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After the accident in Black Mesa the US government decidet to send soldiers to the science lab to kill everyone (and everything) who knew too much. After a while the US government realized, that there even come more and more alines out of the teleports. So they evacuated īeir soldiers. But some of them had seen things which it where better they hadnīt seen. One of them was Corporal Adrian Shepard. US government guys know a lot about xen but the one thing which the fewest know is the big prison and sience complex. Itīs really human-like to tell others things which are forbidden to tell isnīt it? So Shepard got arrested there.

Then the most Army guys, which Shepard had evacuated from black mesa on his own wondered where he could be. A cracker (and ex-marine) hacked the government computers and found out where shepard was. So these Army guys founded an organistation whichīs plan was to rescure Ardian Shepard.

Now the player starts as Shepard and wonīt believe his eyes...

- by Gunshine