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FHM Interview with Katie Price (Jordan)

The FHM Magazin asked for us Jordan...

FHM Interview

Jordans Interview in FHMgeocities archive

Is Jordan your real name, then?
No, it's Katie Price. I changed it when someone dropped out of a Page Three shoot. I got a call asking if I could do it; I said yes, but they told me I'd have to change my name. I couldn't think of anything and they suggested Jordan, I liked it and it stuck. My friends and family still call me Katie.

Back to the beginning, now: were you a naughty schoolgirl when you were young?
I was a real rebel. I remember once when I got the school bus, we had a new driver who didn't know the way. He asked if anyone could direct him, and I said yes. I took him on a grand tour of Brighton. I got expelled for that one.

Were you a rebel at home as well?
Yep. When I was 15, all the kids in school got those little motorbikes and I wanted one really badly. My mum refused point blank, but I saved up my money and bought one anyway. She was furious, but I still rode it to school every day.

Can you remember your first schoolgirl crush?
I didn't fancy any of my teachers, if that's what you mean. But I remember fancying this boy who had really long blonde hair - all the girls fancied him, ad so did I. But nothing came of it.

He's probably kicking himself now. Presumably young men fight over you all the time these days...
Two did once - I didn't even know them. I was at this nightclub when a guy started talking to me, then this other group of men came over. They all started arguing and a big punch-up broke out. It's pathetic. I can't be bothered with all that. Honestly, all I want is a gentleman. I'm sick to bloody death of bastards.

You're dating a Gladiator, Ace, at the moment. He's got a strange name, just like you!
Yeah! Warren is his real name. We're engaged in fact. They even did us in Hello!

Bodybuilders have huge appetites. How much does Ace eat for breakfast?
I can out-eat him any time! Fry-ups, chocolate, anything! That's why Warren is trying to get me down to the gym. I think I must have a super-fast metabolism.

Bodybuilders also tend to favour the hideous jogging bottom. What's the silliest item in Ace's wardrobe?
An elephant posing pouch but I bought that for him, so I'm responsible for his fashion crimes.

Would you appreciate comedy underwear as a present from a fella?
Not really. I have loasds of underwear, but only wear the bras because I never wear knickers. But I am happy to recieve any items of jewellery. I love sports cars and I want a Mercedes or an MG, although I've always ridden horses. I've got one now called DJ. I do the lot: mucking out, everything.

Do you like a big drink ?
Well, I went into town to meet up with this boy and ended up so drunk I had my head stuck down a toilet. I got myself in a shameful state. I can handle my drink now, though. I get really saucy after a few drinks. Sexy rude, not obnoxious rude.

You're from Brighton - home to thousands of contemptable street performers. Which type irritates you most: the juggler, the mime "artist" or the hilarious silver statue man?
I hate them all. they are for too many crusties on Brighton. I think they all go there because they think it's a nice seaside resort, but they make it horrible!! I'm renting out the house I own and moving to Essex because of that lot.

One last question. Would you snap up the chance to replace Ginger Spice if you were offered it?
No way. I'd never be someone's stand in.

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