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Daniel's Biography

On August 27th, 1985 Daniel, son of Günther
Küblböck and his (Austrian) wife Bianca, was
born in Bavaria, South-Germany.

Bianca already had a son from another
relationship so little-Dani didn't have
to be alone.

              (baby Daniel and his mother -->)

A few years later, Daniels
little sister was born.
But soon the family idyll was

When Daniel was 6 years old
his parents got divorced.

After the divorce a difficult
time started for little
His mother married again.
Actually she married another
6 times until now!!!

Daniel had to change the
school 8 times (in a recent interview
Daniel said even 15 times!)
his mother moved to other
places so often.

Daniel said in an interview that he would describe his mum like Cher's character in the movie
"Mermaids" but he doesn't think that his mum wanted to run away like Cher's character... 
she was/is simply an adventurous woman who needs those changes.

Daniel very soon was some kinda outsider.
I bet it also had to do with the school changes.
Of course he had friends but there were many
people who laughed at him, too.

Very early in his youth he started to be
"different", to be "crazy". 

He was a shy boy but he also had a strong self
confidence for a young teenager.

Girls could handle with his "weirdness" better
than boys in his age. So his best friends were

I don't know when or why, but
Daniel moved to his father in
his teen years.
His father had married again
and has 2 other sons with his
new wife.
Daniel was a little rebell at
that time. He dyed his hair
blond, painted his room wall
he always found something to
shock people *lol*.

When Daniel was 15/16 he didn't want to live with his parents any longer...  he wanted to stay on his
own feet. But his parents were sceptical. The teenager had to proof that he's mature enough to take
care of himself first. He had to go in a supported housing for 3 months. After living together with
other teenagers for those weeks he finally was allowed to move into his first own flat in Eggenfelden
and started going to the next child chare school to become a kindergarten teacher.

Daniel's biggest passion always was
He played the guitar and he was an ace
in his music class.

He loved (and still loves) writing his own
songs and playing them in the park to
other people.

In his acquaintanceship he was/is famous
and loved for his little guitar shows.
(see the pic on the left)

Well, what happened next the whole German TV audience was able to follow !!!

In only 6 months, A shy 17-year-old boy turned to a relaxed and very clever entertainer
who can talk with the reporters like an old professionalist!  (see pics above)

fall 2002
(at the recall after the first casting)

April 2003
(press conference to his first mini-tour)


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