The sun was rising the next morning which caused Maco to wake up. She looked around and saw MinWoo sitting on a chair. He'd watched out for her the whole night. But he couldn't stay awake anymore and so he fell asleep as well. Maco slowly stood up, her shoulder still hurt a lot. Maco went to MinWoo and looked at him. She was smiling happily. She took her blanket and covered him with it. He looked so cute; sitting on the chair, asleep... Thinking about the fact that he wanted to stay awake because of his girlfriend... it was even cuter ^-^
Maco was now up and went to the kitchen. She made some coffee and sat down. 'What happened last night?´' She thought about it. Why did her shoulder hurt? Who did that to her? Nobody knew...

Maco: [staring at her coffee cup]
MinWoo: [yawns]
(hey, I just yawned too ^.~) Hey, darling... Why are you up that early? [enters the kitchen] Go to bed and sleep again... ~_~
Maco: Good morning honey ^-^ Thank you, but I can't....
MinWoo: oO Why...? [coming closer to her]
Maco: It was so beautiful yesterday... [looks away] And then...
MinWoo: Oh, you have to forget that... Just don't worry, we will find the person that shot you! I promise ^.~
Maco: [looks up to him] But what if..? oO
MinWoo: [stops her speaking and kisses her] Hey... [smiles softly] Believe me, I know what I do...
Maco: O.O 
MinWoo: We will find him, but u have to get healthy fast! So go to bed and I make you some breakfast... OK?
Maco: O...OK...

Maco slowly went back to her bed and lay down. Her mind was so confused because of yesterday: Who knew where they went? And how? Who was it? Why did they shoot at Maco?
MinWoo came to her room and opened the door...

MinWoo: Here we go ;D
Maco: Oh, darling ^-^ [smiles happily]
MinWoo: [puts the breakfast down next to her, on a chair] So.... enjoy your meal ^-^
Maco: Oh, I sure will! I mean, YOU brought it *^-^*
MinWoo: My Sweetie ^-^ Now, eat...!
MinWoo: Uhm, darling...?
...? oO
MinWoo: Sorry but I still have some work to do, so...
Maco: Oh, don't worry ^-^ Just go! I'll survive on my own ^.~
MinWoo: Really...? Hhhm... but I really worry about you... I can't leave you alone... >.<
Maco: Oh, you're so kyoot =) But, work's more important, so...
MinWoo: NO! Never say that again!
Maco: oO
MinWoo: Nothing in this world is more important than you...! [angry look, shouts at her]
Maco: O..O [shocked]
MinWoo: I'm sorry... [looks down]
Maco: [smiles] Oh, darling... [points him to come closer to her]
MinWoo: Ö..ö
Maco: [gives him kiss] Oh, I love you... ^-^
MinWoo: [blushes] ö..ö
Maco: But you still have to go to work... I can stay alone on my own, don
't worry ^-^
MinWoo: No, I just can't...
MinWoo & Maco: [looking to the door, shocked] Oo
S/O: Hey, people ^________^ I'm back home ^.~
MinWoo: & Maco: Yu.... YUKA
Yuka: Heyho ^-^ I'm so glad to.... oO MACO!!?? [runs to Maco]
Maco: [looks up shocked] Err... welcome back a... ^-^"
Yuka: WHAT HAPPENED!!?? ;______; Are you ill?! Fever?! Fell down?! AIDS!!?? [looks angrily at MinWoo] ¬_¬
MinWoo: Oo
Maco: No ^-^" Calm down... Everything'
s OK... Better tell me how your trip was??
Yuka: My trip? Oo GREAT ^__________^
Maco: Oh, I think we think about the same thing... :P
Yuka & Maco laugh like little teenager girls
MinWoo: ._."
Yuka: Hey, sorry Minu ^.^ How did you do?
MinWoo: Oh, very well, thanks.... [looks at his watch] Oo Oh, sorry gurlz ^-^" I have to go now, I'm late.... er... Yuka? May I ask you a favor?
Yuka: Oo Sure, what's up?
MinWoo: I just have to go for work and as you can see... Maco isn't very well- she'll tell ya- could you please take care of her...?
Yuka: Oh, sure! ^-^ [hits him on da back] Just go! I'll stay here ^.~ [Waha, why no? I live here ;P]
MinWoo: OK, then... [gives Maco a kiss] I'll be back soon! I hope you'll get better today ^.~
Maco: [smiles] Sure, honey ^-^ Have a nice day ^.~
Yuka: Yo, byebye ;D

MinWoo left the room and the two girls alone. Yuka told everything that happened when she was on her trip to Europe. She went there to make some promotion for "Ai no Mi´s" new album "SKIP" (<- WAIYAI XD). But it was also something like holiday, because she went there with her boyfriend. Who that was? Well... MiNy and Maco weren't the only ones with ShinHwa boyfriends ;D ...

Yuka: Wow! And HyeSung and MiNy are really a couple now? [drinks some coffee]
Maco: Yes ^-^ [still sitting in her bed] By the way... have you ever watched "The Green Mile"? What a great film.. *-* Uhm, yes... that's the reason why she's not in da house ^-^"
Yuka: Oh, hard night, huh...? [drinks some more coffee] ^.~
Maco: Well..... I dunno...... But.... :P There were so many problems about that.... But I already told ya ^.^
Yuka: Yes, um... and yesterday... seems that you also had a hard night, huh...? ^.~
Maco: (blushes) Well, um. Yeah...
Yuka: Yes, but.... I really would like to know who did that evil thing..... I'll kill him >:(
Maco: Oh, I'm sure you will ^.^ But now tell me.... you and....
Yuka: And...? Oh, you mean... *^-^* [blushes]
Maco: Tehe :P I hope you and DongWan enjoyed your holiday ;D
Yuka: OH YES *_* We really did...... Oo Sorry ^-^" [blushes]

Maco: Hahaha, you're so funny ^-^ But I'm happy you're back now :)
Yuka: Me too, I missed you... somehow... =) Do you know when MiNy will return?
Maco: Oh, sorry... I really dunno ^-^" Do you think, they already have finished...?
Yuka: What...? You mean... YOU LITTLE PERVERT XD [throws a pillow at her]

Maco: oO Hey ^-^ [throws it back at her]

Then the two girls started a pillow fight. It was just a relaxed atmosphere: Two friends "playing" happily together, not thinking about any sorrows. For a moment Maco forgot about them, but she knew the time to face them wasn't that far away in the future...

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