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Crimp the game

A freeware c64 game
Release: 2005/04/01


For short - the aim of the game:

Crimp is a 2d shooter for the c64.
Two player fight each other with their hovercrafts on 8 different areas.
The aim of the game is to hit your opponent most often with plasma units and to win in most areas possible. Though being simple in game principle I think it makes a lot of fun.
In addition quite cool animated overlay sprites are being used...

So much fun...

Some screenshots ...

Credits :

Coding: Robert Pätzmann
Grafix: Hildebrand Müller
Music: Ari Pekka Paljakka

How to use c64 programs these days?
There are in pricipal two possibilities

1. You can download an (free) emulator. An emulator is a (PC) program with which you can simulate an old computer. One of the best c64 emulators is
VICE. A '.d64' file represents a c64 disk for that matter.

2. You can connect a PC and a c64 floppy drive with a special x1541 cable (purchased or self-made). You can then transfer a '.d64' file with the help of the program Starcommander to a 5"1/4 disk which is directly usable on a c64 system.
Here is a manual.

Have a lot of fun !

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