It was already beginning to be late, and the sun was making its way down the horizon. But he still couldn't find her... He looked everywhere, but...

Hyesung: MINY! MINYYYY~ MINY! ..Miny.. 너얻이야...? where are you...?

He looked through the whole forest that was near the beach, every rock, every street... everywhere. But she... was invisible, like she disappeared. Hyesung gave up... no, he coudln't. But he decided to take a break, so he sat down on a rock.

Hyesung: Phew~~ u.u...... Aishh~ Where could she be...? Hum...ㅎ_ㅎ~... Hum....? ... HUM!?!??! O_O;;

Hyesung sat down, he was all sweating. His heart ached, he worried so much. Where could Miny be? But as soon as he looked to the ocean...

Hyesung: MINY! 미니야!! 야!! YAHHHHHH~

Was it really her...? Hyesung saw someone walking straight through the ocean... I was her! He could see her, it was Miny! He was glad he found her... but was she going to...?

Hyesung: MINY! HEY! What are you doing??!! [runs to her] YAH! MINY! HEEEEEEY!.... Stop! Right there! ... MINY! [grabs her hand and turns her around] .. O.O~

When he turned her around, he could see she was crying. Her eyes were filled up with tears.... the only thing he wanted to do now was... hug her.

Hyesung: Miny.. don't.. don't do that...  [cries... holds her tight] Don't... 죽지마~ Don't die~!
Miny: Hyesung~~ [cries loudly into his arms]
Hyesung: Ah, Miny.. I... I... we worried so much.. I.. I worried so much.
Miny: [cries, holds up to him tight]...
Hyesung: Ne...never do that again... NEVER....
Miny: I.. I'm sorry...
Hyesung: No.. don't be sorry...
Miny: I'm so sorry Hyesung, I'm so sorry~
Hyeusng: No...
Miny: It's my fault, it's all my fault~
Hyesung; No, it is not yo...
Miny: I'm so stupid, I'm so sorry I hurt you~ If I wouldn't be there, nobody was hurt anymore...
Hyesung: NO~ [hugs her even tighter]
이러지마!! Don't... no... NO!
Miny: Hyesung, why?? Why...? [cries]
Hyesung: I lied... I'm sorry, I'm so sorry Miny. I lied to you... i...
Miny: ....
Hyesung: I still love you, yes I do! I love you so much! And I worried so much! And I'm sorry I slapped you! I would never want to hurt you! I would never.. and if you died, I wouldv'e killed myself too... A life without you.. I couldn't li... I couldn't live it~ And.. and if you want to be with Kangta, be with him! I just want you to be happy... As long as you're happy, i'm happy, too~ I'm so sorry I lied to you... I still do.. yes... I.. I still love you, Miny~

She couldn't believe her ears: Did Hyesung really say that? It was a really sad scene... Both.. ex-lovers... crying in each others arms... And he confessed, he still loved her. Miny didn't know.... what did she feel? Was it happiness? Sadness? Regret? Pain? Guilt...?
Her mind was totally confused and her tears came out like a waterfall... Hyesung's, too... They couldn't do anything but embracing each other tightly.... Did they just want to share their pain...? Or were they happy to see each other? Or were those totally diffeent feelings...?


Maco: NOOOOOOOOOO~~ Hey, that was not fair! I...
Eric: OMG, catch it or shut up! Girls... tsk~
야! WHAT DID YOU SAY?? [throws ball directly into eric's face]|
Girls: HAHAHAH~ YES! [high-five]
Se7en: OMg, playing water-ball with you guys is really too beautiful^^;
KangTa: HEY! Can I join?
Yuka: haha, sure~ I think Eric...
Eric: yeshyesh [holds his cheek] Go ant plei wish shi oshers~
KangTa: Hey, Maco~ [whispers]
Maco: Huh? o.o
KangTa: Did your hear anything from Miny? I start worrying...
Maco: O_O;;! NO! No... no, can't help, sorry^^;...~
KangTa: Hum...
Maco: But don't worry, she's not stupid, she'll find the way here herself^^;
KangTa: Hum, if you say so....
Maco: SURE ^_^....


Hyesung: ... give me your skirt~
Miny: O_O;;... [silently takes off her skirt] (JAJA SHE STILL HAS A BIKINI ON XD)
Hyesung: You got to get rid off all your wet clothes or else you'll catch a bad cold~ [hangs their clothes on some... rock.. xD]
Miny: Thank you... [sits down at a campfire {? } ]
Hyesung: ... [sits down too] Aish~ it's so late already... [rubs his shoulders]
Miny: ...
Hyesung: [looks to her] Hey~
Miny: Huh? o.o?
Hyesung: Were you really going to kill yourself?
Miny: [looks down again] ... *nods*
Hyesung: Wow~ Luckily I came right on time...~
Miny: ....
야. Talk to me. [smiles] Please, I don't want certain things from just... that you don't avoid me.
Miny: I... I don't avoid you. it's just... [closes eyes] It's hard to believe what... you.. had said.
Hyesung: ..oh, that.
Miny: I... [looks into his eyes] I'm really confused.
Hyeusng: O_O;~?
Miny: Di.. did you love me the whole time?
Hyesung: Ye.. yes.
Miny: Then why didn't you tell me? Why did you lie to me?
Hyesung: [serious look] ...Could you...? Could you say you love someone when they're already together with another person?
Miny: O.O...
Hyesung: ..Hum. Forget it. I...
Miny: No, I can't forget it. I feel really guilty... You have done so much for me, though I already turned away from you. I can't control my feelings~ One moment I love someone, the next moment I ignore them and the next I don't care about anyone, ~
Hyesung: .... you know~ [looks into the fire] It.. it was actually really hard. Everytime I saw you together, I wanted to rip you away from him... Sometimes I thought, it'd be the best to just take you and never give you back again, take you and run away, far far away... Sometimes I even blamed him and wished he would die... then again, I wished I would die... I even tried to hate you! ...but I couldn't. No, that's not  impossible~ I have loved and still love you too much... Really... My heart was broken and in pain, seeing you two together, smiling, laughing, him, holding you... being there for you when you need someone... why can't I be that someone anymore? Why can't I hold you when you are down? Why can't I be the one to wash your tears away? I often asked myself... Why? But then... I realized... the most important is, [looks into her yes] that you are happy. That's the most important thing on earth, if you are happy, my jealousy and egoism have no chance. Because.. my love.. is much stronger.

Her eyes were full of tears. Her mouth was opened. What Hyesung said... she couldn't believe it. She never thought his love for her was there... And most of all, she'd never thought it was that strong...
She wasn't able to say a  single word, too many things were going through her mind and heart, too many words wanted to come out; she couldn't do anything, but... kiss him.

Hyesung: ....
Miny: ....
Hyesung: [opens eyes slowly]
Miny: [stops the kiss] ...
Miny: ...
Hyesung: ... I think we should go back.
Miny: Uhum.


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