The morning sun was shining. It was a sunny and bright day. The sky was blue, just some small clouds were covering it.

HyeSung: Hello! Erm, I had a date with Miss Kibou (<- ^^,,) here.
The-man-that-checks-who-is-invited: OK... erm, wait a minute, sir.
HyeSung: Yes, my name is...
TMTCWII: ... Mir Shin. Yes! You must be Shin HyeSung, right?
HyeSung: Right!
TMTCWII: OK, please follow me.

The man led HyeSung to his table. HyeSung saw Maco when he arrived. He thanked the man and he went his way. HyeSung sat down on the table.

Maco: ...hi HyeSung.
HyeSung: Hi ._.
Maco: How are you?
HyeSung: Well.. soso^^;;
Maco: Hhm... I ordered us my favourite brunch menu here, is that okay?
HyeSung: wh..? Yesyes, alright ^^;;
Maco: Back to the topic... hum... How did you sleep tonight?
HyeSung: Ah, not so good ~_~
Maco: ... I'm sorry... I think I know why ._.
HyeSung: I had to think the whole time.. I really couldn't sleep at all. (closes eyes)
Maco: (looks down) HyeSung...
Hyesung: ...o.O?
Maco: ....MiNy wasn't at home last night.
HyeSung: O_O;; Wha...?!
Maco: Wait! (looks up to him) ... I mean ( looks down again).. I really don't know, where she was... but Yuka thinks, that... (closes her eyes)
HyeSung: ...I know =_= I think I know where she spent the last night... *siiiiiigh* Do you think that they...?
Maco: O_O;; NO! (screams and stands up) NEVER! (looks around, everybody is looking at her) Ehehehe.. ^^;; (sits down again) No. i'm sure, they didn't.. MiNy would never... >_<
HyeSung: Nah, maybe you're right... But why shouldn't she...?
Maco: WAH! @_@~ Stop that! I don't wanna imagine.. you neither, I suppose =_=? So... No. They wouldn't...
HyeSung: Oh my god.... I'm so sad, I really...
Waiter: Your order, Miss.
Maco: Oh! Thank you ^-^
Waiter: (puts some things on the table) Here's the first course. The pancakes you ordered and the tropical fruit juices.
Maco: Thank you ^_^
Waiter: No problem. (leaves)
HyeSung: Oh! looks delicious! Thanks ^_^
Maco: No prob ;D Well.. where did we stop?
HyeSung: (eats pancake) Oh... mmmh... I really don't know what to do now ._. I mean.. you know.. you know.. how much I love MiNy.
Maco: Oh, yes.. I (eats) I do... And I'm really so sorry for everything! I try to think what to do the whole time, but... Hey! Please, could you tell me more about what happened?
HyeSung: Oh, I forgot. You don't know the whole story. Hmmpf... You remember when MiNy went outside in the cold rain and KangTa saved her?
Maco: o.o Uhu~
HyeSung: well.. this was the start... KangTa already loved her back then =_=
Maco: O.O
HyeSung: And everything he did after that night for her.. wasn't because of friendship.. it was because.. he loved her.
Maco: O.O Oh! and... didn't you notice?
HyeSung: Well, i didn't. and Miny didn't either, I think. Until...
Maco: ...? o.o
HyeSung: We went to KangTa's concert, which was held in 'Once in a Blue Moon', you know it?
Maco: Errr, yes o.o
HyeSung: well.. He sang a song there... and MiNy realized that it was for her =_=;; So she... ran outside the club.
Maco: O_O; How could she know that??
HyeSung: Ionno, she just felt it! well... I don't really know what exactly happened then, but KangTa searched her. And he found her.. I think then he confessed her his love for her. ~_~
Maco: O.O Oh~! Did she then...?!
HyeSung: No! Back then, she wasn't in love with him! They were just friends, as usual... But since the game show... something changed her mind =_=
Maco: ;_; Oh my god.. HyeSung... I'm so sorry for this >_ < Are you really sure??
HyeSung: Yes, I am. The way she acted just expressed that.. (closes eyes)
Maco: Hey... ;_; Don't cry.. I 'll help you! I dunno how, but... you gotta talk to her ~_~ I mean, if she really changed her mind and loves Taya now.. what I really can't believe.. then you can't do anything against it. =_= but you still have to try it! I mean.. maybe she was just confused by the things he did for her!
HyeSung: Yeah, right...
Maco: Hey, HyeSung... I'm sure she still loves you! I remember how happy she was when she was with you! she loved you since the first day you met! It can't just change from one moment to another !-_-
HyeSung:(sighs)Hah~ Maybe you're right ~_~ But I can't feel any love coming from her anymore... and...and I really think she doesn't.. doesn't...
Maco: shhhhhs.. don't say something like that ;_; Now, we're having this brunch. And after that.. we try to contact Miny, kay?? Then we'll see! And I won't leave you, I'll help you ^_^So don't be afraid.. everything will be better soon ;D
HyeSung: Hah~ That's so nice of you ^_^;; If you think so...
Maco: Yes, I do! Now... (pushes the fork with pancake in his mouth) Eat! It's very yummy =D *FAT BIG GRIN*
HyeSung: HEEEEEEY~ D Ahaha~ OK, I'm eating now... ^^;; But please never attack me like that anymore >.<
Maco: Hehehe xP
HyeSung: ^^.... Thank you... -_-
Maco: o.o Hey ^_^ No problem ;D
HyeSung: ^^


Yuka: Hhm....... lalal....... Ah!

Yuka was at home. She was lying on the floor in the living room, read some magazine and ate some cookies. After all this stress and trouble she just wanted to have a relaxing day. Until...

Yuka: Lala... Hot ddugo ddugo.... hoooo...... Huh? O.o? (stands up, walks to the door) Hello? Is there anybody?

Yuka heard some noise. She slowly walked out of the living room. Who was there? And how could he get in the house...?

Yuka: Maco? HUH? O_O;;
S/O: Hahaha... *fuu~* breathes (falls down on the floor)
Yuka: MINY O_______O;; AH~!

MiNy was there. She entered the house and seemed like she was running. But as she got in, she fainted. Yuka ran to her and brought her to the couch. What happened?
Several minutes later...

MiNy: Uh...
Yuka: ._. .... O_O; MiNy!?
MiNy: ...-.o? (wakes up slowly)
Yuka: MINY T_T (hugs her)
MiNy: O.O Yu..Yuka?
Yuka: (loses her embrace) Oh my god! what happened?
MiNy: WAHHHHH~ O______O;; Why are you??!! Oh my god! (jumps outta the bed)
Yuka: Hey! MiNy?? Is everything alright??
MiNy: Aissh, nothing's alright +_+ (runs through the room)
MiNy: No, I can't wah~! @_@ (falls down)
Yuka: MiNy! O_O;;
MiNy: Aish ~_~ I'm too weak...
Yuka: Gee, now tell me what happened! >_<
MiNy: (touches her head) Oh my... I ran all the time...and I didn't sleep or eat anything... I'm gonna faint again ~_~ (sits up)
Yuka: HEY! (holds her back) Don't hurry! Whazzup now? Where have you been?
MiNy: O_O No time to tell! I have to go now!
Yuka: MiNy? WAIIIIIT~ O_____O

MiNy ran out of the room and up to hers. Yuka followed her. MiNy packed some things in a rucksack, hurried a lot. When Yuka asked her what she was doing, MiNy seemed like not hearing her. She packed some things quickly and ran downstairs again. She just wanted to go through the door until...

MiNy: O_______O;; (takes Yukas hands and runs into the living room)
Yuka: MINY!! HEY!? Wha...?! +_+??

MiNy took Yuka and ran behind the sofa. What was happening? Yuka didn't understand anything...

Yuka: HEY! Wha...
MiNy: SHHHHHHT! (shuts her mouth)
Yuka: O_O;...
Maco: Aish, sorry I forgot my cell phone^^;;
HyeSung: Hey! No prob ^^
Maco: But now you had to drive me hear >.<
HyeSung: Hey! that's nothing compared to the things you've done for me ^_~

Maco: -^-^- Thank you =3

Maco and HyeSung entered the house. They just came back from brunch and wanted to contact MiNy. But unfortunately, Maco forgot her cell phone. So they had to return. But what was going on with MiNy? Why was she hiding...?

Maco: Aish, where did I put it?
HyeSung: You don't know? O.O? I'll help you search...
Maco: Na, it's such  a mess here! it's better you sit down on the couch and wait. I'll make you some tea...
HyeSung: Really?
Maco: Yes, I think I'm better on my own ^^;;
HyeSung: If you think so....
MiNy: O_O;;
Yuka: O_o??
HyeSung: (goes to the living room) Hun. (sits down)
MiNy: ??(tries to crawl silently outta the living room)
Yuka: ??? MiNy?! (whispers)
MiNy: Shhhs... (goes on crawling)
Yuka: Wach out! There's the.....
HyeSung: Huh? O.O?
MiNy: Aissh >_< (holds head) Stupid chair, I... O.O
HyeSung: O.O (stands up)
MiNy: Hye... HyeSung! Oh, heheheh...^-^;; (stands up) I was just, aaaaah... searching, uhm... searching my, ah... my keys! right! I think  must've lost tehm anywhere right here...
HyeSung: ??Oh, oh.. hi. Alright.
Maco: ^_^ HyeSung, the tea is.... MiNy? O.O
MiNy: O.O O... Oh, hi onnie ^-^;
Maco: (puts away the tea) HEY! (hugs MiNy) We were looking for you! Where have you...
MiNy: (puts her arms away) Sorry, I'll tell you later. I gotta go now... (looks sadly to the floor, backwards to HyeSung)
HyeSung: Yeah, sure... (looks down to the side)
MiNy: (looks to HyeSung) Well, okay ^_^ See ya...
Maco: MiNy!
HyeSung: ...

MiNy just left. The others stayed in the house and HyeSung was still letting his head hang down the floor. He closed his eyes. Everybody was confused. What was this? Why did she hide? Why did she hide from HyeSung? And why didn't she tell where she was or where she was going? And what about her rucksack? Why did she pack her things? Why did MiNy just act so mysterious...?

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