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DSDS - Deutschland sucht den Superstar
(Germany is searching for the superstar)
... or: "The rising of a little star"

Note: DSDS is the German verison of the casting show called "Pop Idol"

Daniel was one of 10,000 people who went
to the castings of the new TV-show called

When he first sang in front of the jury
they were nearly speechless. First of all he
came in with his guitar and started to sing
immediatley when the door had shut behind him.
So the jury didn't have any chance to talk
to him; and another note:
guitars were forbidden at the casting!!
Daniel sang "Proud Mary", "Stand by me"
and a self-composition.

Although he had broken the rules the jury
thought he's "crazy and different" and
that's why they invited him into the
re-call !!

Daniel - who joined this casting just to have
fun - couldn't believe it in the first moment
but then he's hopping outside the jury-room
screeming! *lol*


the pics are copyrighted to RTL

During the re-call with the last 100 people from the first casting,
Daniel sang "Lean on me" and "Flying without wings" (with "a little bit"
wrong lyrics! LOL!)

And... well, what can I say...  the jury (most of all jury member, Thomas
Stein - the head of German's BMG record company)
loved his performance!

Daniel made it into the Top 30 !!!!

At the Top 30 shows (the last 30 were splitted into
3 groups)
Daniel sang a rock version of "Papa
don't preach" and for the first time the TV
audience had to vote for their fave contestant!
Daniel became the 3rd place in the first Top

He had made it into the Top 10 !!!!
Daniel was so happy that he jumped into the host's arms
when he heard the news (see the pic)! *lol*

Find out more about the Top10-Shows - the so called "Mottoshows" - on this side


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