A week passed without any special happenings. A day after MiNy was brought to hospital, she could leave it. KangTa took her to his place to take care of her. The other two girls of our group just went home as usual. But the atmosphere among them was not as usual... Everything seemed sad and depressed... They still couldn't believe, what MiNy did! But it was her decision and they couldn't do anything against it. And they didn't what it either; as long as she was happy... Yuka and Maco also had their own problems to solve, but time would come...

Maco: Hey, Yuka! Whatcha up to?
Yuka: oO Huh?ah, nothin... just wanted to take a walk outside, doing some shopping, too...
Maco: Oh... alright. Go your way ^^;
Yuka: (goes to the door) OK, then! See ya later ^-~
Maco: Yeah ^-^.

Maco was alone at home now. What should she do? She felt very bored... so she took out a package of Sae Woo kkang and sat down in front of the TV. What was on? Some movie? she zapped around...
After two hours of senseless watching and eating, the phone suddenly rang.

Maco: Huh? oO Who could that be? (goes to the phone) Yoboseyo?
S/O: Annyoung haseyo! Am I talking to Miss Maco Kibou? (<- ah~ xD)
Maco: Erm, nae o.o You are ^^; Who do I have the pleasure to talk to? ^.^¡Æ
S/O: Kang JangMin imnida. I'm the show director of m-net's Music shows like Music Tank or Showking M... U-know! (<- xP)
Maco: Oh, oh right! I think, I heard your name somewhere before.. So, why are you calling, if I am allowed to ask?
Kang: You are! Well... I was going to plan a new show. But one of the shows, where stars interview stars!
Maco: Sounds interesting o.o~
Kang: It is! Well... but also interviews with many interesting happenings, funny things, etc. i'll tell you exactly later then, OK?
Maco: Later? oO
Kang: Well... actually, I wanted to invite you to be the host of this music show.
Maco: WHAT?? O______O;
Kang: Yeah ^^; I wanted to make a show with one of the new and fresh celebrities and one of the ones, who are already a lil bit longer in showbiz. But only young people! So I wanted to ask you and your partner from Baby Vox- Shim EunJin!
Maco: Are you kidding?? O______________O;; Erm, eheh... I mean: Jongmal? ^^; Really...? I... I fel really honored! Being able to host...
Kang: I'm happy, you like the idea ^-^So.. I suppose you accept the job?
Maco: When should I start? ;D
Kang: Ahaha, that's the way I like it ^-^
Maco: Thank you very much, Mister Kang -.-
Kang: It's my pleasure ^_^ So I'll see you then today at eight?
Maco: TODAY?? O_O;; I mean.. sure^^;
Kang: Right! You seem to be a hard-working person to me ^_^That's good, I like that 8) Well, see you then! Bye!
Maco: Er... bye o.o...

What was this? Maco was just new in Showbiz and yet somebody asked her host a show? A popular and famous show on the most famous and popular programme among Korean youth?? That was just too great! Maco was really happy, hearing that she was liked by people. She seemed to have many fans or else she wouldn't be asked to host that show, ne? Not only that! She was gonna work with EunJin, one of her favourite singers! She was so looking forward to this... but she had to....

Maco: ....HURRY!! AHHHHHHHH Help! I gotta get there right on time! COME STUPID BUS!

She was already standing at the bus station, because Mr kang invited her to be there already the same day he called! She needed to hurry, because she took so long for preapring, deciding the right clothes... hey, this was important! ^_~

Woman: Hello!
Maco: *huhuh* I... have.. to.. *breathes*
Woman: Mr Kang is waiting right for you in the studio, Ms Kibou ^-^
Maco: O________o;?? Erm, ah.. thank you ^-^;

Kang: Maco?
Maco: Ah! Annyoung Mr Kang *bows*
Kang: Hey! No need to be so formal ^_~ Call me JangMin ;D
Maco: Er,ok... JangMin o.o¡Æ
Kang: Good ^_^ Now sit down please... (points at a seat next to where he is sitting)
Maco: Well.... so...
Kang: Well... good. I'm really glad you accepted this job. That's very good! Because I wanted to start with the producing tomorrow...
Maco: TOMORROW?? O_O .. I mean.. tomorrow?^^;
Kang: Yes, tomorrow, and...
S/O: Kang JangMin-shi?
Kang: Huh? EunJin? Come in ^_^
EunJin: Thank you ^_^(sits down)
Kang: EunJin, this is Maco! Maco, EunJin!
EunJin: I know yu! We were in that game show together once, right? ^^
Maco: Hi,e rm.. that's correct ^^;
EunJin: Nice to meet you ^_^And I hope we'll have a great time hosting this show...=]
Maco: ^_^
Kang: OK... now... is evrything clear now? Good. So, you have to be here at 8 am tomorrow, ok?
Maco + EunJin: O_O;; ... Nae ^-^;
Kang: Good... and, erm. Well, this is the studio how you can see! There are some couches where you can interview the stars, but also much place for activities here... There's nothing more important to say! You'll come tomorrow and it will explained everything right then, arasso?
Maco+ Eunjin: Arasso ^_^¡Æ

So Kang JangMin stood up and they shaked hands, they saif good-bye. That didn't sound complicated at all... But iut was a really spontanious decision to make it so early! But as long its among stars buisness, everything has to go fast and spontanious...

Eunjin: Oh man.. he's always in suuuuch a hurry^^;
Maco: O_O; *blushes* Ehehe... yes, I see... xP
EunJin: But he's a very nice guy inside, he's a very nice and good person ^_^
Maco: Oh, you know him long, ne? o.o?
EunJin: Well... do u consider 6 years as long?^^;
Maco: Ahahah~ yes, I suppose that's long ^^;
EunJin: *gives hand* Well, I'm really looking forward to the show tomorrow! And I hope we'll make it good and have much fun! ^_~ I liek you, you're a nice girl ^_^
Maco: O.O *blusssssssh* Ahahah~ yeah, me too^^; I'm also lookin, eh.. fo... forward... to, ehm.. tomorrow, yes^^;
EunJin: Don't be so shy ;D You're pretty ^_^
Maco: O_O¡Æ¡Æ Thank you ^^; I'm usually not shy... but to tell the truth.. you were always one of my big idols^^; So.. to hear those things from you.. I'm very honored xD
EunJin: REALLY? O_O I should be honored, that's so cute =D Thank you very much^_~
Maco: Hehe =P
EunJin: Hey, erm... you wanna go out for some drink?
Maco: Uh?
EunJin: I mean, the night is still young ;P
Maco: -o.o- *blushes* SURE    ^_^
EunJin: OK, let's go ;D

EunJin invited Maco to go out a litle bit tonight. Maybe she got a new friend? They had theyre fun now, but what would come the next day? They hoped it would also be as fun as going out... let's wait what the next day would bring ;]

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