Presenter: HEY EVERYONE~~!
Audience. WOOHOO~!
Presenter: Welcome back to our game show ^-^
All: *clapping* WOO~ ^-^
Presenter: I hope you enjoyed our lil break ^.~ But now it's over. So~! Let's start with a new round of our games ^.~
All: WOOOOOOOOOO~~!!!!!!!!!!
Presenter: Heyhey ^.~ Well, I'll explain the game again: two couples are sitting together on one podest and I will ask them question. Then they have a little time to think about it and present us their answer. The answer which the audience likes better- wins~!
Presenter: OK, I think now you all remember the rules ^-^ can we start?
All: Yes ^___^
Presenter: OK, like you all know, the women decide with which guy they go together in a couple, right? Good. The first girl to choose is... Maco~!
Audience: WOOHOO~!! KIWII~! MACO, YAYEYEEE~~~!! xD
Maco: Oh, OK ^-^ Erm, I choose.... (looks through the crowd, then stops) Erm...

That was a hard moment for Maco. She knew, it would be just normal to choose MinWoo. But she also knew that she had problems with him and couldn't just go on with this game as if nothing happened. Because it did. Something happened and caused problems between those two. She was so sad that Minwoo changed so much.. But then she remembered the last game, when he was there with Dana. He acted like before, the old MinWoo. He was the same funny, lovely and charming guy as he was before. But would that stay...?

Maco: I take, erm... err.... *blushes* (goes to the men side)
MinWoo: o.O
Maco: (grabs his hand without saying anything)
MinWoo: (first looks depressed) ... (then changes into big, sexy smile) Heyhey ^.^?#060;br> Audience: WOOHOO~~!! WOOOOOOOO~! GOGO, MINU~! *.*
Maco: (takes him to the seat where they have to sit) -_-
MinWoo: (looks at her, sighs) ... (looks away then) ... (then looks to the audience) HEY ^____^ (puts on a BIG smile)
Audience: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH~! xD *melts*
Maco: (looks at him) o.O (looks down again) Hhm... ~_~
MinWoo: u_u (closes his eyes)
Presenter: ALRIGHT~! Now the next couple please ^______^ To choose......BaDa~!
BaDa: Oh, okay ^-^
Presenter: Who do you choose? With which guy do you wanna play?
BaDa: *blushes* -O_O-
Audience: AHAHAHAAAA~~!! xD
Presenter: Aish, you know what I mean ^.^?(corrupted people ?¬°)
BaDa: OK, I think, I'll take... (walks over to the men side)
Everybody: O.O -awaiting-
Se7en: O.o
BaDa: *grabs se7en's hand*
Se7en: ^-^
Presenter: OK ^-^Now please take seat ^.~
BaDa & Se7en: (already sitting) Nae ^-^
Presenter: OK. Thank you. Now we start our little game... are you ready?
M, M, B & 7: NAE ^__^
Presenter: OK, first question ^-^ OK... Imagine you and your darling could choose just ANY country. Which one do you think is the most romantic one? Where would you go? GO~!

Talk between Maco & Minu:
Maco: (blushes, looks down to the floor) So...
MinWoo: Well... (puts a pencil onto his lips, and plays with it) I think I'd go to France, Paris
Maco: o.O (suddenly looks up) Why that...?
MinWoo: Don't you know? France is the country of all romance. Listen to the melody of the language and you know why. Besides, the country is beautiful. Everywhere romantic places, caf? and music... Sitting down in some caf?and drinking a good french wine and eating good French food. Everywhere romantic atmosphere, everything is elegant. And then taking a walk at night along the Seine...
Maco: -O.O- (blushes, eyes opened wide)
MinWoo: (suddenly turns around to her) So.. what do you think?
Maco: O.O (shocked) Erm, I... er...
MinWoo: It's okay. But please let's talk about that later. Okay? ^-^
Maco: o.O? Erm, ehe.. okay ^-^ Then, erm... I think, yes, France =]

What was that. Minwoo acted like everything was normal. But then... he suddenly noticed how nervous she was. But he knew on TV it wouldn't be good to act like that so he told Maco to talk about that later. She was very confused... She really didn't know how to act! Angry? Happy? Sad? Nervous? Disappointed? Well. She was nervous. She even said YES when the topic was about FRANCE...! So something had to be wrong... xD 

Talk between BaDa & Se7en:

BaDa: Hhm... What about Spain?
Se7en: I don't really know... but I think that sounds great xD So.. warm and..
BaDa: Yes, beautiful music...
Se7en: ...and dancing through the hot nights...
BaDa: Oh my god, you're right xD
Se7en: That was a very good idea~! I mean... you really feel the love there... inside...
BaDa: ..and outside your body? ^.~
Se7en: O.O?Right -^-^- *blushes*
BaDa: Yes, and there's the beautiful SeA (< -_-?. Great weather...
Se7en: Romance and love everywhere, right? ;D
BaDa: OK, let's say that =]

Presenter: OK~! TIME UP~~!!
Audience: WOOOOOOOWOOOO~~!!!!!!
Presenter: Alright... What are your answers? o.O? BaDa & Se7en first please!
BaDa: OK ^-^ Well... Se7en?
Se7en: Arasso ^.~ Erm, we decided to go to some place like Spain.
Audience: Wooooooooooooooo... O.O
BaDa: Nae~! Well. It's such a beautiful country~! Sun, SeA, hot weather...
Se7en: ... and parties everywhere! So hot... (says it in a shy way) everything! You can dance with your darling through the night...
BaDa: But, yes! It is just the country of hot romance and love! Don't you think so ^.~ ?
Presenter: Oho~! OK, thank you very much. Now Maco and MinWoo: Tell us your decision!
MinWoo: Well, our decision was France.
Audience: O.O Oho~!
Maco: Yes, because it's just the country of romance... and pure love... so romantic *.* (<~ lies to herself xD)
MinWoo: Mais oui ^.~
Audience: WOOOOOOOO~!
MinWoo:  U see? Just listen to the melody of the language... and you'll see what I mean ^.~
Audience: *melts* *____*
Maco: Romantic music everywhere, beautiful caf? and places. And the food- so delicious and elegant! Like the restaurants...
MinWoo: Yes. And imagine, after a candle-light-dinner for two... walking along the Seine, hand in hand...
Audience: *already died because of melting* ~________________~
Presenter: Ohohoho.~! Well, OK, thanks! Now the audience has to decide..... what do you think? First BaDa and Se7en: What about hotness and pure love and romance in Spain?
Presenter: OK, thanks. And now... Minwoo and Maco! In France, the most romantic and beautiful place on earth. Everything elegant, full of love and romance.
Presenter: OK, thank you ^.^ I think now we have the winner of the first round... Maco  & MinWoo~!
Presenter: OK, let's start with the next question.
Audeince: WOWOOOOO!!
Presenter: OK... Question: Imagine you're in an amusent park. Well.. now what do you think? Where would you go with your darling first?

Talk between Se7en & BaDa:

Se7en: *hhm*
BaDa: *hhm*
7 + BaDa: *hhhmmmmmm~*
Se7en: Well....
BaDa: ...well?
Se7en: I've got an idea!
BaDa: realyl!? O,O Tell me >_<
Se7en: Ok. Now imagine... and think about...  the horror cabinet~!
BaDa: O_______________O?Oh my god, you're so romantic... @_@
Se7en: Nono, you misunderstand me! I mean... please think clearlier!
BaDa: *hhm~* I don't know what you find so romantic about a hor... AH! O,O
Se7en: Understand?
BaDa: But, yes *.* OK, that's good ;D
Se7en: (totally mysterious *.*) Yay... ^-~

Talk between Maco & Minwoo:

Maco: (*blushes*) Well...._.
MinWoo: What about the... ferris wheel?
Maco: -O.O- (blushes, eyes opened wide)
MinWoo: (looks down) hum... you know, lonely. You have a wonderful view over the park, you're near the sky with its stars and the moon... when it's night... lonely, with your partner...
Maco: -O_O-
MinWoo: (looks into the other direction) Now... (suddenly looks into her face) What do you think? O_O?
Maco: ---O,O---- (totally blussssssshing)
MinWoo: Hey!
Maco: Erm, eh... sorry ^-^?Er, yes, very good idea.. I think, alright.. uhum ^-^?#060;br> MinWoo: Really? o-O?
Maco: Yes, yes! ^-^;;

Presenter: OK PEEPZ, TIME UP NOW~!
Audience: WOOOOOOOOO~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD
Presenter: Now... First Maco & Minwoo please!
Audience: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MinWoo: Well we decided to take the ferris wheel.
Audience: O,O WOOO~!
Maco: Yes -^-^-
MinWoo: Well, we think it's really romantic... imagine it's night and you're in there, alone.. with your partner... Near the sky, the beautiful stars and moon.. (looks over to Maco)
Maco: -O,O- Erm, right ^-^?And you have a wonderful view over the park ^-^
Minwoo: That's right ^.~
Audience: O,O .... WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~~!!!!!!! WOOTWOOT!
Presenter: Well, alright ^-^Thank you~! Now... BaDa and Se7en please =]
Se7en: well, we'd take the horror cabinet.
Audience: O,O WOO~?
BaDa: Yes, i also thought like that in the beginning, but.. just imagine! ^.~ Imagine.. everything's dark and scary. And suddenly.. a  monster comes up to you +.+!!
Audience: WAH~! x_x
Se7en: Ahaha...! xD Right. So what are you doing? Right, you look for safety at your partner's... And he holds you, in his arms. You feel the warmth, the caring. Isn't that just beautiful?
Audience: *.* WOO....
BaDa: And another thing- it's dark! So... you don't know what else could happen there...
BaDa and Se7en look at each other
7 + B: Just EVERYTHING is possible there ^___^v
Audience O,O WOOOOOOOOO~!!
Presenter: OK, now.. very good, thank you ^.^ So now... decide! Who is gonna win this round? Clap now for... Maco & MinWoo~!
Presenter: Thank you ^-^And now, for BaDa & Se7en...
Presenter: OK ^_^ I think the winner of this round are... Se7en and BaDa~!
Audience: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~!! *______*
Presenter: Thank you ^.~ Now. Third and last question... imagine you and your partner would be trasnformed in any.. animals..!
Everybody: O______o?!
Presenter: Yes ^-^And now.. which one? Which animal would you two be transformed in?? Time....... GO xD

Talk between Maco & MinWoo:

MinWoo: That's difficult >_<
Maco: +.+ Yeah.. *thinks hard* What about...?
MinWoo: Huh? o.O? (looks into her eyes)
Maco -O.O- (blushes) No, hm. Nothing. -_-
MinWoo: Hum. OK... I think.. birds... u_u
Maco: O.O Birds...?
MinWoo: yeah... (looks dreamly up) Flying together through the sky... free... without any sorrows *sighs* Haah~ -_-
Maco: Minu..? o.O?
MinWoo: (suddenly looks up to her) Yes...? o_O?
Maco: -O.O- Errr... *blusssshes* Nothing >.<?#060;br> MinWoo: *sighs* Hah~... -_- I'm so sorry.... (looks down)
Maco: O.O (suddenly looks to him) What...?
MinWoo: I'm so sorry for... >_< No, aish~! Nothing, forget it *shakes head* ...
Maco: O_O *hhhm* Erm, okay..... Birds ^.^?then birds, alright? Feeling the freedom and love in the air.. be able to fly... to fly with the power of love.... Right? ^-~
MinWoo: (suddenly looks up to her) -O.O-

Talk between Se7en & BaDa:

Se7en: Dogs!
BaDa: Cats!
7 & ~(<- pyahaha xD... ~= welle ^.^?: ??#060;br> Se7en: Idea!
BaDa: So what? O.o?
Se7en: The guy is a dog, the girl a cat~!
BaDa: ??!
Se7en: Well. Dogs are strong and protect the ones, they love. And cats are feminine, beautiful... and so charming. Loving~! Just a perfect couple, don't you think so? ^-~
BaDa: Oh my god *,* Totally right xD And and... dogs are cute and very loveable ^-^ They really protect xD Like a guy should protect his girl... *,* So the cat's like a girl... feminine and elegant ^.^
Se7en: SOOOOOO right ^_^

Presenter: SO NOW... TIME UP    ^_______^
Audience: WOWOWOWOOOOOOOOO~~!!!!!!!!!! xD
Presenter: OK. Dis now will show who'll be the winner~! OK... Please your answers now... First: BaDa & Se7en!
Audience: WOOOOOOOOOOOO~~!!!!!!!
BaDa: OK, errm... we decided dis~: The guy, the dog- the girl, the cat.
Audience: *,* Woo~!?
Se7en: well.. u know dogs! They're protective, strong- but loveable and kyoot~! like a guy should be ^.~
BaDa: Yes~! And a cat is beautiful and pretty... and so feminine~! liek a girl should be: also charming and a lil mysterious ^.~
Audience: Wo... Wo... WO... WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~~!! *________*
7 + ~: ^-^
Presenter: Hehe, thank you ^-^ And now- MinWoo & Maco~!
Audience. *goes waeyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEE* xD
Maco: Well, our lil idea was to be like... birds -^-^-
Audience: Wowoo...? *,*
MinWoo: Yes ^-~ Like birds... free.... totally free...
Maco: Yes *,* Flying through the sky, together. Without just any sorrows... just feeling the love, together, near the sky, the stars, the sun or the moon... the clear blue sky, or the romantic sky by night...
MinWoo: Spread your wings and fly, fly with the power of freedom...!
Maco: ...and love ^.~
Audience: Wo.....................................................!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWW~~!! *,*
M & M: ^-^b
Presenter: Ehehe... OK ^-^?Now thank you xD so now.... with this last applause u decide, who'll be th winner of this game/round. Okay'?
Presenter: OK^-^;;.... Now.... Se7en & Bada...?!
Presenter: good, thank you ^.^Now for... Minwoo and Maco~!
Presenter: Wow, it was VERY difficult... very similar.. but we still now, who's our winner, our 'perfect couple' now, right? ^.~
Presenter: *badammbadammboombooooom~~* ... MACO & MINWOOO~~!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maco: O.O
MinWoo: O_O
7 + ~: ^-^*clap*
M & M: (look at each other) ( O.O) (/O.O\ ) (1. minu, keine haare, 2. maco, haare xD)
Presenter: CONGRSTULATIONS YOU TWO ^o^ Please come to me...
BaDa, Se7en, MinWoo and Maco now come to the front
Presenter: I just can say 'Congratz~!' to you- MinWoo and Maco ^.^
M & M: Thanks ^-^?#060;br> Presenter: Well, you did very good answers... see? (points into the audience)
M & M: (jump up and down) I love you alll~!! WOO~! Saranghaeyo ^-^
BaDa: Congratulations, it was a good fight ^.~
Se7en: Yes, cool ^o~ (tries to give Maco high-five)
Maco: (tries to accept the high-five smiling) ^o^ ... O_o?
Se7en: (suddenly turns his hand into this... ^-^v) Hehe =P
Audience: AHAHAHA~~!!!!!!!! xD
Maco: Arrg ?____?#060;br> Everybody: AHAHA~!
Presenter: Ahaha, ^-^ cool xD Well, a last question from me... did you like our game?
Everybody: YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS ^__________^
Presenter: OK, very good ^_^

BaDa, Se7en, MinWoo and Maco leave the stage. Everything was so relaxed and funny. It seemed like there were no sorrows, nothing. But Maco didn't forget, what was between her and MinWoo. She could never forget. He was like usual in the show... so charming, nice, and funny... but now  she knew the reason: it was the show. He was and TV, he was a profi. He knew, how to act like when he was on TV and many people saw him. if anybody noticed that he had problem, a scandal would appear. Everyone would be upset. So he just had to act different. But Maco felt good when he acted like that, so she felt how he was before.. just once, again... though she knew, it just would last as long as the show lasts. But this won't be forever... but she stil hopes...

Presenter: Thank you everybody ^-^ That's all with this game now xD Now the very last game will come.... ATTENTION! xD

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