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In our MP mode there are Marines (the US military forces) against aliens (NOT these of HalfLife and NOT the ones of AvsP2 (Alien versus Pretator 2). They are brand new aliens. There are more character classes in both teams aviable. The difference between the CL of the aliens are just Weapons, armor, speed, damage, health, abilitys (like flying or making itself invisible). But the marines have guys like sniper, medic, private, enigineer... which can buy additonal weapons and stuff like nightvisions... but you can just carry 8kg! This works with a "gettin´money system" if you hit an alien you get money. If you kill an alien you get more money. If you solve a quest (like turing on a generator to make it possible to use something) even the whole team gets a lot of money (but u get more >>8))) Aliens just get stonger, faster......maybe they get an ability you´ve never seen....who knows?
If someone dies, he loses his weapons or abilities and starts like any other guy who just joined the game. But he doesn´t lose his money!
It´s no round-based multiplayer game but we found a way how to make players to protect their lifes carefully: Marines start in a Military base and aliens start on xen. The Marines enter the battlefield with a helicopter. So they have to wait for one. In this time they can buy weapons... it´s "We need assistance" like ;)
Aliens just have to go through the teleporter (attantion: there are more than one places where the teleporter can take you to!) One some battlefields (of course only if marines attack) there are more drop zones. So if you take some time to invase them, the ms will be dropped nearer the finish. BUT: of course they lose some time. So... protect ya life like it was your own ;)
Medics are very impaotaint in OBT! If a soldier gets hit, he bleeds and he can bandage himself. Of course Medics can do this faster! As an addition medics can heal you! So you "feel" like you had never been hit. Medics get money for helping soldiers and of course they can hold still better than privates or ingeneers. So they can also good handle with sniper guns.. but not as well as snipers ;) ...
so I think now you know what the MP mode is about and we all wish you a lot of fun when it is released!