It wasn´t a really beautiful restaurant, just a little snack bar. But the food was so delicious...

Maco: Mmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhhh ^_______^
MiNy: Yes I just wanted to say the same thing ;D
HyeSung: Oh, I´m happy you girls like it ^-^
MiNy: Don´t you..? oO
HyeSung: Oh, sure I do! But I´m not so hungry...
MiNy: ¬_¬ (tries to feed HyeSung) But you HAVE TO eat! You´re too skinny you must gain some more weight XD
HyeSung: Heyhey I already ate everything ^-^
MiNy: oO" Oh, well then.. ^-^"
Maco: (looks at those two) hah, cute ^-^
MiNy & HyeSung: (look at Maco, then at each other, then blush) Ehehe... *^-^*
Maco: Haah... ~_~ *sighs*
MiNy: (looks down to Maco) oO Huh..?
HyeSung: Sorry girls. Err... I just have to leave you for a few minutes ^-^"
MiNy: OK, we´ll wait... maybe ;D
HyeSung: HEYEY ^-^
MiNy: (blush) *^-^*
Maco: Haah.. ^-^
MiNy: (suddenly turns with a serious look to Maco) Now, tell me.
Maco: o_O Huh?
MiNy: I know it.. is it beause of Minu...?
Maco: Yes ~_~
MiNy: Oh gosh... what is that damned guy doing to you!? I cannot understand it...!
Maco: ME EITHER! (screams at MiNy)
MiNy: O_O
Maco: (a tear drops out of her eye) Sorry...
MiNy: (hugs Maco) Hey... stop crying... ^-^I know there is a raeson...
Maco: Yes... there is a reason... It´s sure.. But what reason?! WHAT!?
MiNy: Sorry, I really can´t help you -_- He has to tell you himself...
Maco: Yes... you´re right... ^-^ (wipes away her tears)
HyeSung: Now girls...?
MiNy: Oh, hey Sungie ^-^
HyeSung: Finished..?
MiNy: Err... sure ^-^
HyeSung: OK, then let´s go ^-^

HyeSung, MiNy and Maco went out of that snack bar. They went into HyeSungs car and drove to the girls´ house. Finally they arrived.

Maco: MiNy..? oO
MiNy: Sorry, babe ^-^ I think I´ll spend this night with HyeSung... *^-^*
Maco: O... oh... ^______^I understand ^-^ Then see ya, good night ^.~
HyeSung: Bye, Maco-shi!
Maco: Bye Oppa, bye MiNy ^.^
MiNy: Good night onnie ^-^

So Maco went into the house and HyeSung and MiNy just left. They were driving back to HyeSungs home and looked forward to their... er.... night... erm, yes...

MiNy: ^-^*hehe*
HyeSung: Hey, darling ^-^(gives her a quick kiss (DUH! HES DRIVING @_@))
MiNy: (blushes) Hey :P
HyeSung: Hah, this was such a nice evening... Well... you still didn´t tell me, where you have been gone...
MiNy: O_O When..?!
HyeSung: During KangTa´s concert! I remember... The concert was over and you left suddenly. When I asked you, you quickly changed the topic and then I forgot to ask again...
MiNy: Well... errm... I just went to toilet, why not ? ^-^"
HyeSung: That can´t be. I looked at the toilet ~_~
MiNy: Oh, reallly...? Yes, erm... right! I remember... I couldn´t find the toilet at once so I walked around everywhere and didn´t know where I was @_@
HyeSung: For this it took a little bit TOO long for me... don´t you think so?
MiNy: O_O No, ehehe ^-^ Because, you know... (blushes) Every woman... (whispers into his ear)
HyeSung: O_O Oh, I understand ^-^Sorry, I... hehe.... (blushes and starts to drive nervously faster)
MiNy: ^-^"

Why did MiNy lie to him? Why didn´t she tell the truth? That happening with kangTa. What he told her. Was it just too shocking for HyeSung? Or did he then maybe not like him anymore? Or maybe there would be a great fight between those two... It was just better not to tell him, what really happened. But someday, she knew... Someday he would find it out...



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