Miny: Ugh, ugh >< *coughes*
KangTa: Hey, girl. Lie down...
Miny: Aisssh~ Great, now I even got a cold T_T
KangTa: Haha, like I told u before... you shouldn't have...
Miny: ...gone out in the cold rain, I know! But I can't do anything about it anymore now, right?
KangTa: Right. So don't complain and say AHHHHH~
Miny: Wha.. AHHHH. :O)(#I)EO967286!! HEY!
KangTa: Haha, you're like a kid... Sometimes I really wonder what I actually find about you...
Miny: HEY! *beats him playfully* SAY THAT AGAIN!
KangTa: Hahahaha~ Like a child!
Miny: SHUT UP!

Miny was at KangTa's place, coz he wanted to take care of her after that incident. She was well again, but still caught a flu. Luckily, that was the only sickness, it could have been worse. Maybe it was the only sickness, but it wans't the only problem... Miny tried not to think so much about HyeSung, but it was nearly impossible. KangTa, in fact, wasn't at ease, either. But he tried not to show it, so that Miny felt better.

KangTa: So, now that you took ur medicine... we should have some lunch. I'm gonna order a pizza now...
Miny: NO! I...
KangTa: Hey, you have to ea...
Miny: ...I want something big and fatty Chinese! *grins*
KangTa: Haha, you're impossible! Arasso, I'm gonna order something Chinese...
Miny: Gomawoh, oppa^^; Thanks for your help...
KangTa: [goin away, he blushes... then smiles: ] That's what I'm here for ^_~

Miny layed back in his bed and smiled. She was so happy KangTa was such a great guy.. And he was hers. He belonged to her, and he loved her too. But there was someone else who loved her...
HyeSung. She felt really bad thinking about how she hurt him... But there was no other way, she couldn't betray herself and her heart. Not herself and not him.

Miny: KangTa... hey~ ... KangTa? Oppa? HELLO?! Hum. OK, then not. Wah, boring... [ grabs the TV controller ] Yup, why not watch some TV?

Miny began to be a bit bored and while KangTa was out making a call... which took like forever... (what was he doin??)... she took the controller and turned on the TV.

TV: "...welcome to STARLET PARTY! Your show about, for and with stars! Join us to a fun show and party, with me..."

Miny: MACO!!!??? O__________O
KangTa: ... what?
KangTa: WHAT's WRONG!?
Miny: The... the.. THE TV!
KangTa: What's wrong with the TV!?
Miny: Ma... Ma.. MACO UNNI!
KangTa: OMG... that's not... HUH!?

Miny turned on the TV and suddenly saw her unni! How could that be possible? Why was she there on TV? Hosting a TV show? And why didn't she tell her?

KangTa: She's... hosting a TV show with Shim EunJin o_o;
Miny: Sssht, quiet! Let's watch it....


Maco: Wah, everybody is so excited! What's up?
EunJin: Well, I think that's coz of all the beauty here~
Maco: Haha, thank you ^^;
EunJin: Not you, I mean me. *throws hair back*
Audience: AHhahahaha~
Maco: -_- OK. Now let's start. Who are the guests for this week?
EunJin: Guess whooo~?
Maco: Well, our guests for this week are...
EunJin: ... singer also turned actor: BI!
Audience: WOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bi: *comes in* Annyoung haseyo!
EunJin: Also in our studio...
Maco: ....beautiful and sexy, but with the voices of angels: JEWELRY!
Jewelry: *come in* Heyyy~~ annyoung ^^~!
EunJin: Come and sit down.
Bi & Jewelry: Nae.
Maco: So, since this is our first show, I'm very excited and nervous. So please don't be too harsh on me.
Bi: Oh, I will always be soft~
Audience: ahhhaaaaaaaaaa~ *sighs*
EunJin: Haha, do I see a new romance coming up?
So InYoung: I do~ I do~ *sings*
Audience: AHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA~ (What a stuuuuuupid joke. -_-)
Maco: Wellz guys, what have you been up to? Jewelry, you're out with your new album and song "Superstar", right?
Jewelry: Ye~
Maco: It's a great success! I personally love that song!
EunJin: Yes, and not only the song. Your image changed a bit...
Park JungAh: Well, before we used to be the girl group that's really cute and such...
Jo MinAh: Ye, but now we matured. We wanted to be more feminine and sexy.
Bi: Oh, a great decision. *smiles*
Maco: Haha, guys~~ *rolls eyes*
EunJin: Bi, you're a kinky guy, I see.
Bi: Hum, you see... I AM a guy. Or at least people tell me I am and... which guy wouldn't like the sight of those sexy girls?
Maco: Hum, I think you get great response for ur honesty, eh?
Lee JiHyun: You shouldn't be too honest tho! ^.^
Audience: Hahaha~
Bi: Ugh, sometimes, yes...
Maco: LOL Goin on with your business... your new album is a great success and your looks are really fantastic! You're so beautiful!
Jewelry: Kamsa hamnida.^^
Maco: But, InYoung... I heard you gained some weight, is that true?
EunJin: Hey, why do u ask that? Have you ever heard of a woman who wants to hear this?
Maco: Well, actually not. But she said it in some interviews...
So InYoung: That's true! I used to be the lightest out of the group... that changed x)
Maco: Girl. I only ask you, coz I wanted to be sure if you really meant it. You look like a stick. Before and now...
So InYoung: ...errrr....
EunJin: Yep, a stick.
Maco + EunJin: A SEXY STICK!
Maco: *stands up* Doesn't she look great?? *claps*
So InYoung: Ung, gomawohyo~~^^; If you think so... then.. why not have  a big dinner after the show?
Audience: AHAHAHAHA~
EunJin: Sure! But u pay.
So Inyoung: Alrite xP
EunJin: So... and now to you Bi. What have u been up to? You were very busy in Japan and got a geat response from ur fans overseas. Is that true?
Bi: Yes, I wouldn't have expected all that. But since it's like that.. it feels great ^_^
EunJin: Sure!^^ But now you're back in Korea and starting to shoot a new drama, right?
Audience: WOOOOOOOOOH!!!!
Maco: As you can see, your fans can't wait^^;
Bi: Thanks ^_~ I'll be promoting it soon! So be prepared :P
Maco: Great! We can't wait! But now... "


Miny: Woah. That show is...
KangTa: ...really...
Miny: ...COOOL!! *_* OMG! Why didn't unni tell me about it!?
KangTa: Well, I'm not 100 % sure, but for those kinda shows... everything goes so fast.
Miny: Huh?
KangTa: Well, usually the producer invites you and wants you to shoot the following day!
Miny: WOAH O_O!
KangTa: Well, it's not like that everywhere... I only know one person who's OMG like that... Kang JangMin.
Miny: Kang JangMin? o.o
KangTa: Yes, he's the producer of Showking and Music Tank!
Miny: Oh, ahhh~ I think I heard of him...o_o!


KangTa: AH! The food is here!
KangTa: Ima go get it...
Miny: Yay! Let's schmeck ^_~


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