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What Daniel loves the most....


Children -
Daniel loves children.

If he has more money he
wanna help kids who
aren't that lucky in life.

He was a kindergarten
teacher and went to a
child care school before
he came to DSDS.

He wanna have his own
kids when he's older.

Dani with a baby doll at the child care school (left);    Dani with a little fan who has cancer (right)




Gracia Baur -
Daniel got to know the 3-year-older
girl at DSDS. She's also from Bavaria
(South Germany) like Daniel.
Gracia was actually a competitor in the
show but they became friends from the
very beginning and even joined the same
sleeping room for the first weeks (all
DSDS-contestants lived in the same villa during
the show)
I think the problem was, Gracia is a
disorganizer and Daniel loves it clean
and tidy and that's why he moved into
another room later. (I'm only guessing)
Gracia now is a very important person
to Daniel.
They love each other like brother and
sister and are there for each other.

A great Gracia-fanpage :


some cute Daniel + Gracia moments (screenshots from TV)  for you  -- see pics above


Here's a little profile in that Daniel filled in some details about himself:


1. Fave singer:  Eminem, Robbie Williams
2. Fave book:  "Angela's Ashes: A memory"
3. Fave movie:  "8 Mile"
4. Fave food:  Big Mac & Chinese food
5. Fave designer/label:  Burlington, Levis & punk stuff
6. Motto:  Never give up before the aim.
7. Best/worst school mark:  1 & 6   (or:  A and E)
8. Hobbies:  shopping, going to the theater, huddling
9. I don't like:  arrogant & snooty people who think they are
more worth than other people



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