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Pl. Catalunya - Reina Elisenda  7km, 13 stations (incl. L7)


PLAÇA CATALUNYA (1863 - 1929) - Huge central square built as a bridge between old and new town and obviously named after the country of which Barcelona is the Capital. There are actually 4 stations underground: L1, L3, the terminus station for the FGC urban and suburban lines (5 platforms) and a RENFE Suburban Rail station parallel to L1.

Plaça Catalunya © Jan Bartelsen

PROVENÇA (1882 - 1929) - Street named after Southern French region 'Provence'.

GRÀCIA (1863- 1929) - District of Barcelona

SANT GERVASI (1863 - 1929) - half of the district of Sarrià - Sant Gervasi (de Cassoles). Sant Gervasi was a Roman martyr in the 4th century.

L6 Sant Gervasi

MUNTANER (1908 - 1929) - Street dedicated to Ramon Muntaner, medieval Catalan chronicler in the 13/14th century.

BONANOVA (1887 - 1952) - Name of a neighborhood around Plaça Bonanova where you can find a parish church dedicated to the Virgin of 'Bonanova', which means 'good news', referring to the Gospel.

TRES TORRES (1863 - 1952) - Actualling meaning 'three towers or mansions', this name refers to a neighborhood built around three former manor houses.

L6 Tres Torres

SARRIÀ (1863 - 1974) - half district of Sarrià - Sant Gervasi; still preserves its village like character surrounded by wealthy neighborhoods.

L6 Sarrià

REINA ELISENDA (1976) - avenue named after Queen Elisenda de Moncada, Jaume II's wife, founder of the nearby convent of Pedralbes (1327).

L1 L2 L3 L4 L5 L6 L7 L8 L11

2004 © Robert Schwandl

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