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On 11sep 1998 I saw a little report (for children) on CNN about the reduced visibility in the Smoky Mountians. The cause being the incredibly high air-pollution in the USA.
Here the last bit (1min13seconds) of that Report in VQF Audio.
The haze (airpollution) reduces visibility.
Normally one should be able to see for a hundred miles or more, but with air-pollution it's 10 at best.
And here is the second report (audio here)... a real weak piece of journalism. Instead of showing  airpollution which is so extremely obvious to the half-witted, pathetic Natalie Pawelski focussed on what excites people, cockroaches.
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 The thrid report is supposed to show what people are doing to prevent air-pollution. I expect ingenius US-American propaganda... with no effect on air-pollution. I don't know whether I shall bother to tape it.

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