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House "am Meer"("By the sea"):
Each of the three floors offers double and triple rooms which were recently renovated. It is designed for big families or close friends (designed for 8 people per floor). Each floor has a total area of 120m2 and includes three to four bedrooms (individually booking is also possible. Each floor has 3 bathrooms with toilet/WC, a 45 m2 marble covered terrace, a balcony, refrigerator, coffee machine, and cutlery.
You can enjoy an idyllic get-together on the spacious terrace, concealed by the luxuriant greens of palm plants and grape-vines climbing the balconies of the building. We ensure view over the sea is always left unhindered for you to enjoy. On the third floor, the natural plant life even provides large shady areas under which you can relax during the warm mid-day hours.

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Dear Guest,
We have arranged our guesthouses at the seaside with enthusiasm for you to enjoy the loveliest days of the year. Both houses are located in a tranquil resort town along the beaches of the Primorsko Peninsula.
Our family is happy to offer to you our hospitality in two houses which are situated in a small street just next to the coast. There are only 2-3 minutes by foot to the beach entrance and restaurants and about 5-10 minutes by foot to the shopping street downtown.
For more details and pictures please look at the German part of this website.

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"Villa Sea-View"
In this romantic building at the seashore we offer family suits, double, and triple rooms. Each of them has a separate bathroom and WC. The elegant marble terrace is for you to share with your neighbors. You have the opportunity to meet other of our guests and have a good time together in front of the fireplace either in our spacious lobby or on our sun terrace.
New in 2009: for your convenience we provide you also a kitchen in the first floor. Coffee machines, cutlery, refrigerators, and other amenities are available. There is also a small house library for you to relax and unwind. The courtyard and the sun terrace are inviting for a social get-togethers for a cozy barbeque or casual party out under the stars. You can enjoy the warm summer nights in front of the fire surrounded by palm plants, grapevines, fig trees as well as other Mediterranean plants which flourish here.

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geocities mirror Childrens price reduction:
untill 2 years - payless;
untill 6 years-payless after the 15-th of September;
untill 10 years-half accomodation price.
Only if children are in the parents room!
The use of refrigerator, coffemashine and blankits is inclusive.
Parking posibilitiy for cars.
Transfer from or to Bourgas (by request) max. 5 Pers - 45 Euro/vehicle. geocities mirror

Our rooms are sunlit and comfortable with a terrace over looking the sea. The furniture is mostly of natural materials to blend in perfectly with the untouched natural beauty of the bay. The balconies and staircases are covered with marble. From the large sun terrace, that includes a wood burning fireplace on top of Villa Sea View you can admire a one of a kind view of the sea and the neighboring peninsulas, the national Park, and Primorsko.
There is great deal of space in the shared courtyard where you can find plenty of parking space and a barbeque area. The golden beaches, town centre with plenty of boutiques and Mediterranean cuisine, and harbor are only a short walk away.

How to come to us?
It is very simple:
-Connect us for making reservation.
-Then book a two- way- flight- only to the Bourgas airport, which is situated 50 km from here and send us the information. We offer airport transferby request.
Arrivals by plane:

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Burgas Airport
Varna Airport
Bulgaria Air
Bulgarian Air Charter
German Wings
Sky Europe
Austrian Airlines
Please remind that we need a confirmation after booking your flight or organising your transportation to Primorsko otherwise, for example by bus or by car.

geocities archive The Resort Town of Primorsko:
Primorsko is a small resort town located on a picturesque peninsula approximately 65 kms south of Burgas Airport, on the warm southern edge of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The town is surrounded on both sides by golden beaches and sandy dunes.
There is a National Park in the countryside which is perfectly suited for hiking. Numerous sightseeing attractions both natural and man made are located in an area of 60 kms. There are also numerous places where you can go shopping for souvenirs, clothes, and electronics. The climate is excellent for enjoying nature. There are no industrial plants or manufacturing centers in the surrounding countryside which could spoil our refreshing ocean breezes, beaches, and landscape.
The Black Sea is known for its clean and clear water, safe for you and your family to enjoy. The underwater world is very interesting and exciting, you can enjoy fishing, snorkeling, or try some other water sports and underwater activities. The weather is perfect for sunbathing and swimming the whole season from May until October. The average temperature stays around 23-24C, and rarely rises above 32C.
There is a hospital in Primorsko and is well staffed with doctors and dentists. Pharmacies are located all around the town as well.
There are numerous restaurants in Primorsko. Many of them even have menus in English, German, Russian, and many other languages.
The grocery stores are open all day from around 6:30 AM till 10 PM. Other shops vary in their opening hours with a small lunch break.
Night Clubs
Primorsko is home to several night clubs and bars which play mostly contemporary pop and rock music. Drinks are usually cheap and the Bulgarian beer is known to be delicious as well.
We provide WiFi connection for free.
There are also several internet cafes open throughout the summer season. They are usually 24 hours open and include high speed internet connection.
Primorsko is a small town situated on the southern Black Sea Coast, 55km away from Bourgas and its airport.

The number of natives is about 2500.
Most of them have particular specialty of tourism and recreation business.
Young people prefer studying and working outwards, but just a small number of them misses the summertime in the home town.

It is a city with a well developed infrastructure:
The hospital is in the city center, behind the post office and has a good staff of specialist, speaking Russian or English.
A few private dentists will help you in need. The medical service has to be payed in cash.
A good internet connection is offered at many places.
For your car there are secured parking lots.
The town bus station is crowded in the summertime, but a shuttle bus takes you from the old to the new town.
We recommend you to visit the romantic pier of Primorsko and the hanging bridge at the South beach. There are lots of small clothes, souvenirs shops, bars, concentrated downtown.

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The disco clubs are in the suburbs.
The food shops are a little way regular allocated.

The old town, which is lying on the peninsula possess the most attractive and romantic family restaurants. The menus are translated in English, German, Czech, and Russian.

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On both of the 3 km-long sand beaches there are fast food restaurants and bars, so it's not necessary to leave it for lunch.
Here you are offered beach and sea attractions, such as volleyball playgrounds, sunshades, chaise-longues, jet-ski, water-wheels, kite-surf school and many others. Nearby there are charming villages and nature regions which still preserve the memories of past time.

The first settlements date back to the periods of Thrakes. They were the first pitmen, producing copper and dealing it with people of the Mediterranean region. In September 2003 archaeologists discovered near Primorkso the oldest Thrace stone sanctuary at the bulgarian Black Sea coast.

Then the Greek colonization came.
The Ourdoviza fortress, traces of which still can be found near by, was build at a crossroad of considerable strategic importance for the time.
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In the village of Yasna Poljana the followers of Leo Tolstoy (he wrote the novel Anna Karenina) have founded a colony of theirs.
Each year it becomes home to a national symposium of wood sculpture.

Summertime is the period of other significant events: the traditional photo- vacation, the evenings of Neptune, town festivals, open air concerts.

At the first weekend of September starts the international spare fishing championship.

So, we hope, this information makes you interested in our town.

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We will be glad to welcome you at our house.

Don't hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,

The Stoitschews

Fam. Petko & Benni Stoitschew,
Jeanette & Thomas
Primorsko 8180
Ropotamo Str.2
Tel.Fax.00359 550 3 2556
Please contact us in English via e-mail. [removed]

For more about Bulgaria: please click here.

Ferienwohnung & Ferienhaus von Privat - weltweit




Prices 2009 are the same like in the previous year!
House "am Meer":
10 Euro/Adult/Night;
Double room as Single room 15 Euro
July and August - 12 Euro/Adult/Night;
Double room as Single room 18 Euro;
Breakfast by request - 3 Euro/Day.
Transfer from or to Bourgas (by request) 5 Persons - 45Euro/vehicle.

Villa "Seeblick":
10 Euro/Adult/Night;
July and August - 12 Euro/Adult/Night
Double room as Single room 18 Euro;
Breakfast by request - 3 Euro/Day.
Transfer from or to Bourgas (by request) 5 Persons - 45Euro/vehicle.


Thank you for visiting our website! Fam. Petko & Beni Stoitschew, Bulgaria, 8180 Primorsko, Ropotamo-Str.2,Tel./Fax.:00359 550 3 2556,

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