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[updated: 10.6.2002]


10 Jun 2002
chibi group! Chibi sketch by Mae *gomen, but it appears Mae lost her skill*
9 Mar 2002
Chibi sketch by Mae *ew* First time penned in ink instead.
24 Dec 2001
Chibi group! present: jaayx, mist, sol chere, issei, sho, jem, pastles, mae, lynn
17 Nov 2001
Chibi group! L-R: Sol Chere, chibi angel, Mae, Pastles, Sho, jaayx
Sketches by Mae, Pastles, chibi angel
Sketches by Mae
9 September 2001
Sketches by Mae. Done before going for Comic Jam 2.
July 2001 19 June 2001
Chibi group! not scanned, scanner probs
sketches by Mae, Sho, Jem
sketches by Sho
Chibi group! back (L-R): Yev, Yolande, Pastles, Mae
front (L-R): Srain, Liz, Sho, Issei