam 45.Destroy BamCitadel


Toos.JPG (22897 bytes)geocities mirror SaieePark-Tehran.JPG (21444 bytes)geocities mirror Ganjnameh.JPG (25095 bytes)geocities archive 40sotun.JPG (20872 bytes)geocities mirror GolestanForest.JPG (20985 bytes)geocities mirror
46.Ferdousi,Toos 47.Saee Park,Tehran 48.Ganjnameh,Hamedan 49. 40Sotun,Isphahan 50.Golestan national Park


Esfahan.JPG (21163 bytes)geocities archive CaspianSunset.JPG (18642 bytes)geocities archive Elgoli.JPG (25421 bytes)geocities mirror Shahyad.JPG (17196 bytes)geocities archive TagheBostan.JPG (21097 bytes)geocities mirror
51.Isphahan,Forty columns 52.Caspian Sea 53.ElGoli,Tabriz 54.ShahyadCitadel,Tehran 55.TagheBostan


Mashhad.JPG (21808 bytes)geocities archive TEHRAN3.JPG (23076 bytes)geocities archive Ghavam.JPG (25059 bytes)geocities mirror Tehran4.JPG (22019 bytes)geocities mirror Perspolis.JPG (17863 bytes)geocities mirror
56.Mashhad 57.Tehran 58.Naranjestan Ghavam 59.Tehran,Ghajary building 60.TakhteJamshid


Kandovan.JPG (5481 bytes)geocities mirror Saadi.JPG (5041 bytes)geocities mirror Iran-Sabalan.JPG (3499 bytes)geocities mirror Hossein-Rezazadeh.JPG (3724 bytes)geocities mirror Semiromgeocities mirror
61.Kandovan,In Mountain 62.Saadi Shirazi 63.Sabalan Mountain 64.Hossein RezaZadeh 65.Ghadamgah,Semirom


Gilan-Chaboksar.JPG (4479 bytes)geocities mirror Zagros-Fars.JPG (5051 bytes)geocities mirror HafezShirazi.JPG (5352 bytes)geocities archive GreatShapur victoried by VALERANIUS Rome Emperorgeocities mirror IranDefense.JPG (4740 bytes)geocities mirror
66.Ramsar,Mazandaran 67.Zagros Domain,Fars 68.Hafez Shirazi 69.Naghsh Rostam 70.National Defense


SheikhLotfollah-Masque.JPG (4844 bytes)geocities mirror Tonekabon.JPG (5490 bytes)geocities mirror icicle.JPG (4963 bytes)geocities mirror Sardasht.JPG (4209 bytes)geocities archive Shahrood.JPG (4703 bytes)geocities mirror
71.Sheikh Lotfollah MSQ. 72.Spring in Iran 73.Sabalan's Icicles 74.Sardasht,Kurdestan 75.Alborz&Kavir


Fall in Persia.In Kazeroon city.150km in north west of Shiraz city.geocities mirror khansar.JPG (5685 bytes)geocities mirror karaj.JPG (5881 bytes)geocities mirror minudasht.JPG (6088 bytes)geocities archive farshchian.JPG (5958 bytes)geocities archive
76.Fall of Neyriz 77.Fall of Khansar 78.Fall of Karaj 79.Fall of Minoodasht 80.Persian Drawing Art

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