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Hauturu -- Little Barrier Island
the island is a protected nature reserve since100 years

captain Lionel, who brought us here

the island-girl Natasha

the misty summit panorama

a board-walk through native forest

and some more images from a memorable stay

compared to Hauturu the rest of New Zealand looks like an ecological disaster (it is!), raped and devastated. Cats and dogs, stoats and weasels, rats and weeds, greed and megalomania made New Zealand into a doleful place.

You may want to check out the New Zealand bird-song library, they also have more Little Barrier pages... BUT BEWARE! not good for low bandwidth surfers, ugly and confused, barely informative, framed and with annoying technical hitches, (you can't turn off the sound, when you want to see the pictures), it is a mixed bunch.

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