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To be chosen to be a featured dancer, on stage, TV, video or any professional capacity of note is tough! The competition is fierce, it takes ambition, total dedication, hours of training everyday, keeping fit, good looks, good bodies, discipline, pain, bruises, and as if that is not enough!
Disappointments, sprained or broken limbs, endless smiling no matter what, the show must go on. Then just maybe, getting the right break and being chosen for a large stage show, a famous video shoot or a TV show with one of the stars that need the best dancers around. Not as glamorous as one may think. And certainly not for the faint hearted.
Shelina Gallacher, Keely Malone, and Fiona Florczac are three ladies who have achieved all of the above, and I thought you might like a little insight of what their lives have been like since they all decided to become dancers as little girls.
Take a trip with Tsutomu and me before and during a live show with Blue in Osaka Japan.

Question 1
What age did you start dancing?
Answer: Three years old ballet and tap

Question 2
When did you become a professional dancer?
Answer: 17 while I was at college

Question 3
What was the first professional job you danced on?
Answer: Pantomime

Question 4
Which famous artists have you worked with?
Answer: Blue, Danni Minogue, Lisa Scott Lee (Steps)

Question 5
What projects are you working on for the rest of the year?
Answer: So far still with Blue and also my music project.

Question 6
What ambitions do you still have that you want to fulfil, either dancing or any other aspects of the music business?
Answer: Stevie says I have a great singing voice so I will be spending a lot of time in the studio when I get back to England

Question 7
What are the funniest memories you have while performing on stage?
Answer: Last tour date in the UK with Blue in Manchester we had a food fight on stage between dancers and the Blue boys, very funny.

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