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the grauen beginns

here is the story. Exactly the frist chapter. We warned you, let the madness begin... Warning: As yet no one made it to read more than half a page of the first chapter as everyone either nearly died of laughter or had to vomit...

FINAL Revised and Proofread Edition, as of September 05th, 2003


To Be Shared among All Members: My Birthday Present to Gillian Anderson !!

Here it is, as promised, my present to Gillian Anderson on her 35th birthday, August 09th, this Saturday, and to be shared internally and exclusively amongst all of our Gillian Group�s members.

Before telling you about it, I�d like to remind you that our Gillian Group�s name has changed. It used to be �Gillian_BeforeAndAfter_TheX-Files,� but is now �The_Hot_and_Naughty_Gillian_Anderson.� I think the new name is more fitting for The Gorgeous & Delicious Gillian.

My huge and naughty birthday gift is appended below. Instead of sending it as an attachment to this e-mail, I�ve opted to integrate it into the actual body of this message, since Yahoo! has been doing some strange things lately with the e-mail attachments sent to the millions of members of its hundreds-of-thousands of groups, including this Gillian Group.

What is this �huge and naughty birthday gift?� Simply put, it is an Erotic, Fan-Fictional Novelette.

I spent the last ten days of July and the first week of August feverishly working on it, trying to get it done in time for Gillian�s birthday, and also trying to make it exactly 35 pages long, 255 KBs (in honor of Gillian�s 35th), which I discovered was an extremely difficult proposition. (I worked straight through the night, once in July and twice this past week.) The erotic novelette has also been uploaded into the very top of the FILES section of my Gillian Group

Although I have been compiling in a blue, shirt-pocket-sized notebook little terms and phrases about my thoughts and feelings regarding �The Hot and Naughty Gillian Anderson� for just shy of a full decade now, I never actually sat down and attempted to write an erotic short story about her until just now. The novelette will comprise the large Appendix section in the �unauthorized� biography I am currently still researching and writing (only about one-third complete) on Her Erotic Highness, Gillian Anderson. (A very close, married ex-girlfriend of mine at Simon & Schuster headquarters here in New York City has expressed definite interest in it, and is constantly badgering me to �Finish it, already!�)

But firstly, before going any further, I must request that if you, yourself, do not care for erotic literature, if it�s not your cup of tea, if it�s not up your alley, if it�s not in your ballpark, please just simply delete this e-mail from your Inbox and go about your business, carefree in the notion that I understand and realize that everyone has their own opinions about what constitutes good literature. Trust me, no hard feelings.

Also, since the erotic novelette that I�ve written is �ADULT� in nature, please, it is NOT my intention for anyone younger than 18 years of age to be reading it. My sending this e-mail to the members of my Gillian Group should circumvent anyone younger than 18 getting it, since, to become a member of my Gillian Group, everyone must first click on a pledge that says they are older than 18 and that they understand that my Gillian Group and that many things that are discussed or distributed therein, such as pic images and/or textual material, are of an adult nature. So, please, do not share my erotic Gillian novelette with anyone younger than 18.

That much having been said, I gotta say, writing is one helluva difficult job. I don�t know how Chris Carter, Frank Spotnitz, Vince Gilligan, John Shiban, et al., kept at it year after year, tap-tap-tapping while humped over their word processors, for close to a decade, which also included not just �The X-Files,� but also �Harsh Realm� and �The Lone Gunmen.� However, I guess the tens of millions of dollars they made helped sweeten the pot a little. (Wink, wink.) Whereas, in my case, I haven�t seen a penny for the erotic novelette appended below. 

(Of course, that�ll probably become a different eventuality when it comes time to publish my unauthorized biography on Gillian. Hmmm � will I be at my favorite bookstore signing autographs? And while I still have that exciting image in my mind, will Gillian Anderson, herself, be the next person on line when I look up from my finger-cramped hand? Ahhh � perchance to dream.)

Back to serious business: I�ve entitled my erotic, fan-fictional novelette �An Enchanting Evening with Gillian Anderson.� I got the idea from the old-time classic song, �Some Enchanting Evening,� from Rodgers and Hammerstein�s classic �South Pacific,� that, perhaps, my grandfather might have sung to his girlfriend back in the day. The lyrics go on to sing, �When you find your true love.� When I heard it sung in one of those old, classic movies on TV on a lazy Sunday afternoon, I immediately thought of Gillian. (I kept the thought to myself at that moment, though, since I was laying in bed with my current girlfriend. Even though the previous day she had admitted to me that she gets �moist� every time she sees George Clooney on TV, I kept my mouth shut about Gillian. I ain�t stupid!!)

The setting of the novelette is somewhere in the U.K., a few years into the future, just a week before the next �X-Files� movie sequel is scheduled to start shooting. That is why Gillian�s hair is back to being the fiery red mane it was during the show�s tenure. The characters, beside Gillian Anderson, of course, are David Duchovny, Mitch Pileggi, Carmen Electra, and Cindy Margolis. I�ve incorporated myself into the erotic story as Gillian�s young, medical-school-graduate, bodybuilder boyfriend, Bobby Diaz.

As warned above, my erotic fan-fictional novelette, although well-written (if I do say so myself) is very sexually explicit. If you do not care for such material, please just delete this e-mail, and live and let live by allowing this Gillian Group�s other members the opportunity to enjoy reading it.

I found writing it to be extremely arduous, more exhausting, in fact, than if I had actually participated in the naughty high-jinks depicted therein. I endeavored to build a credible storyline, a sequential plot, and I also developed the characters, themselves. If you do choose to read it, you will find intriguing internal conflicts and character inter-dynamics, lots and lots of humorous dialogue, as well as outrageously explicit sex. And, although, it is the length of a standard novelette, I�ve broken it up into 16 Chapters (each, on the average, a little more than two pages in length), so the reader can pause in between, catch his/her breath, go do what they gotta do behind closed doors, and then come back to the incandescent pages.

A word on the actual reading of my novelette: I�ve discovered that trying to read a lot of textual material while online can be very hard on one�s eyes. In fact, that�s why I, myself, need glasses nowadays. So, as to avoid any visual discomfort, I would like to suggest to you to simply print up this e-mail in its entirety (about 37 pages, if on the toolbar you choose View > Text Size > Smallest). That way, reading it from first page to last won�t strain your eyes. Plus, having it in hardcopy form will allow you to roll up the crisp pages and carry them with you on vacation, or just sun tanning at the beach or park. Or, you can choose to read it at night in bed, out loud, to your lover, and watch the sparks fly! (Something tells me that a lot of those pages will accidentally be getting smeared with a liberal helping of K-Y Jelly!)

My novelette is a work of fiction. However, as in governmental disinformation, where a few actual, concrete facts may be buried under a mountain of lies and deceit, thereby bestowing upon the whole a more credible gestalt, I have also inextricably woven actual facts about Gillian Anderson and her career on �The X-Files� into the very fabric of the fictional tapestry. To find these bon mots, though, these little factual nuggets of interesting information, you�ll have to read every line of every paragraph of every page. The more diligent and astute among you will scavenge successfully and discover most, perhaps all, of them. Happy hunting!

After reading the novelette, I would definitely like to hear your comments, especially about which part was your favorite. You will, of course, first need to be a member of our Group. 

And now, without further adieu, it would be my honor and privilege to present to you my humble opus, �An Enchanting Evening with Gillian Anderson.�



The Author of this erotic fan-fictional novelette, Bobby Diaz (a/k/a Gillianlaphile), wishes to assert that no character depicted herein would actually behave in the manner described. Again, this is a work of fiction, and is to be read as such for entertainment purposes only. This is copyrighted material, scheduled to appear in an upcoming �unauthorized� biography about Gillian Anderson, also to be written by Bobby Diaz, and must not be photocopied or reproduced by any means, whatsoever, without the expressed permission of said author. Also, as it is classified as adult literature, it is the expressed wish of the Author that this literary work not be shown to anyone under 18 years of age. Again, it is not the intention of this Author for this literary work to be distributed to anyone under the age of 18.


An Enchanting Evening with Gillian Anderson


Chapter One:

Gillian Anderson, the most beautiful and erotically-charged woman in the world, blushed a little as she looked at her reflection in her bedroom wall-to-wall, ceiling-to-floor mirror. She was almost finished putting on the costume that she was going to wear that evening at the theme party she and her newest boyfriend, Bobby Diaz, were hosting, scheduled to start promptly at 8 o�clock. The theme for the social event was to come dressed as your favorite porn film character type. Gillian�s personal choice was an extremely revealing French maid outfit. She had ordered it online over a week prior, and luckily it had arrived just in time earlier that morning.

Gillian nervously looked behind her at the clock on her nightstand. 7:23 p.m. �Good,� she thought to herself, �I still have plenty of time. But where�s Bobby? He was supposed to help me set the dinner table. Typical male. If it weren�t for his good looks, muscles, sense of humor, and nine inches, I would�ve kicked him to the curb a long time ago. Along with the dozens and dozens of my sorry ex�s.�

As she continued with her musings, Gillian dreamily went back to casually checking herself out in the mirror. So far, she had put on her black fishnet stockings with a rear seam that ran vertically up the back of her silky and curvy legs. As she continued with her musings, Gillian dreamily went back to casually checking herself out in the mirror. So far, she had put on her black fishnet stockings with a rear seam that ran vertically up the back of her silky and curvy legs. �Téa Leone,eat your heart out, eat your heart out,� she pouted out loud. Her stockings were held two-thirds of the way up her creamy thighs by the four suspenders of her outfit�s mandatory black 

garterbelt. She had also slipped her tasty and highly suckable toes into a pair of five-inch Stiletto heels. The actual maid�s dress, made of lycra-spandex, was so sinfully small and tight, it had taken her several minutes to squeeze and wiggle her tiny and luscious body into it. The hem of the outrageously short, black-and-white dress was a full three inches above the bottom curves of her ass cheeks, tantalizingly revealing them in all their shining glory. And, in the front, the small satiny triangle of the skimpy black bikini panties that she wore over her garterbelt could easily be seen. The white apron, cinched at the waist, was only one-quarter the size of a standard men�s handkerchief and didn�t even come close to covering her little cookie. Instead of wearing the Playboy-Bunny-type bowtie that came with the outfit, Gillian opted to wear a studded fetish dog-collar around her neck. The most scandalous feature about the outfit, though, were the two circular holes that had been cut out of the chest-area of the dress where a woman�s breasts would normally be covered. The idea behind that was so that the woman wearing the outfit would be forced to jut her breasts out through the two holes, thereby allowing them to be totally exposed.

�Of course, I can�t greet my guests tonight with my tits flopping out like this,� she prudently observed, as she slowly and admiringly turned and posed in front of her mirror. �I�ll just have to wear my sheer black bra over the top here. It�s very see-through, but at least it�ll give me a certain measure of attempted modesty. Not much, but a little. Tee, hee.� After selecting the bra from her bureau drawer that was purposely two-sizes too small, so as to crunch her 40D tits together and make them plump over the top of the cups, Gillian stood and surveyed her scrumptiously naughty ensemble. The breast implants that she had gotten over the winter were her new pride and joy. As she looked at her large, augmented-but-supple breasts, it was as if she heard a little voice sinfully beckoning her to take the bra back off and touch them, just a little, just to remind her what they felt like, still being relatively new, and all.

Suddenly, Gillian felt the familiar falling sensation deep in her belly and fluttering along her loins like a moth�s gossamer wings, signaling desire, desire that would not allow itself to be denied. No how, no way. She looked over at the clock. 7:26 p.m. If she wanted to, she still had plenty of time. Pretending to not have made the decision already to play with herself, Gillian whispered, �I�ll just look at my puppies a little more. That�s all. Just to see.� She unhooked her bra and let it fall to the deep-pile carpeting. Slowly, Gillian raised her hands to her mammoth mammaries and cupped each one, proudly feeling the jiggling heft of each. Then she started fondling each one until her long and finely manicured fingernails brushed across her nipples, causing them to instantly become as large and turgid as bullets. Seeing them so proudly erect and yearning to be suckled, she reached over and simultaneously tweaked them, first hesitantly and softly, and then hard and unforgivingly, causing her to yelp out in pain. She loved having her nipples tweaked, and purred with satisfaction as the self-inflicted pain burned quickly, and then slowly glowed deeply into the prolate spheroid orbs of her breasts. She tweaked her nipples again, even harder than before, and the hot little redhead cried out, scaring herself. Each further tweak (�purple-nurpples� they used to call them when she was a teenager) built up the glow and fanned the fire, until Gillian�s entire chest was oozing with pulsating heat.

Gillian�s legs were starting to quiver, so she took a few unsteady steps back to her king-sized bed. Her maid�s dress was too tight, though, so with each step, the hem automatically rode higher and higher up her full and curvaceous hips until finally binding up at her waistline. Sitting on its very edge and balancing herself with one hand on the bed, Gillian once again gazed self-lovingly at her reflection in the mirror, as her free hand started its short journey down from her breasts to her tiny, string bikini panties. �No wonder millions of men the world-over fantasize about me when they�re masturbating -- or fucking their fat ugly wives,� she panted to herself. �When I look in the mirror, even I can�t help reaching out to play with myself!� The sexual cravings engulfed her body and her eyes rolled back as she felt her entire being deliciously surrendering to the irresistible force.

Sliding her long, slender fingers under her black satiny panties, seeking out the heat between her legs, Gillian cupped her mons pubis and felt its quickening pulse. A sensual smile played on her radiant, gorgeous face as Gillian began pleasuring herself. Slowly, at first, she started to knead her moistening cunt. She pulled the cotton hygiene panel of her panties to the side, and happily saw that her cunt-lips were blossoming and weeping in their unbridled excitement. Gillian started to caress her madly sensitive clit, and then continued rubbing her vulva harder and harder, faster and faster, until her hand was a fuzzy blur over her pussy. She let out mews and moans of utter delight. Her inner thighs, just above her stockings, were glistening with her own spilled honey that bubbled and dribbled from her open cunt. Gillian pressed even harder on her wildly throbbing love button as the mounting pleasure continued washing over her in a concentric series of hot, pulsing waves. Every fiber in her being tingled with pleasure. In the midst of it all, Gillian noticed that the comforter on the bed she was perched on was slowly-but-surely collecting a wet, sloppy puddle of her pussy juice, but she didn�t care. Gillian was lost to everything but the fierce need inside her seething cunt. She slithered two, then three, and finally four fingers into her open, sodden pussy and proceeded to feverishly pump her scaldingly hot vagina. She was masturbating so forcefully that her juicy plump vulva started issuing forth audible little squishing sounds heralding that her orgasm was just seconds away. Her clitoris sang and sighed with deep yearning as it throbbed on the verge of bursting. �Oh, God,� Gillian shouted to her own reflection in the mirror, �I�m gonna cum, yes, you beautiful bitch, I�m gonna cum � I�m almost there � sweet Jesus � Oh, God! Oh, God!�

And then, the unthinkable happened: The doorbell rang!

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