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# 1. August 2003 #
No "big" Daniel news these days... but Daniel is on tour in Germany now... more tour details also see in the tour section.

I (the webmistress) will be on vacations during the next 1 and a half weeks, so I won't be able to answer your emails and
can't update this page during that time. Sorry for that...   see you later!  byyyyeee!  :)

# 6.July 2003 #

First of all, sorry for not updating this site that often...
Yesterday was a "Daniel-day" on German TV... 4 different channels had shows with Daniel as a guest!!!
One of those shows was even an 30-minutes special with Daniel-only!! Daniel showed us his fave place in the forrests of Eggenfelden,
visited his family, showed us the "love bridge" in Eggenfelden where he had a date with a girl a few years ago.
Too sad that I cannot really share this with non-German fans because Daniel is famous for his charming "Küblböck-German".
It's impossible to translate it into English. I only can repeat what he ment with his words but I can't quote him in English. Impossible!
Daniel even revealed that he has a little crush on a girl right now but he's not in love... it's just a little bit swarming. He said the
girl had more feelings for him. And he continued 'maybe there'll be more' but he wants to wait and listen to his voice inside....
He wants to wait for the real love.  (awww, how cute)  Of course Daniel didn't uncover the girl's identity... I wish them both luck. :)
Another news: Daniel's debut album "Positive Energie" was sold more than 250,000 times in its first week in Germany and
that means it has gold-status already!!!  Congratulations to our Dani!
here are a few pics from all yesterday's TV shows!!! :-)

# 14.June 2003 #
Dani's album will be released in 2 days (I had it in my mail this morning already ^_^) so I completed
the album info site... now you can find all lyrics to the songs in the section (see here).

Daniel now is on a cruising  (the red route cara 3, see pic below) with a German TV team of the channel RTL2 during the next week!
Here is the time table of this event (thanks to Lin at the official message board for all those infos!!) :

Friday, 13. June:
departure at 10 pm from Dubrovnik/Croatia

Saturday, 14. June:
the whole day at sea

Sunday, 15. June:
cruising stop, 8 am arrival in Corinth/Greece, departure at 6 pm

Monday, 16. June:
crusing stop, 8 am arrival in Korfu/Greece, departure at 6 pm

Tuesday, 17. June:
the whole day at sea

Wednesday, 18. June:
cruising stop, 9 am arrival in Venice/Italy, departure at 7 pm

Thursday, 19. June:
cruising stop, 2 pm arrival in Korcula/Croatia, departure at 8 pm

Friday, 20. June:
Ankunft in Dubrovnik um 7:00 Uhr.
arrival in Dubrovnik/Croatia at 7 am. 


# 7.June 2003 #
Because the name Daniel K. is already taken by a small German fashion boutique that already exists for 20 years,
Daniel's public name will change from Daniel K. to his real name Daniel Küblböck from now on!
That's also why I changed the name of my website now.
Daniel's first 2 solo singles were released under the name "Daniel K." but his album that will be released in
a week will be under "Daniel Küblböck" and also his future singles will... 
I hope this makes the recent name chaos at amazon, yahoo etc. clearer... *hugs*

# 4.June 2003 #
Well, now they report that "Positive Energie" will come out on June 16th... 
seems that the record company themselve don't know the release date! LOOOOL! 
You can listen to 30-seconds snippets from every song on the new album on this website (click here).
(you'll need the newest RealOne-Player to play those files!)
If you listen to the songs you'll notice that he 100% does his own thing... 
..... rock, pop, oldies... everything is on it. Daniel does whatever he likes to do!    Go, Dani, go! :)

# 28.May 2003 #
The release date of Daniel's debut album "Positive Energie" was put forward to June 10th!!!
You can also find the tracklist in my discography section now!  Here's the direct link.


# 27.May 2003 #
Daniel got his first award. Not for his talent as an artist
but he became "Brillenträger (Wearer of glasses) 2003".
I translated one German article:


From "Superstar" to "Glasses-wearer 2003"

The lower-Bavarian "Superstar"-contestant
Daniel Küblböck is "Glasses-wearer of the Year".
The board of trustess "Gutes Sehen (Good Seeing)"
honoured the Eggenfeldener on Monday in Cologne
with this title, because he's a "real glasses-personality"
with a face "that isn't imaginable without the
trademark-glasses". Küblböck specially concisely
accented his personal style with the glasses.
His example shows that "wearing glasses is fun and brings sympathy".

Daniel's vision problem was found when he was
12 years old, says the lower-Bavarian.
"Then I was wearing contact lenses because they told
me at school that the glasses don't fit to me."
But now he loves his visual aid: "I found glasses that fit
to me and I stand out with them.
Today I'm wearing glasses because they belong to me."

He bought his current glasses for € 250 (about US$ 250) in Eggenfelden. For public events Küblböck has
2 models [one in dark red, one in dark green; comment by the webmistress]. He additionally wears 10 other models
and sun glasses in his private time: "They are in fact very garish." Mostly proud he is about the fact
that he made it on many title pages with his glasses: "Many publishers don't want to work with glasses-wearers."

# 15.May 2003 #

Today was the premiere of Daniel's new music video "Heartbeat". It seems that every channel reported
this evening about it.  :-D    Here are some pics of Daniels mini-promo tour that he did today. :) 
The 3rd pic is taken from Dani's visit at Germany's TV-show "TV Total" where they showed
the first seconds of the video on Monday (12.May).
(the pics are taken from my usual sources, the great and


# 8.May 2003 #

Tonight the DSDS-tour through Germany started. The final Top 10 of the DSDS-show performs
their number 1 show-album and Daniel, Alexander (the winner) and Juliette (#2) also sing their first solo songs...
We fans know that Daniel isn't very happy about this tour but because of the contract to DSDS
he has to do it and I hope he'll also have a good time during the next month on tour... 
Soon after the tour the contract will be expired and Daniel finally can do 100% his own thing
(what he already started with his own group of people, an own band and his record company BMG).

Here are all the DSDS Germany tour dates:


  8.05.2003 Frankfurt/Main  
  10.05.2003 Hannover  
  11.05.2003 Leipzig
(top row, from the left) Juliette, Stefanie, Nicole, Dieter
Bohlen*, Andrea and Nektarios.
(bottom row, from the left) Alexander, Vanessa, Gracia
and our Daniel at the right  ;-)

*jury member of DSDS and producer & writer
 of the DSDS-album
  13.05.2003 Nürnberg
  14.05.2003 Erfurt
  15.05.2003 Hamburg
  16.05.2003 Kiel
  18.05.2003 Berlin
  19.05.2003 Chemnitz
  21.05.2003 Stuttgart
  22.05.2003 München (Munich)
  23.05.2003 München (Munich)
  24.05.2003 Friedrichshafen
  26.05.2003 Köln (Cologne)
  27.05.2003 Köln (Cologne)
  28.05.2003 Dortmund
  29.05.2003 Mannheim
  31.05.2003 Bremen
  01.06.2003 Braunschweig
  02.06.2003 Oberhausen


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