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Date: 1 January 2003
Title: Sunnydale Series- Trying to cope
Author: Das Jessy
Archive: Yeah, but ask first.
Summary: Still sucks, won't change, so no summary, leave me alone.
Rating: PG-13
Category: Buffy/Spike, BtVS-X-Files-Angel-crossover. MSR
Disclaimer: Mine mine mine, all mine.
Spoilers: Seasons 7 of BtVS and X-Files, I don't have the slightest idea when in the Angel universe. Direct sequel to Beneath. Seventh in the Sunnydale Series.
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Trying to cope


"He's alive."

Alive? ALIVE? Can't be. Spike can't be alive, Spike's a vampire. Xander still tries to hold me back, but I get away and run over to Spike. Alive! I kneel down next to him and pull his head into my lap. He's warm. I search for a pulse at his neck and I actually find one. Spike's got a pulse! But a very weak one that is. He's alive. I just thought I'd lost him and now I get him back- and not only do I get him back, but alive. He stirs and I immediately start to pet his head. "Shh...Baby. Keep still. Everything's gonna be okay." A tear falls onto his forehead. I haven't even known I am still crying but now I'm crying for a totally different reason. He blinks, then focuses on me and smiles. "Buffy?" "Yeah, Sweetie. It's me. Don't move. It'll be all right." "What -what happened?" "I don't know. Don't think about it, now. You have to keep your strength." He looks amazed, then tries to sit up. I help him a little so that he can look around. Angel's still standing next to us, he seems sorta sad. Xander is standing where I left him. Willow's clutching at Giles, she seems very weak. Mulder just wakes up and smiles at Scully, they are in a quite similar position to me and Spike. His head is resting in her lap as well. I can tell Spike's looking at them, too. I hear Scully whisper, "The world didn't end." His smile gets even broader and he whispers back. "No, it didn't. But wasn't that your line?" I don't understand what that's supposed to mean but they are looking kinda sweet together and very relieved. Anya and Cordelia are leaning against a wall, both pretty out of it as well. "Angel." I try to get his attention. He nods at me. "We have to get Wills and Spike into a hospital." He nods again and walk over to Giles after making sure that I can get Spike outside. Meanwhile Spike's looking at me like I'd totally gone insane. "Hospital, Luv?! Don't think so. With me being dead and all." He's got no idea. He doesn't know. I take his hand and place it on his chest where his heart is beating stronger, now. He doesn't even look all that pale anymore. At first he is shocked. He pulls his hand across his chest, obviously trying to feel his heartbeat better. "We have to get you to a hospital, Spike. You heartbeat doesn't seem to be as it should be." "Could be because I'm supposed to be dead and there shouldn't be one at all. What happened here? Why, why is it beating? Why am I alive?" He almost seems mad. "And I will not go to a soddin' hospital." I don't think his life is in danger but I really want to be sure. "Spike, we don't know what happened, we have to get you to a doctor." He shakes his head and immediately looks like he's going to throw up. "Then we'll get you home, but I will call a doctor." "And tell him what? Hey my boyfriend was dead for over 100 years and now for no particular reason he isn't anymore?" "I'll cross that bridge when I get there. Now can you stand up?" "Of course I can stand up." He looks annoyed and tries to get up, but as soon as he stands, his legs give away and he sinks down again. Angel takes him under one arm and motions for me to take the other. "Xander, could you help Willow to the car?" I ask because she doesn't seem to be in the condition to walk on her own as well. But she surprises everybody and gets up by herself. She doesn't look all right, but more like her normal self than just minutes ago. Scully supports Mulder and leads him to their car. Cordelia's following them there. I bring Spike to Xander's. Anya drives with Giles and Angel and Wesley as well. We are the first to arrive at Revello Drive, followed by  Mulder, Scully and Cordy. With a little help I am able to move Spike inside and on the couch. Mulder plops down on an armchair. He's beaten. Cordy excuses herself and goes upstairs to look if Connor's all right.Scully and Xander follow me into the kitchen. "We have to get him to a doctor. And Agent Mulder and Willow aren't that well, either." I explain. Xander nods. Agent Scully looks at me, then says softly. "Mulder's okay and Willow seems to be fine as well. Spike, well I think his body just needs some time to adjust, he has to eat something and I'll give him an injection with some vitamins. They'll help. Then he has to sleep and that should do the deal." I am stunned. "You, you're a doctor." "Well, yeah. I didn't tell, did I?! In fact I'm a pathologist, but that's fitting with Spike now, isn't it?" She grins. "You really think he'll be okay?" "Let's get over there and take a look at him, I think I heard a car, so I'll look after Willow as well." When we pass the front door, it indeed opens and Angel comes in carrying Willow. Before I can get scared he smiles reassuringly. "She fell asleep, but otherwise she's all right." Scully steps over and feels for her pulse. Then she nods. "It's steady, she's just tired. Can you get her to bed, Angel?" He nods and walks up the stairs. Giles, Wesley and Anya follow us into the living room. Mulder is slumped into the chair and out cold. Spike seems to be conscious, but even weaker than before. "What can I do, Agent Scully?" I ask her. "First call me Dana, second get him a glass of water and something to eat." As I leave the living room I can see her rummaging through her bag. I get Spike a glass of water and make him a sandwich. Dawn likes them when she's ill, so I assume...oh God Dawn! She's still upstairs. She must have fallen asleep or she'd long be downstairs. I have to go and tell her. But first thing first. I go back into the living room. Scu...Dana is giving him an injection and he actually looks scared. When she's done, she gets up and I sit down next to him. I give him the water and he gulps it down. "Hey slow down, now. You hungry?" He nods and I pass him the sandwich. He bites into it and there's a look of pure bliss on his face. "This is so good! It tastes so much better. Think I'll like the being alive deal." He mumbles around a mouthful. "Spike, I have to tell Dawn, can I leave you alone for a moment?" "Yeah, I've got my sandwich and an actual doctor at my side and those watchers over there who keep staring at me, that's bloody creepy, ya know?!" I kiss him and then get up. Wesley and Giles are staring indeed. Anya is sitting in Xander's lap and he seems to be almost happy to see Spike all right. Dana is sitting on an arm of Mulder's chair. I go upstairs and run into Angel. "Willow all right?!" I ask. He nods. "Yeah, I put her to bed, Connor's sleeping in Cordelia's room and Cordy fell asleep as well. How is Spike?" "He seems to be okay." "Good." He says and continues walking downstairs. It must be hard on him, Spike got what he's always wanted. I knock at Dawn's door, but there's no reply. I walk in. She's asleep on her bed. I sit down and pull a strand of her out of her face. "Dawnie." I whisper. "Wake up." She stirs, then opens one eye. "Buffy?" "Yeah. It's me." She's awake suddenly. "I assume the world didn't end." "Indeed." I smile at her and she sits up. "So, tell me. What happened?" "The spell worked, the Hell Mouth closed. Dawn...something happened." "What is it?" I don't tell her immediately and she gets impatient. She knows it's serious. "Buffy, tell me." She demands. "Spike, he got staked." She looks at me in shock and starts to sob. "No, he can't, he can't be gone." "Dawn, no. No, it's okay." "Okay? Are you insane? He's gone!" "No, he isn't. I don't know how or why, but there was a light and then he was there, Dawn, he's alive." "You, you mean un-dead, right?!." "No, I mean alive, like breathing and beating heart and all." There's a pause. "Can I, can I  see him?" "Yeah, he's downstairs. He isn't feeling too well, but he'll be okay." She doesn't move, she seems a little afraid. I stand up and hold out my hand. "Come on. Let's go downstairs." We make our way back to the living room and she throws herself around his neck. "Hey, hey, Sweet Bit. Easy here, human now. Let me live a little longer." She buries her head into his side and starts to sob, I sit down behind her. Spike hugs Dawn close and holds my hand. After a little while Dawn slowly looks up and puts her hand on his chest. She watches him utterly amazed. "You're heart is actually beating." "Yeah, creepy, innit?" "Yeah, sorta. How is it, being alive again, after so many years?" He's suddenly serious. "I don't know, yet, Bit. I'll need time to get used to it. I can't deal with it at the moment." He looks away, tears are glistening in his eyes. "Guys, can I have some time alone with, Spike?" They all start to get up. Dana comes over before she leaves and feels his pulse again. "You'll live." She smiles then and pulls a half sleeping Mulder out of the room. Xander comes to us as well and pats Spike on the shoulder. "Pal, I'm actually happy you're all right." "Of course you are, who would you bicker with?!" Xander pats him again, then leaves. Dawn follows him and Anya. "Giles, Wesley, would you please stop staring and leave?" I ask them. They look sheepishly at each other, then make their way out of the room. Spike looks straight ahead I pull up his chin and force him to look into my eyes. "Sweety, what is it?" I ask. "It's just, Buffy, I don't know how it will go on. I haven't been alive for over 120 years. You know what I was like as a human, I told you. I don't know how to go on from here. I am afraid, Love. For the first time in over a century I have to actually think about the future." He's crying and I take him into my arms. "Buffy, I used to go where I pleased and I took what I wanted. Now I have to take the responsibility for what I do, I have to make a life. I don't know how to do it anymore, I don't even know if I want to. Buffy, I don't want to be weak, you'll have to save me, I can't fight anymore. I can't live like this, Pet. I can't. I would have to get myself a job, but I don't even have an identification, I don't really exist." Spike's holding me tight and I'm patting his head. "Spike, we'll make it all right. We can get you an identification, that's not a problem. And you aren't weak, Baby. You know how to fight and I'm sure you can hold your own.You've got the practice of a whole century. You'll learn how to live again, and think about all the things you can do, now! We can walk in the sun, go to the beach, we could even have children now if we wanted to. I love you, Spike. You told me you wanted to grow old with me you're given this chance now. It's a gift. And you told me you wanted it." "I know I said that, but Buffy, one day I won't be enough anymore. You and I know you need a little monster in your man. We aren't equals anymore, you are strong and I'm not." "Oh Spike, come on. I'll love you no matter what and you are so not weak, believe in me a little, I love you for who you are not what. I loved you as a vampire and I'll love you as a human. Now shut up and kiss me." For once the stupid vampire, ehm ex-vampire listens to me. And how he does. "So you all right then?" "S'pose. Think I gonna have to train some more to keep up." He yawns. "Let's go to bed Bleach Boy." I hold out my hand and help him up.


We crashed in the Summers' living-room last night. Neither of us in the condition to make it back to the motel. Buffy gave us some blankets and Mulder and I made our bed on the floor; kinda hard, but I'd have slept anywhere, as long as I slept. I am the first to wake up and try to pull away from Mulder without waking him. "Where' ya goin'?" He mumbles. So much for not waking him up."To the kitchen, gonna make some coffee." I whisper. "Come with ya." "You can sleep a little more." He shakes his head, gets up and follows me into the kitchen. I search for the items I need to make a pot of coffee and actually get everything together pretty fast. When it is brewing I go over to Mulder, who is sitting on a kitchen stool. I examine his head. He got beaten pretty hard by one of the demons. But he's just got a bump on the forehead. "You'll live." I tell him and kiss him on the nose. "I talked to Spike yesterday." I walk over and pour us both a cup of coffee. "So?" I ask him. "He's William the Bloody, ya know?!" "Yeah, when we first met them, no not first, during the fight, they called him that, you didn't remember? I thought you are supposed to have an eidetic memory." "Well," he says "think I had other things on my mind then." I grin. "Have you been afraid of the bad vampires, Fox?!" I ask him. He glares at me and there's someone chuckling at the door. We both turn around and see Spike standing there. "What's so funny?" Mulder asks. "Your name is Fox? Didn't know that was a name. Always thought it was an animal." Spike grins. "Yeah, and Spike's such a great name." "Well, it's not my actual name, as you know." "That doesn't make it better, I didn't choose my  name myself at least." Spike comes into the kitchen and motions for the coffee. "You've got another cup left?" I nod and pour him one. He sips at it and looks  kinda shocked. "Didn't know it was this bloody good."

We both smile. One by one everybody comes into the kitchen, asking Spike how he is and almost begging for coffee. Buffy's the last one to come down. She kisses Spike and mumbles a 'Mornin' to everyone."You were gone when I woke up." She says pouting at Spike. "Well, Luv. I smelled coffee, it actually called me." He says and pulls her close. They begin to kiss and everybody tries to look somewhere else, except Mulder. He seems to have gotten an idea and pulls me close as well. We kiss for several minutes until Dawn clears her throat. "Teenager here. I'm so under-age to see this." "Well, yeah. Right. Actually we have things to do." Buffy says. "What things, Pet?" "Well for one you being alive. We have to get you some sort of identification since it's most unlikely that you can go on the way you're used to." "You don't find ID's on the street, ya know?!" I think I've got an idea so..."Actually. We may be able to help with that. Mulder, could you call the Gunmen? They could get some sort of ID couldn't they?" Willow's eyes grow wide. "Gunmen? As in *Lone* Gunmen?" Mulder nods. "You know them? That's, that's so cool! Ya know, I'm a hacker myself and they are some kind of idols to me." "If you knew them you'd think differently." I smirk. Well, they are great friends but they are, well, the Gunmen and I'm still not totally over the Las Vegas incident. "Well, I'm gonna call them and ask what kind of information they'll need." Mulder says.


After breakfast and after Mulder has made the call we go into the dining room to discuss some things. We, that's Mulder and Scully, me and Spike, the improved human version."So, we'll need some basic things like your name and date of your birth. Let's just begin with this." Mulder begins. Spike already looks annoyed. "Well, as for name, it's Spike. But ya already knew that didn't ya?!" Scully rolls her eyes, but smiles, then says. "Well, how about your real name and especially last name since we know your name's William." "Last name?" He gazes at her quizzically. Now he is starting to annoy me. I know he hasn't used his last name for about 120 years but that's ridiculous. "You know Spike. We've all got last names. Now be good and tell us yours." I explain to him like to a little child. "And I don't think you could go by 'the Bloody'. Might be a little inconvenient." He glares at me, then mumbles something. "Could you please say it in a way we can understand it?!" "It's Saunders, bloody hell. Happy?" "I think I'll leave the bloody hell out." Mulder says and scribbles the name down. Scully chuckles. "Wasn't that hard, now, was it?!" I ask him. " So your date of birth?" Mulder wants to know. "September eighth 1854." "Well, I think 1854 needs to be changed." Scully says. "So let's say 1972." "Do I look like bloody 30? Buffy, she wants to make me thirty, do something about that! Make her stop." He whines. "Stop crying you big baby. So what about 1975? That better?!" "Well, not bloody good, but better." "So 1975 it is then." Mulder says. "You were born where?" "London. That's in England." He smirks. "No, really?" Mulder asks dryly. Scully's the one to go on. "Do you have any kind of education?" That gets her an evil glare. "Actually I do. I even went to Oxford. Graduated in literature and English history." He really seems to be proud. "Hey, Mulder went to Oxford, too." Scully says. "Maybe you had the same teachers." Spike chuckles. "Bloody unlikely, Pet. Since I went there about 100 years before him." Scully grins sheepishly and slightly embarrassed. "I'm very tired, so..." She tries to cover up. "You need more facts?" Spike asks. Mulder shrugs. "Don't think so. We'll have to make up quite a lot, since you're supposed to be, well- dead, but I think they can work with this. So you need a passport, a driver's license, insurance, some documents about your education and a greencard, I think. Gonna call the guys now." "Well, Mulder, I think Willow's still chatting with them on the net so you just can let her tell them what they need to know." I tell him. "She's really got a thing for them, doesn't she?!" He asks shaking his head and making his way over to the living room where Will's sitting at her computer. "So, Spike. I think you'll need some new clothes with the being human thing and all, since now you're going to be sweating and this kind of funstuff and the two shirts thing won't work out for you anymore." He glares at me evilly. "I actually do have more than two shirts." "Yeah, of course. How many? Three? And I think you should try something really crazy for a change, like colors." "I had this blue shirt, ya remember? Worked out bloody well now, didn't it?! I remember ending up on a really big crucifix. Hurt like hell." "Yeah, Spike. And that was all the shirt's fault. The moment I saw you that day I thought, 'He's really wearing an evil shirt.'" "You're bloody funny, Luv. And I'm not going bloody shopping and I've not only black clothes" "Yeah, dark brown." Scully is the one who saves the moment. "Well, I've got an idea. We could go to the mall and leave the guys with their own little problems." That's an idea. "Yeah. I need to do some major shopping after this apocalypse and I could get Spike here, some clothes, too." "Oh no, you bloody won't, Slayer." "Will, too. We could also get some films at Blockbusters and throw the guys out tonight, could be a girls' night." Scully's expression changes to almost shy. "I don't want to interfere with you and your friends. Me and Mulder could stay at the motel." "Nope, you're comin'. And you guys are out of here tonight. You need some bonding time." "Since when, Pet?!" "Since when what?" Xander, who just came into the dining room, asks. "You're going out tonight." I let him know. "Nice. Who with?" "Spike." I answer. "Hey Buffster, I actually am willing to try to play nice with him but that's a little too much and I thought he was your boyfriend." "Gross Xander. Just go out and take Mr.FBI, Angel, Wesley and Giles with you and leave us girls alone." "But Buffy..." He whines. "Don't you think he should stay home tonight with the just- being- alive- again deal and all. And don't make me go out with two Watchers, Dead Boy and Not So Dead Boy Anymore. Who is previously known as Dead Boy junior. And just think about it, Buff. They are all English and I'm, well, I'm so not. English that is." "Angel is actually Irish. Am not comin' from the same bleedin' island as the Great Poof." Spike says matter of factly. "England...Ireland. No difference." Xander mutters. "I'll show you no difference, Harris." Spike yells and tries to get to Xander. "Come on Spikey, you two are family." Xander provokes him even further grinning from ear to ear. "Guys, calm down. You're going out tonight and will leave us alone. Maybe you could go to the Bronze." At this Spike's eyes actually light up. "Well, Luv. I'd really like to try one of those flowering onions with the improved tastebuds and all. So what do you say mate? Bronze it is?" He asks Xander. "Yeah, of course. Now that you have the prospect of getting food you even want to go and drag me along. Poor me." "If I think about it. You can stay here guys. I could cook." They stare at me totally shocked. "Don't get mean, Slayer. Couldn't eat ya food when I didn't taste that much and now you want to torture me with it again? Not bloody likely." "I actually could come up with something." I tell them. Xander really looks scared, knew that would work. "Buffster, the guy is right you couldn't cook anything a human beingor even demon could eat if your life depended on it. I think we should really go to the Bronze, flowering onion sounds like heaven. Come on Spike, we'll find the others and tell them." "All right. If you see the girls tell them to come over here."




Red, the Platelet, the cheerleader and the other guys are in the living room. The witch's still at the computer. "Ladies. The slayer calls for you." The Whelp tells them, then gets serious as soon as the girls are gone to see Buffy. "There's another threat." He tells them. They all look at him suddenly. " It's a really mean one and we have to prevent it from happening." "What is it, Xander?" Giles asks. "Buffy threatened to cook if we didn't go out tonight so the girls had the house to themselves." Mister FBI grins. "Moments like this I'm happy that Scully hasn't that many girlfriends, I'll think about you guys when I'm peacfully sitting in our motelroomwith her." "Not bloody likely, mate. Your girl's into this as well so it's either coming along or eating what Buffy cooked and it wouldn't be pretty." I tell him.




"Buffy, what is it? Why do we all have to come here?" Dawn asks, entering before the other girls. "Well, I hope you're all up for some major shopping."




We come home to find the house empty, so we really got them out. "Girls, I won't move only one more time tonight." I sigh throwing myself onto the couch. We were at the mall for some hours and my feet are hurting like hell, shouldn't have worn the new and stylish but very painful boots. Well, got myself a pair of new ones. But wasn't my fault, they actually begged me to buy them. I was a little afraid that it was too early for Spike to go out, but he reassured me. I think he was just afraid that I'd really cook. As if...apocalypses, I can do. Cooking, definitely not.

Dawn plops down next to me, followed by Willow and Dana, who are trying to get to the armchair. Cordelia goes upstairs to put Connor to bed. We took him with us to the mall and he was in fact very cute until he started screaming like there was no tomorrow. Maybe there isn't. One can never know at the Hellmouth.

"So, who's going to order the pizza?" Dawn asks. "I am so not going to do that. I already told you, not getting up here." Willow sighs in resignation. "Okay where's the phone?" She asks. I motion for the direction where Iíve last seen it and she gets up to make the call. I really admire her. She's still able to get up. Willow isn't gone for one nanosecond and Dana is sitting in the armchair grinning sheepishly. We've gotten along pretty well this afternoon. She helped me pick out some clothes for Spike and actually got Mulder some, too. She also got him a silly keyring, a little vampire, It's supposed to be Dracula but doesn't look like him if you ask me. I got Spike some jeans, blue jeans that it. Black ones he has enough or so he tells. I still think he's got only one outfit. I also got him one pair of dress pants, thought it would be good if he was trying to get a job. I bought some t-shirts, mostly blue ones, because they bring out his eyes, and some dress shirts as well, he'll hate them but he'll look so good in them. I got some new clothes for myself and Dawn, well actually I spent more money than I have, but I really feel good. Willow comes back in, holding the phone and smiling in victory. "Found it." When she sees Dana sitting in her chair she frowns. "Some time, you'll have to get up and then I'll be there." She tells her.

When we've eaten the pizza we watch some movies. Movies I haven't heard of until now but Dawn needed to watch them. So, who am I to say 'no' to my little sister.


I don't know how I've gotten myself into this. Buffy really talked me into going to the Bronze, with Spike, Wesley, Xander, Agent Mulder and Angel . Wesley's all right. He's English and an ex-watcher so we know what we can talk about. Well, Spike's English as well, problem is, he's Spike. At first there has been bickering between the three of them. Xander, Spike and Angel, that is. But after they all drank something Angel got broodier and I swear one more hair-joke from either Spike or Xander and I'm going to vomit, that is if Xander and Spike don't do that first. Agent Mulder isn't any better, really fits into the little group even started to go along with the jokes about Angel's hair. Spike had so many flowering onions I lost count around the fifth. Said they were so much tastier now. At times he nearly looked orgasmic. I am quite positiv that he's going to throw them up pretty soon. Xander doesn't look any better, he kept up pretty well. Ate nearly as much as Spike. Mulder didn't eat that much, so there's hope that we won't see what he ate again.They are all drunk now and laughing at some silly joke Xander made, about Angel's hair of course. Wesley's trying to get drunk himself, and I think I'd really like that, too but I'm the poor guy who has to drive them home after this. Spike is pouring himself, Mulder and Xander some tequila...again, then turns to me. "Hey Ripper, want some?" He says or tries to, he rather slurs it. I shake my head no. "Good, more for us, mate." He smiles at Xander. "That is if the guy who prays to the styling-gel gods doesn't want more." Xander answers and they start laughing again. Angel looks at me. "Can I kill them?" "Yes, please." I tell him. "Hey, no killin' of the poor drunk humans...undastood? Me and Xander and Foxy here are having a bloody fine time  so you are not going to kill us." "You're damn right, Spikey." Xander says holding his glass up. Mulder just nods, I think he isn't more capable of speaking than Xander and Spike but he has the kindness to not even try. "Cheers" Spike says before drowning it. "Spike? Ya know?" Xander begins. "You're one pretty fine ex-vampire. I wouldn't say that if I weren't drunk, but I love ya mate." They actually start hugging. "Since I'm as drunk as you, I luve ya, too." Okay, that is enough. "Come on we're going home...Oh no, don't look at me like that. You both, no all three of you had more than enough and one more bad hair joke and I'm going to stake ya." "Ah ah ah, Watcher. That would only bring us to the emergency room. Human, now."Spike says waving his arms at himself to make his point. "Hey, I'm a federal agent, you can't just make me go. I'm armed." Mulder says searching for his weapon, then looking down, a little embarrassed. "Maybe I'm not as armed as I thought but I could arrest you." "Yeah, all right, you can do that tomorrow or maybe never and no stakes, either now get going." Angel and Wesley look at me thankfully. On our way back to the car Xander, Mulder and Spike support each other until Xander thinks he's going to be sick and Spike gets afraid he's going to throw up on his boots. "Bloody great boots they are and I am not going to let you hurt them." He tells Xander. "Hurt them? Spike you're crazy." He throws back. "Been told that, Harris." "Well, his boots are very nice." Mulder throws in. I'm really thinking about letting them walk home, it's my car after all, but I think Buffy wouldn't appreciate them being killed by some vampires or demons. On the other hand I would save her from having to deal with them. Nah, can't do that, but maybe I could transport them in the trunk...well, then; maybe not.


Giles brings the boys back and picks up Anya, but it's not a pretty sight. Spike and Mulder are grieving the loss of their dear friend Xander, doesn't matter that they'll see him the next day. Angel just goes into the cellar to sleep. He's pissed and I  pretty much know why. Spike and Mulder are bad, making jokes about him all the time, I can only guess how it's been with Xander around. Spike's slightly green just like Mulder. When they arrived Mulder made a beeline for Dana telling her that he loved Spike and Xander. Spike tells me proudly that he ate about 1000 flowering onions and he isn't the least bit sick. He's such a bad liar, I wonder if he's already thrown up or if I'll get the pleasure. Dana and Dawn broke out laughing as soon as Mulder declared his undying love for his newfound friends. Willow just continues shaking her head and Cordy went to look after Angel and then to go to bed. "Well, Mulder." Dana starts. "I think we should drive back to the motel, you really need to sleep. He pouts, then lights up. "Okay, I'm driving." He says and goes for the door. "Oh, no. You are not driving." She tells him, trying to catch him before he can make it to the car. She turns around shortly. "Bye, Guys but I have to make sure he doesn't kill himself or me for that matter. See you tomorrow, and Buffy?" She says. I look up and she motions for Spike. "He doesn't look good, you should get him up before he gets really sick." Then she's gone yelling for Mulder not to even think about getting into the driver's seat. I have to saySpike really doesn't look his best. Dawn's still giggling. "Buffy, he's green. I think he can't stand as much alcohol anymore as when he was dead." Spike glares at her and manages to get out a whole sentence between hiccuping. "I  can hold my liquor quite well, Platelet, am not such a nancy boy as the guy with the hair thing going." "He'll live." Willow throws in. "He still can insult Angel, can't be that bad." I grin at her and Spike just keeps glaring. "Well, Guys. I think I'll get my significant other to bed and you should go as well. I assume Wesley there isn't short of passing out himself."


I don't know how but I got Spike to bed. He didn't want to, said he wasn't tired and that he had better ideas to do...well I'm not going there, but as soon as his head hit the pillow he fell into a coma-like sleep.

It's around nine in the morning and I think Will and Dawn are up so I'm gonna go down as well, I don't think Spike'll wake up in the next month.

When I make my way downstairs I can hear Wesley still snoring on the couch. Giles got himself a motel yesterday, said the house got too full and he needed some space. Cordy's in the kitchen as well, holding the baby. "Morning, anyone else already up?" I ask them. "Anya's in the shop, she called, says Xander's got a major headache and that he got sick about five times during the night. Dana called as well. Told us that they'll be over a little later. The Gunmen will pick them up here. They've been at a conference in L.A. They already have all the papers for Spike. They are so cool! " Willow beams. I just nod and help myself to a cup of coffee. "I checked on Angel some time ago." Cordy says. "I don't think he'll ever wake up again. "I grin at her. "The same with Spike, and he, if he should wake up, will be in some real big pain."


It was around noon until the first of the guys woke up, Wesley. He just wanted some aspirin and be left alone. Dana called again to tell us they would be here soon and that she was about to kill Mulder if he'd get any whinier. Spike and Angel arrive in the kitchen around the same time. Angel looks a bit better, but not much. Willow's still in the kitchen with me and smiles at the two of them comin' in. "Mornin' Sleepy-Head. How are you today?" I ask Spike overly cheerful. Sweet torture. He shoots me a dirty look. "Do you have to be 'that' loud?" He whispers. Angel winces as well. "Loud? Me?" I ask totally innocent. "Want something to eat? We have eggs, bacon, toast...How about some blood for you Angel?" They both get even paler. Willow giggles and motions with a bottle of pills. "So, who wants something to kill the headache?" They both get a hopeful expression. The doorbell rings and Dawn comes running down the stairs yelling that she'll get it. "Does your sister have to yell like that?" Angel asks. "All right, Dawnie. If it's Dana and Mulder, send them into the kitchen." I yell right back. "That was not nice, Slayer." Spike says through gritted teeth. I can't help grinning. Wil'ls giggling again when Dana and Mulder enter the kitchen just as both Spike and Angel are about to swallow some aspirin.

"That painkillers?" Mulder wants to know. Spike nods. " Want some, too?" Mulder goes over to him. "Yes, please." "Dana, Mulder, nice to see you. How was your night?" Willow almost screeches. Dana grins at her. "Well, I slept quite well. Mulder...let's say, he didn't." Mulder points at Willow then mumbles, "Does she have to do that?" Angel's the one to answer him. "They are doing that since we got up. They are just mean." "I'd say we better go somewhere else as long as we still can." Spike tells them. They both nod and follow him into the living room. "So, how's Spike?" Dana asks. "Well, he's got a hell of a hangover but I think he'll get through it." "Mulder's the same." "Just like Wesley, Angel and Xander. Anya called us to tell about his condition but I think they'll all live. Not Angel, of course. But well, ya know..." Willow sits down at the kitchen island with us. "So the Gunmen going to pick you up?" "Yeah. They've been in L.A as I already told you, they hurried with Spike's papers and said they could pick us up and take us back to the airport." "That's so great, I really admire them with the hacking stuff and all, not that I believe in  everything they write but well, you get my point, don't you?"




My head is hurting. My head is really hurting. Being alive sucks, well not really, but this sucks. I think I'm going to die, nobody should be in this much pain. Angel's pretty well again, bloody Poof and vampire healing and stuff. And alcohol just doesn't affect you that much when you're dead. Should know, haven't been sober for more than one week during the last century. Wesley's quite all right as well, didn't drink that much. Well, I suppose they are alright. Left 'bout an hour ago. The two of them, the cheerleader and snack-sized. Xander's not here either but I know he suffers just like me.Would think that was funny if I wasn't dying. Then there's Mulder. He knows how I feel. Drank as much as the Whelp an'me. Buffy, the silly bint is only mean, yelling through the house and clattering with everything that makes a lot of noise. Red and the Agent from hell aren't any better. The same with the Bit. They are all havin' fun torturing me and Mulder there. He and his evil girlfriend are supposed to be picked up by some computer geeks in the next hour and then I'm all alone with big bad females. "Bloody hell, what was that?" Mulder groans as well. Buffy sticks her head into the living room. "Just the doorbell, there's nothing to be afraid of." She grins, then goes to open the door. I hear some talking then the girls and three guys enter the room. That's just great. I'd laugh if I could, but still dying here. "Hey Guys." Mulder says. I'm actually able to get uo and say hello. Dana intoduces everyone and I plop down on the couch again. "Mulder, you look like crap." The really little man says. "Shut up, Frohike." I look at the blond guy. He's wearing a shirt saying; 'Joey lives.'

"You're into the Ramones, mate?" I ask him. "Well, yeah." "Nice blokes." I tell him. "You know them?" He asks suddenly very interested. "Well, yeah, met them some years ago. Don't wanna disappoint, ya but well..." I motion for his shirt. "He doesn't. He's kinda undead." "Undead?" He asks. "Well, yeah." I anwer then look at Mulder. "How much didcha tell them?" "Well, just that we needed papers for you." "Nothing else." "" "So you are William?" The bearded guy asks. "Thought your name was Spike." "Nickname." Buffy explains. "Nice." The dwarf says. "Seemded kinda fitting at the time." I tell him. "So what do you mean by undead?" The blond, Langley I think, wants to know again. "Vampire." I state matter of factly. "And how'd you know? And vampires? Please. We believe quite a lot but vampires?" "Knew the bloke who turned him and yeah vampires. Therefore a vampire slayer." I motion for Buffy. The three of them sit down. "Does anybody care to enlighten us?" The guy with the beard asks. "Well, long story short. Me- Slayer. There was an apocalypse- again. We needed help, that's why Mulder and Scully are here. Spike got staked then got back alive, now he's human again blah blah blah." I chuckle at Buffy's words. "That's the very short version. But she's right."


They stayed for about two hours, then had to go to catch their flights. I am the proud owner of a passport, a birth certificate, greencard and a driver's license now. They showed Red some tricks with the computer and Dana had to promise Buffy to call her soon. My head is better not good, but better. I'm watching a 'Passions' rerun and this Timmy guy's really a poor bloke. Nibblet's over at Janice's and Willow's out with a girl she met at college. Am really happy for her, it's time that she moves on. I know Tara'd have wanted her to. That leaves Buffy and me. Well, me that is. Don't know where Buffy is. Think of the devil. "Hey, Luv." She standing in the doorway smiling at me. "Hey. How's your head?" "It's better." She comes over and I make some room for her. She lays down with her back to me. I put one arm around her waist and pull her close. "Finally, some time alone." She says. "Yeah." I whisper in her neck." She turns around a little so that she's facing me. "So?" "So what, Pet?" "Still sad? About the being alive thing." "Never been sad. Didn't know how to deal but I'm coping. Actually like it." "Good." Buffy says and brings her hand to my cheek. I turn my head a little and kiss her palm. "Love you." She whispers smiling lazily. "Love you, too." I kiss her then pull back a little. "Well, we've got the whole house to ourselves." She says grinning mischievously. "Care to come upstairs with me?" "Hmm...Slayer, think I like where your mind is going." She stand up and holds out her hand to me; I take it and pull her into my arms, kissing her softly. "Come on, Bleach Boy." She says dragging me upstairs.


~The end~



Comments: Well, that was funnier, again. I don't know where I'm going with the series and I'm absolouty not sure if  I'm continuing with the crossover thing. I guess the next few stories will be only BtVS but maybe I'll do another one with the X-Files. Who knows?!
Thanks to my beta mel again. She gave Spike the name Saunders. Said I should maybe write the name isn't mine. But since everything is...*lol*
Wel, have to tell that. There are this papers hanging around in my school about some theater play by a guy called James Saunders and that was after I picked out the name for Spike. I think that's a sign. Someone is trying to tell me something...creepy. *looooooooool*