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Paral.lel - Pep Ventura  13.1km, 17 stations

L2 Pep Ventura Line 2 Inside L2 train

PARAL.LEL - (1996) This avenue runs exactly parallel to the equator and situates Barcelona in one line with Rome and New York. Formerly this station was called "Pueblo Seco". Transfer point to L3 and bottom station of the Montjuïc funicular.

SANT ANTONI - (1995) Market place dedicated to Saint Anthony, now name of the whole neighborhood.

UNIVERSITAT - (1995) The 'old' University was built in 1874 by Elies Rogent just outside old Barcelona after the city walls were torn down. Before that there was a University like school on the upper part of the Rambla, popularly called 'Rambla d'Estudis'.

PASSEIG DE GRÀCIA - (1995) Central avenue connecting old Barcelona to the former village of Gràcia. Two of Gaudi's most famous buildings, Casa Batlló and Casa Milà (La Pedrera), among other modernist buildings, can be found along this avenue.

TETUAN - (1995) Square named after a town in Morroc, former Spanish colony.

MONUMENTAL - (1995) Nearby bull ring built in the mozarabic style.

SAGRADA FAMÍLIA - (1995) This temple is Antoni Gaudi's most important work in Barcelona (work started in 1882 and might be finished in ?)

L2 Sagrada Família

ENCANTS - (1997) Popular name for an outdoor market and jumble sale on Plaça de les Glòries, and a newer indoor market near the station.

CLOT - (1997) Old neighborhood meaning something like 'hiding place'. But it also means 'low area surrounded by hills', which could be applied here, as the first settlement was along the Rec Comtal canal.

BAC DE RODA - (1997) Street bearing the epithet of Francesc Macià i Ambert (+1713), who came from Roda de Ter (about 90 km north of Barcelona) and was a politician and fighter on the Catalan side against Felipe V.

SANT MARTÍ - (1997) Name of one of Barcelona's 10 city districts, former village 'Sant Martí de Provençals'.

LA PAU - (1997) see L4

VERNEDA - (1985) Neighborhood in the district of Sant Martí; the name means area with alder trees, probably along the Besòs river, but there are not many trees left today.

(until 2002: JOAN XXIII - (1985) Avenue in Badalona and Sant Adrià de Besòs named after Pope John XXIII (1958-1963).

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SANT ROC - (1985) New neighborhood in Badalona called after Saint Roc, a 14th century pilgrim who helped people suffering from the plague.

GORG - (1985) Popular name given to this neighborhood which means 'marsh' as the sea and the land are almost on the same level.

PEP VENTURA - (1985) Square in the city of Badalona dedicated to Josep Maria Ventura i Casas, who dedicated part of his life to the Sardana, the Catalan national dance, in the 19th century.

L2 Pep Ventura

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