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The Coptic Museum in Cairo

 and Coptic Art Collection worldwide

The Fleight of the Holy Family to Egypt

( Paint, linen attached to wood, 18th Centhury )

A Complete Book of Prayers ( Parchment, 10th-11th Century ) 

The Book of the Four Gospels ( 1220 AD )


Gospel Casket ( Silver, Wood, Glass 1424 AD )

Altar ( Pine Wood, 5th Century )

Visit of St. Anthony (left) to St Paul ( Painted Wood, 1777 AD )

Angel Gabriel ( Paint,1709 )

Ceremony and Hymns Book of the Passion Week ( in Coptic and Arabic, 1630 )

Manuscript in Coptic

Imprints in Coptic

Panel ( Wood, 6th-7th Century )

Toys ( Wood, 5th-7th Century )

Relief on a door  with 2 leaves ( 240*107 cm each, Sycame and Pine Wood, 4th-5th Century )

Earrings ( Gold, 4th Century)

Water Jug ( Pottery, 6th Centhury )

Water Jug ( Pottery, light clay, 3rd-4th Century )

Storage Jar  ( Pottery, 7th Century )

Comb with the Story of Lazarus ( Ivory, 6th Century )

Curtain Fragment ? ( Linen with Wool, 6th-7th Century )

Tunic ( 8th- 10th Century )




Coptic Textil Collection


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