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"Heartbeat" - the newest music video
(filmed in late April 2003; TV premiere on May 15th, 2003; single release on May 19th, 2003)

- Daniel plays 7 different roles in this video !!!

The video starts with Daniel falling into hell where he's welcomed by the devil himself (played by Daniel too).
The devil wants to make a deal with Daniel and starts showing him his possibilities he had if he signed the devil's contract.
First Daniel sees himself as a great and famous basketball player who can beat everyone (although he's only 5'7").
Daniel is interested but he doesn't want to be a basketball player, so the devil shows him another option.
Daniel at a Beauty Content, being the only man (well, everybody knows that our Dani is very feminine, so.... *lol*).
.... and Daniel wins the content and is "Mr. Eggenfelden" *lool* 
(note: Eggenfelden is a town in Lower Bavaria, Germany and was Daniel's living place until he became famous)
Daniel likes what the devil shows him but he still isn't persuaded. The devil makes Daniel to a rock star (see pics above)
(note: a great moment because the song's guitar solo has its turn and Daniel can play the rebell easily by head-banging to the sound*lol*)
The devil changes the fictive situation another time: Daniel as Elvis!!
When Daniel sees himself like this, flirting with the girls and all that, he's totally excited and wanna sign the contract!
So at the end, the devil really reached his goal (look at his evil grinning above! *lol*) and got Daniel's signature!!!
In the final scene the devil turns into a record company boss sitting at his desk, behind him all his golden records;
showing the evil-sign and singing the last few words of the song: "like a devil in disguise.....".  THE END.
coming soon:   screenshots and description of Daniel's first music video "You drive me crazy"

                2003   +++ by Jewel +++