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WEIGHTLIFTING is a scientific, safe and studied sport.

Essentially, weightlifting involves learning the most effective and efficient techniques for carrying out two (2) lifts, namely:

Competitors will register their best lifts out of three in each category. Should a competitor fail to lift in all three attempts in each category, they will be disqualified. Weightlifting is a thinking athlete’s game. Strategy between athlete and coach is vital.

The aggregate or total score of highest lifts in each category will be tallied. Age and bodyweight does play a part when the total score is the same.

Our national coach, TAN HOWE LIANG pays close attention to each of his charge. He ensures that they develop the mindset of a champion athlete: physical strength, wisdom and fortitude.

Weightlifting is relevant to female lifters. In recent years, women weightlifting has enjoyed great attention, as it is evident that women can lift just as well as men, while retaining their femininity. Currently, SWF has two female lifters training seriously, one of whom is pursuing her doctorate in sports science in the USA and has competed at regional levels. The other, recently, earned a silver medal in the senior category in the Asian championships held in China late last year.

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