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Q: Okay, what is this all about?

A: This page conforms against a text, regrettably called “fan fiction”, which is about Gillian Anderson. We think that this story is absolutely distasteful and it is simply a shame that someone abuses Gillian for such a crap.
It would be nice if you could help us in turning to the author to tell him your opinion about his story. Above all his more than ridiculous biography must never become public.

Q: Who?

A: Bobby Diaz aka Victoira Courtesan aka "Scripta Veritas". Yea, the guy, who has spammed all your YAHOO inboxes, with this crap, he prefers to call as "literature"

Q: Who are you?

A: We are a couple of Gillian Anderson fans that want to prevent that Mr. Diaz keeps spreading rumours about Ms. Andersom.

Q: What is the story about?

A: Mr. Diaz writes in his story, that he is the bodybiulding boy friend of Ms. Anderson. In his story Mr. Diaz gives himself the "decent" penis length of 9 inch. The 16 chapters are dealing with different descriptions of sexual practices, including some, which,  physical, are not practivable. He reduces Ms. Anderson to stubid sex bimbo, which only exist to satisfy his lust. He also describes David Duchovny as a "Typical rich, spoiled brat"
who undeservedly gained the cast as Fox Mulder.
Mr. Diaz also spammed every! x-files realated YAHOO group spreading the rumour, X-Files creator Chris Carter is the father of Piper Maru Anderson.

Q: Okay, this guy is serious disturbed, but that will not harm anybody, don`t it?

A:it wouldn`t be if he only spread ths crap on the internet, but Mr. Diaz proclaimed, that he is going to release an "Unofficial" biogaphy about Gillian Anderson at Simon & Schuster.

Q: What have you reached until now?

A: We closed down his first YAHOO group and his first MSN group. At the moment he is running another MSN group with very little content.

Q: Argh, can`t we stop this jerk?

A: Wer are working on it, but we need your help.