It was already dark outside. Very dark. And the stars, even the moon, couldn't shine because it was very cloudy. And it also seemed like starting to rain, but it didn't yet. Though the weather was so bad, she was walking around. No, she wasn't just walking around. She was running. She was looking for him... But it was so difficult... she just couldn't find him...

MiNy: (stops) Fuu.. fuu... (tries to breath) *sigh* aaaaaah~ u..u

When she was at the studio, KangTa left. He just left her, crying... after that she was talking to Hyesung, but didn't know what to do then. Stay? No. She couldn't stay. Her mind was too confused. If she had stayed, she wouldn't have been able to look in HyeSung's eyes anymore. She felt guilty for what she did. For everyone: She kissed KangTa and hurt both with that- KangTa and HyeSung. But she felt more guilty for KangTa, because she used him. He really loved her and what did she do? She just used this. She still was angry with HyeSung, because it seemed like he didn't love her anymore. Everything was just so confusing...
So she had to look outside again. After her talk with HyeSung she started looking for KangTa. She just had to... She had to say 'sorry' again. And not only that. She had to talk with him. Because she wasn't sure... her feelings were confused... Because why? Why did she start to cry? Because of KangTa? Why does she feel so guilty, because she kissed him? Him? Him. Everytime she thinks about him, more and more, everything gets clearer and clearer... but somehow.. it stays unclear. It's so confusing...

MiNy: Huh.. huh... ~~... (stops, looks down) Hah... TAYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~! >__<

Suddenly she started to scream. It was a painful cry... But nobody could hear her, though she stood in the middle of a street, not far from the center of the city. But it was already night and the weather was bad... so nobody was outside...
She tried to breath hard.. it was difficult... and then something really terrible happened...
She suddenly fainted [...]


A loud noise was coming up the street. It came closer and closer... and suddenly stopped.

S/O: AHHHH~! >_< Oh, luckily I saw you... (comes closer to MiNy)
MiNy: (lying on street) ...

It was KangTa. He came up the street with his motorcycle. And suddenly found MiNy, lying there on the street..

KangTa: Oh my god! (holds her in his arms) O.O MiNy! It's you~! Oh no! What are you doing here? ... O..O MiNy?! Say something xD HEY! Oh my god.. he~elp! >__<

KangTa put MiNy up on his motorbike. He was so shocked... what did she do here? Wasn't she at the sudio anymore? But what he was worrying more about was, that she didn't move or say anything. He was so afraid... what did happen to her!? He was really scared... he worried so much: Is she sick? Or even going to... no... he didn't want to think about that.
He put her on the bike and drove as fast as he could to his home. But he also had to be careful, that she didn't fall down the motorbike. What was going on...?
After some minutes they arrived. KangTa took MiNy and carried her to his apartment. He acted quickly because he wanted to help her as fast as he could. He went to his bed and lay her down.  His whole body was shaking. He was so afraid... maybe something really terrible had happened to her! He couldn't live anymore, if something would happen to her... never!

KangTa: Oh my god... What has happened to you? Oh please.. MiNy! Wake up! Talk to me! (looks at her with wide opened eyes, whole body shaking). I really don't know how to help you... please just give me a sign >_< (closes his eyes) Oh, please... (lies head down on the bedside, starts to cry) Oh, my god >_<
MiNy: .... ._. (slowly wakes up, tries to sit, looks down to KangTa, crying on her side) Ta... Taya?
KamgTa: I... o_O? Huh? MINY  *___________*
MiNy: I.. where am I?
KangTa: Oh my god! (wipes tears away) A... are you okay?? (holds her shoulders)
MiNy: (looks at him, confused) Huh? I... what happened? And why am I here? I... (falls down again)
KangTa: Oh, sorry.. yes... lie down and relax. That's better... (smiles gladly)
MiNy: (closes her eyes, touches her head) Aww, my head... oh Taya... what am I doing here?
KangTa: Well... I was driving in the street and suddenly- I saw you! You were lying there... I was so afraid what could've happened to you... >_< And then.. I took you home...
MiNy: Huh.... I.. I fainted?
KangTa: I think so u..u
MiNy: Oh my god... (looks away)
KangTa: I'm so confused now... I really don't know what to say now >_< But please tell me... why are you here?
MiNy: O.O (suddenly eyes open wide) Ah, it's nothing >_<
KangTa: ... (looks down sadly) Hah~... *sighs*
MiNy: I....
KangTa: o.O?
MiNy: I... I was looking for you.
KangTa: o..O? You.. you what? why that...?
MiNy: hah... (suddenly turns around) Because I wanted to talk with you.
KangTa: O.O (shocked, eyes opened wide) ¬_¬ (looks away) Ah... I already told you everything what I..
MiNy: NO! Please wait! I was so..so sad when you just left >_< I couldn't stay at the studio anymore -_-
KangTa. And HyeSung?
MiNy: I... I couldn't >_<
KangTa: So why did you look for me?
MiNy: Because... ah, I'm feeling so stupid ~_~
KangTa: If you mean, because of the.. you know... it's okay, I already told you -_-
MiNy: Oh please stop that ;_;
KangTa: (suddenly turns around to her) o.O?
MiNy: You're always acting like you think, I wouldn't care about you. But I do ;_;
KangTa: -O.O- *blush*
MiNy: Or why else do you think.. am I here -_-
KangTa: (suddenly stands up) Oh my god... I think we both first need to get some sleep first, good night... (starts to walk away)
MiNy: HEY >.< (holds his hand) No ;_;
KangTa: O.O (looks into the opposite direction)
MiNy: Don't... don't leave me again >_<
KangTa: -O.O-...
MiNy: You already left me once... and you don't know how miserable I felt then. Please don't do that again >_<
KangTa: Hey.. (looks down)
MiNy: o.O?
KangTa: Why are you saying those things...? >_<
MiNy: Because I.. I.. I don't know >_<
KangTa: (turns around) Please tell me.. I'm very confused now... u..u..
MiNy: (looks away) Because.. I'm not sure...
KangTa: You're not sure? Sure about what?
MiNy: About... ah, I don't know >_<
KangTa: (suddenly comes down to her, holds her shoulders and looks deeply into her eyes) Do you love me?
MiNy: O.O (looks into his eyes shocked)
KangTa: ...
MiNy: ... I... I'm not sure, I... O.O

Then suddenly he kissed her. MiNy first was shocked and her eyes were opened wide, but then she closed them. And a tear dropped out.... A tear of pain? A tear of happiness?...

KangTa: (stops the kiss, then looks down) ...
MiNy: (also looks down) ...
KangTa: ... u..u

But then suddenly MiNy took KangTa's head (JA, REIß IHM DEN.. na ihr wisst schon xD) and looked into his eyes. And then... she kissed him. He was so shocked first, but then... he just let her kiss him. He was confused: Should he be happy now? Or sad? Because... why did she do that? Was that true? Was that her answer?...

KangTa: ... (looks down)
MiNy: ...
KangTa: Is that your answer?
MiNy: (closes her eyes) *fuu~* (opens them, looks to him) I...
KangTa: (stands up and goes to the door) I think it's late now, you should sleep...
MiNy: O.O

Then KangTa turned off the light and went outside the room. MiNy tried to reach him with her hand, but then put it back. She still sat in the bed. She looked outside the window, tried to look at the stars. But everything was cloudy and unclear... Like her mind. Why did she do that? She really was confused about herself... She didn't know herself, if that was the answer. Was it? And why... why did KangTa suddenly ask her? What made him think that she maybe could, really...? And then. That kiss... His kiss... Her kiss...
Everything stayed unclear. But one thing was clear for MiNy: More problems will follow...



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