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In May 1999, finally a new plan for metro and light rail lines in the Barcelona metropolitan area was approved by the ATM (Autoritat del Transport Metropolità), which includes some 50 km of new lines to be built within 10 years. Some new projects were added to the masterplan in spring 2002, and several projects have been modified:


will be extended from Fondo to Badalona Centre (L2) via Montigalà and from Feixa Llarga to Pl. Catalunya in El Prat de Llobregat (L9).


was extended in summer 2002, as originally planned, from La Pau to Pep Ventura instead of L4. It will then continue further north to Badalona Centre (L1) and Morera. From Morera a tram-type line will reach Can Ruti hospital. In the south it should reach the new fairgrounds (L9). Construction of the section Pep Ventura - Badalona Centre begins in autumn 2004 for completion in late 2006. This section is being built by cut-and-cover.


is being extended from its 2001 terminus at Canyelles to Trinitat Nova (L4). Construction began in Nov. 2003 for completion in late 2006.


will be extended from La Pau to the planned Sagrera AVE Railway Station (L9/10) and to Sagrera-Meridiana (L1, L5, L9/10). An additional station called Maresme opened in 2003. This station is located between Selva de Mar and Besòs Mar to serve the venue of the Forum of Cultures held in 2004.


will finally reach Vall d'Hebron (L3) via Carmel and Teixonera-Coll.

All 3 new stations will be among the deepest on the Barcelona metro network due to the mountainous relief of the area. Whereas the other two will lie some 30-40 m deep, Teixonera-Coll will be 70 m underground. Here an inclined elevator parallel to the escalators is planned. See construction photos here . Construction began in Nov. 2002 for completion in late 2006.

Along the existing line, between Collblanc and Pubilla Cases, a new station will be built, called Cardenal Reig, which will provide transfer to the Trambaix.


no imminent plans


no imminent plans


The Metro del Baix Llobregat (FGC line terminating at Plaça Espanya) will be extended into the city centre via Hospital Clínic to Plaça Francesc Macià and eventually to Gràcia where it might get connected to line L7 Av. Tibidabo. A newly created line L8 will serve the urban stretch like a metro.


The master plan includes a new line, which will run like a semicircle line from the airport and Passeig de la Zona Franca to Maria Cristina, further on to Sarrià and Lesseps and via Guinardó and Sagrera Meridiana to the planned Sagrera AVE Railway Station. Then north to Bon Pastor and under the Besós river splitting into two branches, one to Santa Coloma (Can Zam) and one to Badalona (Gorg - L2). Construction from Sagrera-Meridiana (L1, L5) north to Can Zam and Gorg began in late 2001. L9/10 is being excavated by tunnel boring machines at great depth, with a 12m diameter tunnel, which allows trains to run on top of each other. Also stations will be located inside this tunnel and be accessible by elevators. The Zona Franca leg in the south will be elevated. The first section of this 43km long line could be opened in 2005 from Fondo to Can Zam. (More details here).

Update 25/05/2004:
- tunnelling is advancing faster than expected, tunnels bored between Can Zam and Fondo (2.1km) and from Gorg to the junction (1.4km); all stations except Santa Rosa are under construction; Onze de Setembre and Sagrera-TGV are still in preliminary stage, as they are linked to the overall project of the Sagrera Railway Station and will be built together with the L4 extension. But the line won't open until 2006 because Alstom is unable to deliver the trains on time, because of their financial crisis. The first 6 trains were scheduled to arrive in late 2004 for trial service for automatic operation, the next 24 for opening in 2005, and the remaining 20 in 2006 for completion of the 43km line L9/L10. Now the first trains will only arrive in late 2005! These trains will not be bought by ATM or TMB, but leased from a bank consortium consisting of La Caixa, Cajamadrid, Société Générale and the Institut Català de Finances. Apart from the initial section, works have begun at the left Llobregat banks, in El Prat, carrer A in Zona Franca, and the stations at Lesseps, Amadeu Torner and Guinardó.


see L9


Project completed


In May 2003, details for a new link from Sarrià (FGC, L9) to Castelldefels via Sant Boi and Cornellà were published. After long discussions a mostly underground route was chosen, which will 26km long with 23 stations. The line will incorporate the current stretch of line L6 from Sarrià to Reina Elisenda, and should be finished by 2008. See detailed map (taken from

Metros in SpainOutside Barcelona, in Terrassa and Sabadell, both FGC branches (S1 and S2 of the Metro del Vallès) will be extended underground with 3 stations each to improve service in these populous towns.

A modern tram is now being implemented along the Diagonal Avenue to Esplugues, Cornellà and Sant Joan Despí (Trambaix, opened 3 April 2004). More tram lines are being built from Barcelona (Estació del Nord) to Sant Adrià de Besòs (Trambesòs, opened May 2004).

Along the existing line from Pl. Espanya to Martorell a new intermodal station was built at Quatre Camins (between Sant Vicenç dels Horts and Pallejà).

Although this plan will be the official guideline for the development of the rapid transit network in Barcelona, only the future will show whether politicians stick to it. A very similar plan was already approved in 1971 for the following 8 years to create a network of 111km and 142 stations. 30 years later, the Barcelona Metro has reached 83.5 km. Click here to see the 1971 Metro Plan.

The ATM Site might have some more details.

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