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Norbert's ramblings about his worries for the future of our world.

Did you hear about the dike in bangladesh?  ... the president's billion dollar project, world-bank financed madness....   now Dakkar is under water during monsoon rain, because waters can't go anywhere.

I just saw a shocking docu about that ... on PHOENIX the "No adverts -- No banal fiction -- only documentary galore" TV-channel in Germany (this channel is such a relief!) ... The broadcast was entitled: "Nach uns die Sintflut" (After us .. the great flood ... in other words: "What do we care about the time when we are long dead".)
WE WESTERNERS ARE REAL CRIMINALS ... in what we do to the climate. There are lots and lots of REALLY nice people in Bangladesh... we fat and lethargic westerners seem like such bowsers... destroying the climate with all our gases .... man... it was heartbraking to see the waste in the USA on my recent travel there.... utter spiritual zombie-land. These people are so dependant on their gas gussling cars... and are not happy at all... its such a massive crime.

May 1998 in Germany ... 30 degrees every day... unheard of temperatures in early May. .... maybe global warming gets worse than we thought. Certainly the USA is contributing like no other....  Even on my stop-over in San Fran I have seen sooo many gaz guzzling cars.... and very cheap petrol indeed. Seems no-one in the USA can survive a day without a car.

100,000 iraqis had to be slaughtered for cheap oil.

On my recent transcontinental flight I saw very, very brown skies .... from all the pollution and NOx ... its truely on a global scale.  It makes me sick thinking that we westerners are killing our planet and don't have the guts to do anything about it. Helen Sharman describes the "greyed snow" as seen from orbit... and the incredible opaque layer of air-pollution over the northern hemisphere. I even heard that one kosmonaut, who flew around earth again many years later, described the visual difference. Clear skies then, and hazy atmosphere now. On what magnitude must this take place if it is that visible? Where are the photos? anyone?
July/August 1998: incredible temperatures. July1998 was by far the hottest month worldwide, since the beginning of temperature measurements. US Vice-Pres Gore presented us with these facts. Yet his country is by far the worst polluter on earth. Floods in China, Korea, droughts in other parts of China, Africa ... looks like we have to switch over to NON-GAS-EMITTING machines very very soon.