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Talking to Edgar Allan Poe



Hey Edgar, I’ve got news for you

One of which will make you rejoice

The bad thing is message number two…

Could you please stop this raven here make all that noise?


And, mate, you know it’s not that healthy

To drink booze all through the night

Besides, it’s expensive, and you are not wealthy

Twenty more bottles couldn’t make you feel right


Oh please! Spare me your Annabel Lee!

Yeah…gorgeous…I know, but she will not return

You yourself told me she died down by the sea

You’re boozing, you’re dreaming, but you don’t seem to learn


Alright, here’s my first message to you:

There IS balm in Gilead indeed!

Oh yeah, I’m not joking, it is all true

And it is a remedy, just what you need


My second revelation is this:

It will never be yours to reach!

Each one of you grabs for it will miss

You’ll soon bite the dust and your bones will bleach

Rotting in the streets you’ll lie

Lonely and forsaken you’ll die

Just wanted to tell you this, good – bye.